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Madbury vs Madison and Mc Collough vs Maryland Essay

Madbury vs capital of Wisconsin and Mc Collough vs atomic number 101 - Essay ExampleMarbury filed a slip in advance the Supreme tourist court on its original jurisdiction and prayed for a writ of Mandamus to be passed, ordering Madison to deliver him the subscribe commission (Levinson and Balkin 3). The questions or legal issues that were to be decided in this case were, whether the applicant had a compensate to the commission he demanded, whether the country can afford him a remedy and lastly, whether the remedy provided by the judgeship will be in the form of Mandamus (William Marbury vs. James Madison). The case arose out of the dispute amongst two political parties, which were the Federalists, primarily led by Alexander Hamilton on the one hand and on the second hand the Republicans, led by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and others (Levinson and Balkin 3). Jefferson and fellow Republicans were not glad with the Federalists, who were trying to safeguard their political position by packing the court with their own men before they left their office. The Republicans vowed to fix the wrong which had been done by Republicans (Mountjoy & Mc Neese 27-28). This ultimately led to the battle in the form of Madbury vs. Madison in the US Supreme Court, Now coming to the case of Mc Culloch vs. medico, the parties to this suit were Mc Culloch who is the Appellant in this case, whereas, the State of Maryland is the defendant (Mc Culloch vs. Maryland). The State of Maryland had enacted a statute(predicate) imposing a tax on all the banks, which were operating in Maryland and were not undertake by the state. The statute provided that all such banks will not stimulate the power to issue business and can only issue them by purchasing the paper to be issued by the state (Mc Culloch vs. Maryland). The smash of the Baltimore branch of the second bank of the United States, which was established by the 1816 Act of the Congress, issued bank notes without complying w ith the Maryland law. Maryland sued Mc Culloch to pay taxes and Mc Culloch contested the spiritality of the Act (Mc Culloch vs. Maryland). The issues, in this case, were whether the Congress had the power to incorporate a bank, even when the power is not specifically stated by the constitution and whether the State of Maryland had the power to tax an institution created by its own power granted by the constitution (Mc Culloch vs. Maryland). The Supreme Court held in this case that the Congress had power under the Constitution to incorporate a bank, that the State of Maryland did not have the power to tax an institution created by the Congress pursuant to its powers under the constitution and the Act passed by Maryland to levy taxes was unconstitutional (Mc Culloch vs. Maryland). Despite the fact that the above two cases argon distinct and stretched over two different time period, having different subject matter and facts, the two cases have certain things in common. Firstly, both t he cases were on constitutional law and required interpretation of the constitution. Secondly, both cases were initiated in the same period of time, which is the early 19th century. Thirdly, both the cases had supreme importance and were landmark cases in the narrative of the United States, in the sense that both the cases decided important issues.

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Christian Values of Truett Cathy, Founder and CEO of Chick-fil-A Term Paper

Christian Values of Truett Cathy, Founder and CEO of Chick-fil-A - Term Paper ExampleThe paper begins with a brief treatment of Christian values in leadinghip and management, followed by a detailed discussion of Truett Cathys Christian values in his management and of Chick-fil-A Company. The paper concludes with a discussion of how Cathys Christian values and Christian based leadership of Chick-fil-A Company have influenced and shaped the operational and the organizational culture of Chick-fil-A Company.To Glorify graven image According to the Bible, one of the main aims or goals of management and leadership is to glorify God and to love opposite people as we love ourselves (Mark 12 29-31). For that reason, the Bible demands that Christian leaders should be guided by the need and the desire to glorify God in all told their leadership and managerial responsibilities. For that reason, therefore, Jesus should be at the centre of all the activities and the decisions made by Christia n leaders.Integrity integrity is the second study core value of leadership and management that the Bible upholds. Integrity demands honesty and transparency in all the dealings of a Christian leader. In his teachings, St. Paul emphasised the need for Christian leaders to be honest and transparent, in all their dealings, before God and before other human beings (2 Corinth. 8 19-21). This fact, therefore, shows that Christian leaders should be people of high moral integrity, and beyond reproach.Service the Bible teaches that Christian leaders should view themselves as the servants of the people whom they service, and they should see their main responsibility as to serve other people. In his teachings, Jesus Christ taught that eve HE himself did not come to be served but to serve (Mark 1045). This fact, therefore, shows that Christian leadership should be based on service to other people.Loyalty According to the Bible, Christian leaders should be loyal to the organizations that they s erve, the people that they serve, and even be loyal to

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How South Korean students make decision for choosing master course Dissertation

How South Korean students make decision for choosing manipulate course abroad - Dissertation ExampleThe primary objective of this seek was to examine the choice factors that prospective South Korean students considered in choosing their master courses abroad, as well as the source of randomness employed in the decision making process. A non-probability convenience sample of one hundred fifty inter subject students from 10 higher debuts abroad took part in the study. Data was obtained through questionnaires, which were distributed to the participants through their email addresses. The data obtained was analyzed through percentages and put in tables. The observations of the research suggest that job outcomes and prospects, pargonntal enchant and academic reputation bedded the highest real choice factors. Beauty of the campus, co-curricular activities and the institutions website rankings were the least significant choice factors. The internet was ranked the most useful source of information for potential students. Friends and institutional publications ranked the least used sources of information. 1.0 Introduction Internationally, higher education is experiencing significant changes, including the generation of partnerships (Newby, 2003), increased concentration on the universal market (Kwong 2000), and increased competition (Ehrenberg et al, 2006). Additionally, Baird (2006) denotes that higher education institutions also face financial pressures. These institutions are faced with increased prominence on technology, globalization, and transformation policies. Globalization has boosted competition through opening national and international boundaries. This makes it essential for such institutions to market themselves effectively. It is imperative for institutions to assess and re-assess their marketing strategies aimed at attracting potential masters students. Over the past few years, there have been increased promotions, advertisements and other marketi ng stratagems transparent in the higher education sector globally (Etzel et al, 2007). Moreover, it is necessary for the higher education institutions to understand how to ease up potential students and what to say in order to effectively communicate with them. Putting into account all the difficulties that these institutions go through, it is apparent that they will have to turn out to be more market focused (Lamb et al, 2005). An get hold of evaluation of the choice elements that South Korean students consider in choosing their master courses abroad, on top of the sources of information conferred with, will assist institutions understand how to target the prospect students. Numerous researches have been carried out in the field of view of marketing for non-profit making organizations including universities. Numerous scholars have examined the significance of institutional image in attracting students to choose the institution (Palacio et al 2002 Pabich 2003), on top of the cho ice aspects that students consider when registering with a university (Punnarach 2004, Gray & Daugherty 2004). Marketing has been the only strength employed by higher education institutions to communicate with the prospective students. In reference to Abaya (2004), marketing a higher education institution is simple and multifaceted at the same time. Higher education institutions inhabit primarily to offer a unique educational and campus experience to students. For this reason, higher

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Evaluation Report Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Evaluation Report - Coursework ExampleAn API allows a assumeers product or service to communicate to other products and services. APIs open up information and functionality to other developers and to businesses. It allows exchange of data both internally and externally.(Jetter,2011) correspond to apievangelist, an API gives third company developers firewall access to a companys data and resources.(apievangelist n.d) TWITTER API Twitter is an information ne twainrk and communication mechanism that produces more(prenominal) than 200 million tweets a day. The Twitter API is largely used by majority of developers to extend twitters accessible experience and functionality to their own operations. Twitter offers access to its data through use of its APIs. Twitter offers products for websites that easily integrates radical twitter functions for example the tweet button. Twitter also offers a search API for developers who want to allow a user to query for twitter content. The streamin g API offered by twitter provides a real time savour of the twitter firehose. It is for developers with data intensive needs for example a data mining project. The twitter easing API enables the developer to access core primitives of twitter including timelines status updates and user information. LINKEDIN API LinkedIn is a social network for professionals and business people. According to LinkedIn, their API enables developers to provide an easy way of enabling professionals to sign in their site utilise LinkedIn credentials. It also enables contest by bringing professional content to the developers site. It also enables powerful conversations through its provisional groups API.(Why develop with LinkedIn, n.d) PURPOSE OF REPORT This is an evaluation report containing a critical evaluation of three third party APIs. It evaluates and discusses each and every aspect of the APIs based on standard API principles. The third API is provided to contrast with the two mentioned APIs. The report aims to find the most suitable and most efficient API from the three for better development use APIs and their integration. AUTHENTICATION Authentication is the process of identifying user provided credentials and authorizing access to an applications functionality. This is a common frisk found in most applications. A huge number of users bring on signed up with hot web applications including Twitter and LinkedIn. Due to the problem of creating separate and multiple user credentials combination of passwords and names, developers have turned to using this functionality from the mentioned applications. These applications provide credentials APIs that make it easier for the developer to rapidly integrate the functionality in their application . The authentication API also provides for extended feature sets and secure authentication and authorization for the developers application which all in all is beneficial to everyone. Twitter provides several variations of the authent ication API for developers through the rest API version 1.1 Authentication using the Twitter API uses the OAuth authentication styles. The developer should choose the method of authentication. Twitter offers different flavours for authentication. These include the rest API for authentication, Search API for authentication and streaming API for authentication. Each of them has specific way of implementing Twitters OAuth authentication(Authentication and authorization,Twitter n.d). For the OAuth signed in option the developer moldiness obtain OAuth access token

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Life in Discovery Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Life in Discovery - Research Proposal ExampleRosalind Franklin sincerely yours lived a Life in Discovery that is to say that Franklin lived her life to the fullest, with the intent of shaping a bettor future for each, and with little concern for her personal needs or interests. Money and fame were not her motivation rather, she is cognize today for her dedication and commitment to science and is clearly a role model for students, researchers, faculty and all aspiring scientists throughout the world (Rosalind Franklin University, 1). Essentially, Franklin worked solely to discovery new things and hoped her discoveries could make a positive wallop on the world or lead to great advances in science.I believe this is an important image that should remain on the minds of all scientists, whichever field they choose to enter. Money appears to be an important motivation operator in much of todays world however, to live and work under the Life in Discovery doctrine would mean to work fo r a larger purpose than money alone. Living a Life in Discovery would entail the embodiment of those things that Rosalind Franklin is or so known for today dedication, hard work, intelligence and courage (Rosalind Franklin University 1).Although this philosophical system could be taken into consideration with any professional field, I believe this philosophy to be most important within the field of science.

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What are the motivations for migrationTo what extent has it become a Coursework

What are the motivations for migrationTo what extent has it become a social and economic issue - Coursework poserMigration simply refers to moving from ones permanent residence or locality to some new(prenominal) area or region for permanent or long-term basis in pronounce to incline a settled life in the new region and for establishing ones socioeconomic activities as well. Hence, migration is viewed to be permanent change in residence. Migration involves the detachment from the organisation of activities at one get into and the proceeding of the total round of activities to another. The modern-day age is vehemently declared as the age of technological conversion that has introduced rapid alterations in all aspects of everyday forgiving life. These technological changes have likewise turned locomotion very fast, swift and easier one as a result, people proceed to pole-apart countries and states of the earth in the pastime of obtaining higher education, medical treatment, and business and job prospects. Since advanced and prosperous countries contain all these facilities to a keen extent, these areas serve as dreamland for the inhabitants of backward zones of the globe. Consequently, an overwhelming proportion of the migration is generally made from the third world to the advanced countries including the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. History of Migration Although it is a reality beyond suspicion that migration has witnessed significant boost during the contemporary era because of scientific advancements and inventions, yet it cannot not be viewed as the product of modern age. On the contrary, human history is replete with countless examples of peoples individual and collective moving from one place to the other on permanent foundations. The Prophets also migrated from their native land to some other in order to avoid their persecution at the hands of infidels. The Latin Americans and American islanders proceeded to North America for their fina ncial uplift. The Armenian Christians also migrated from Turkey to the eastern European states before and during WWI to evade the Turkish cruelties. In addition, the Jews also left their homes and workplaces in the Nazi Germany as they had been being persecuted under Adolf Hitler. Furthermore, hundreds of thousands of Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs migrated from one part of former united India to the other to amount their community at the eve of the partition of India held in August 1947. Partition of India put the lives of conflicting sects at stake, and Hindus and Muslims flew to newly established states of India and Pakistan respectively, during the course of which hundreds of them lost their lives, while girls and women were raped and molested. (1999, p.651) Major Reasons behind getting migrated phantasmal reasons It has aptly been observed that the individuals belonging to all parts and regions of the globe at large have got conglomerate into migration several reasons have played their role in forcing humans to leave their permanent dwelling for good. phantasmal factors play dominant role in the migration process. Thus, it was actually religious belief that obligate the holy personalities including Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Mary, Jesus, Muhammad (peace be upon them all) to leave their native lands forever and settle down to some peaceful and more favourable place. In addition, saints, pious men and even followers of some specific faith had migrated from their homes in order to let off their life, honour and assets. Ethno-Racial Factors Race and ethnicity of the people is also among the major factors behind migration. Several states of the USA display to the lowest degree tolerance for the black, white and other races, which force the people move to some place where their racial meeting is in majority. Colonial era also displays the examples of migration, when the Jews migrated from Russia during nineteenth and twentieth centuries from Europe to America an d Asia. The Africans got involved into forced and involuntary migration during the Europeans scramble for Africa. The White Anglo Saxon Population (WASP) vehemently discourages the

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Reflective learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Reflective learning - Essay ExampleI also made them believe that raise childs playds is not really hard as many of my peers thought. I made them understand that on that point be a lot of ways to raise funds we just bugger off to be yeasty and exert a little effort to raise it. I introduce the idea of a garage sale with a party. The items that will be on sale will be the things that our neighbours are nimble to dispose. To make the story short, we were able to exceed our objective to raise fund for our project while having fun at the same time. The other experience I had just about leading a group was during a school project where I was assigned as a project leader. I was hesitant at first because I was anxious that I might end up doing the whole project myself if my aggroup members will not work and cooperate. It was not as hard as I thought if whiz will just know how to push the right button or motivate the group members to work. in advance these projects were realized, the process and dynamics of functionting it done was quite tough. It was an interplay of leadership, organizational skill, group work and resolving private issue among the members in the group. But the main component is leadership on how to direct the energy of the team to commit and realize our objective (Kayser and Melcher 2007). It was not easy asking people of my age to do sealed things that it made me think how to go about it and in the process learned several things about myself. I learned that in getting people commit to do certain things, I have to get along with them very well especially if it is a volunteer work just like our conjunction project or a school work where one cannot direct others because everybody is in equal cornerstone (we are all students). I learned that I do pretty well in this incision that it is almost effortless on my part. But I have to admit that there are things about me that is un-leader like that I have to change such as my tendency to pro crastinate. I observed that when I procrastinate, my team members also did the same. There are also certain things about my behaviour that I did not realize to be a leadership trait. Knowing that my team members in our community project are not being paid to do it, I invoked their higher sense of achieving and contributing good when I told them that what we are doing is for the community and that we will become an invariable part of it because we worked hard for a project dedicated to our community. This is actually a trait of transformational leadership (Judge and Piccolo 2004). My good interpersonal skill also enabled me to effectively goal an issue with our group. The person I assigned to go door to door in one of our streets of a sudden did not show up. I was worried. But instead of passing judgment at him to be wasted and non-committal, I inquired what happened. I learned that my team member had a medical emergency at office because a sister has to be rushed to the hospita l. When the issue was already done, my team member was very make to go door to door to collect things for our garage sale and this would not have been possible had I judged him earlier. On areas that I need to improve my behaviour about leadership, I believe it would be my organizational and administrative skills. I have to admit that I am disorganized as a leader. I realized this during the garage sale itself because I had hard time putting up the event. The event could have been better with more attendees and more funds could have been raised if I had a better

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The future of unions in the United States Research Paper

The future of unions in the United States - research Paper ExampleThe Future of Labor Unions in United States Labor unions are legal and know representatives of the workers in different industries. Throughout the history of United States, there are different labor unions make for the workers of different industries and sectors however, the labor unions found among the public sector employees like the police and the teachers are most expectant among wholly the labor unions.Historically the labor unions wee-wee played important role for the protection of the employee rights and right from the starting time people used to favor as well as oppose the labor unions in the companies. However, late they have been experiencing major decline in their membership due to which there is high level of distrust in the country regarding the future of the labor unions in United States. The labor Unions in America have seen m both difficulties in terms of the membership however despite all diff iculties the labor union neer faced such a fall in the membership after the year 1932 that these are face up in the recent years especially in the private service sector. According to the estimates the membership of the US labor Unions in the private sector has dropped almost 9 percent in the recent years that shows that the workers are now less interested in joining the labor unions or taking any active part in the strike activities organized by the labor unions. Currently only 11.9% of the return and salary workers are member of the labor union that shows massive decline in the membership of these unions. ... Hence, the existing people for whom the organizations are meant for are not interested in the labor unions that how the existence of these organizations could be justified. The twenty first century has brought new challenges for the people and organizations all over the world and just like all other sectors, the corporate sector is also in the phase of restructuring. The re are some inescapable changes that must be adopted by the people associated with the corporate sector. The advancement in the technology paves some(prenominal) new ways for the companies. In order to conduct their operation the business owners now have more more options ad compared with the past. In the emerging situation the companies are able to perform a course of their business activities with the help of the technological devices and as a result they dont need that oft human work crusade as they required in past. The introduction of sophisticated machinery and other advanced tool not only saves them time but also cost of production. In this context, the work force availability has become easy for the employers because more people look for jobs and the employers can pick from the interested candidates on their own terms and conditions (Goldfield, 92). The advancement in the technology has significantly contributed towards the diversion of the attention of the employees t owards the other issues. At present, the employees of USA are more concerned towards getting high education and technology based association and skills. The workers focus on these things so that they can keep them update with the advancements occurring around them and can acquire let on working conditions through their performance and skills. This thought reflect

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The role of trust in strategic alliances Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The role of trust in strategic bail bonds - attempt ExampleAdded to this is the input from those who actually involved in this business, giving us a real humanness perspective. This essential input often gives us insider accounts of a contemporary world which we be not usually privileged to see.Before examining the role of trust in Strategic Alliances the notion of Strategic Alliance itself should be descried. In the literature there are different definitions proposed to describe the nature of Strategic Alliances. The first mold of literature (Austin 2000 Lewis 1999) used this term to describe peg ventures which do not involve equity investment by the partners and co-operative activities in areas other than manufacturing. In this case, Strategic Alliances are described as co-operative business activities amongst twain or more firms, entered into for strategic reasons, involving the creation of a separate business entity under joint control and ownership. They can involve eq ual shareholdings. Strategic Alliances can involve passive partners who invest money in the operation without taking an active role in its management.alliances are formed between firms with similar capabilities and capacities usually from industrialised countries companies involved in strategic alliances are often direct competitors operating in the alike product and geographic markets they are usually entered into for reasons other than market access or the pooling of synergistic resources. maculation examining the role of trust in Strategic Alliances the research will be based on the trice interpretation of the notion strategic alliance. The importance of trust In ordinary day-to-day practice about strategic alliances when making decisions tend to combine these different approaches, although frequently without being aware of the mental processes they are using. It is helpful to be aware of whether one is thinking in terms of acts or ends, especially when analysing a dilemma. Th eories proposed by Lewicki et al (1998) base a world of right action on a conception of trust for dutys sake and mainly differ in so far as they specify two different sources of these duties. In order to make the correct moral choices, a strategic alliance alone has to understand what its trust concepts are and what correct rules exist which regulate the duties between the partners. When the parties of a strategic alliance follow their duty, it is behaving morally. When they fail to follow trust policy, it is immoral. It has also been acknowledged that strategic alliances have important obligations to a variety of stakeholders and not just the shareholders, and this should be reflected in their statements of trust (Bleeke, Ernst, 1995). To some extant trust inside strategic alliances is based on the codes of ethics or a formal statement of what strategic alliances expects in the way of ethical behavior. It can serve as a guide for employee conduct to help employees baffle what be haviors are acceptable. Since the purpose of trust is to let everyone know what is expected and what is

JFK'S INAUGURAL ADDRESS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

JFKS INAUGURAL apostrophize - Essay ExampleHe was the youngest man who happened to be the President of America (This is Day in fib - John F. Kennedy inaugurated)JFKS Inaugural address was mainly based on the peace treaty, world change, freedom, rights of the people and relations with the neighbour states, including the world as a all in all. The major goal of his campaign defined his eventual presidency during the conviction of diplomatic challenges, emerging social challenges and economic prosperity. Immediately after receiving the Oath, President Kennedy addressed the speech, which he had been preparing from the m of his nomination. His speech just not contained his personal thoughts but also the suggestions he took from the fellow economists. The main idea of the speech was to represent the United States as such a force which effectively counts in maintaining the sedate relationships, on international level. Kennedy highlighted the naked inventions and discoveries of nuc lear power worldwide, along with arms. He didnt favor the heartbreaking discoveries are not important and in interest of the world peace by addressing that, to those nations who would make themselves our adversary, we maintain not a pledge but a request that both sides begin a new that quest for peace (Kennedy Inaugural Address, 1961). The actual focus of the speech was on the relationship between concern and power. The statement by Kennedy, Man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of humanity poverty and all forms of human life (Kennedy Inaugural Address, 1961), proves his point that he was addressing in the favor of the whole world not only Americans. His above statement clarifies his motto that he wanted to spread peace into the whole by dismantling the goals of those states, whose priorities were to bring out Cold Wars. Kennedy referred to those people who were residing in small villages globally, assay to live their lives, by saying that

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Impact of Interest Rate Liberalisation on Chinese Economy Essay

Impact of Interest cast Liberalisation on Chinese sparing - Essay ExampleChina is currently a notice player in BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and is a signatory of major international agreements (Peng, 2009). This has put wring on the country to liberalize its interest rates and ca map it to be determined by the forces of ingest and supply.This project takes a critical look at the changes in the interest rate of China and its touch on on the Communist Structures of Country viz Savings, State-owned Enterprises and early(a) systems of the controlled economy.A controlled economy maintains pre-determined rates that are fixed by the leaders in order to attain a given target. However, with the pressure on the country to use the forces of demand and supply to fix macroeconomic policies, the Communist structures and the Capitalist world come face-to-face. This research seeks to quiz the impact and implications of this conflict on structures in the Chinese econo my. Also, it testament examine a real movement involving the impact of these static interest rates on the Bank Capital Adequacy proportion.The inferences and conclusions of this research will provide authoritative text and information about the trends in the nation under review. Through this, other scholars and researchers would be able to build on it and benefit from it. In other words, this project seeks to bring in the raw knowledge into the world.The aim of the paper is to examine The Dynamics of Changes in Chinas Interest Rate Liberalisation and its impacts on the Communist Structures of the economy SOEs, Savings and Investments and the Measures to be Taken and The Impacts on Bank Capital Adequacy Ratio. In attaining this end, the following objectives will be examinedThe hypothesis tested in the research is that The Chinese Economy is doing quite well under the Communist Structures. The introduction of interest rate liberalization is going to crock up the system and lead to major adjustment problems.

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Advances in accounting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Advances in accounting - Essay grammatical caseThe assumption in cost transp bency in the tally chain is that firms have visibility of the products that argon supposed to be offered to them for business. In the modern dispensation, cultivation concerning products is non soft retrievable. Firms in close instances fare the supply chains even to the fourth tiers just seeking information about the products. Some organizations using up agents in order to find the most appropriate information before committing to the costs (Koster & Delfmann 2007, p. 31). In most instances the firms fail to get the relevant products that are required to the extent that the costs are not easily verifiable. The fundamental flaws that are experienced due to information deficiency batchnot ensure transparency as appropriate. Companies may not have the appropriate information based on the complexity of the product or the applied science used. To this extent, transparency in cost supply chain may not b e realized.Sharing information is a fundamental issue in supply chains. Information does not stop with demand and supply, that involves sharing sensitive and crucial details concerning the costs. Sharing of information does not guarantee that the details given(p) are forever in safe custody. Leaking of information is an inherent phenomenon that cannot be wished away. The information that is sensitive inwardly the framework of open-book accounting settlement is not a guarantee that the sensitive data shared among the partners are based on cooperation or trust. The mutual behavior and trust of supply-chain partners is not a factor that can be relied on for safe custody of information on products and to this extent, cost transparency in the supply chain is a fallacy. The business environment is characterized by competitiveness to the extent that trust and cooperation may not be a factor to consider when it comes relationships between buyers and suppliers (Koster & Delfmann 2007, p. 32). Cost

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BSN - RN nursing Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

BSN - RN nursing - Research Paper ExampleThe objective of this screen is to critically analyze BSN-RN nursing profession with regard to the nature, the range and the qualifications required for the job along with reviewing the advantages and the disadvantages associated with the profession.The scope BSN-RN nursing is increasingly proving to be on a positive trend all across the globe. It has been estimated that during the conclusion 2006 to 2016, a total a number of around 587,000 new job opportunities will be created in this profession (BLS, 2009). This projection within itself highlights the scope of Registered Nurses. Moreover this estimation proves nursing to be the sector to maintain the maximum of job opportunities in the mentioned period. The scope of the job is further reiterated as the in May 2006, the one-year median earnings of Registered Nurses were $ 57280 (BLS, 2009). As far as the nature of the job is concerned, 59% of the BSN-RN nurses are laid in hospitals. The other avenues of work include home nursing and facilities like aged foreboding and boor care. In general, Registered Nurses work in Employment services, General medical and surgical hospitals, Home health care services, Offices of physicians and Nursing care facilitiesFlorence Nightingale has opined that the role of nursing is catalyzing the process of natural healing (Nightingale,1860). The generic responsibilities of a nurse include treating and educating the patients on medical conditions and to support the doctors in the clinical practices. They also provide turned on(p) support to the patients and to the family members (BLS, 2009). The records on the medical history and the treatment schedule including the diagnosis, symptoms, medical test results etc are enter and maintained by nurses. The operation of the clinical machineries and relevant monitoring also includes in the responsibility of a Registered

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Strategy Recommendation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Strategy Recommendation - Research Paper instanceIn addition, businesses sell their products through various online platforms much(prenominal) as e-bay and Amazon.Nike Inc began its operations in September 8, 1969.The political party engages in design, development, marketing and worldwide distribution of apparel, footwear, accessories, equipment and services. The company mainly focuses on manufacturing athletic apparel and footwear. The rafts major products offerings include football game wear, running gear, and basketball uniform in addition to training and boxing apparel. The company also produces sports apparel for children and other equipment for sport-oriented recreation activities such as swimming, golf, lcrosswisee, American football and outdoor activities. Nike also manufactures sports accessories like bags (Carty, 2010).The companys marketing strategy entails promotion activities such as event sponsorships, billboards and television advertisement. It also promotes its products through placement in various reality TV shows across the world. Nike is the largest designer and manufacturer of sports apparel in the world. The company initially specialized in the production of sports footwear. Its afoot(predicate) line of production comprises of various types of sportswear such as swimsuits, footwear, training wear, boxing gears and its accessories, football apparel and basketball gear. The company utilizes the internet to market and sell their products. Moreover, it communicates with the consumers on various social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Nike Inc also uses Instagram to highlight various updates on their products such as Nike shoe customizations and the enhancement of nurture in its running gear. The internet enables the company to communicate, sell and market its products easily. Nike Inc uses the internet to enhance its operations in the apparel market, which makes it an excellent case study for the proposal (Knig ht, 2000).The internet is

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Neoclassical era Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

classical era - Essay ExampleThe other representative characteristic of the visual art of the period was the engrave forms.An example of neoclassical architecture is the national gallery of art in Washington DC and the capital of Nebraska memorial buildings. These buildings are considered representative of the neoclassical era because of their emphasis on walls and maintenance of separate identities to all(prenominal) of their parts (Bietoletti 82). The buildings appear to have been inspired by classical architecture from ancient Greece or Rome, and notwithstanding get characterized by their tall columns that rise to the buildings full height and domed roofs.Examples of neoclassical unison include the soldiers tale and the firebird both composed by Igor Stravinsky, a famous neoclassical composer and musician. His music is representative of the era because it aimed at reviving earlier music forms much(prenominal) as those during the romantic and baroque period. The music avoided the complex forms and exaggerated gestures of the music witnessed during the late romantic period. The music focused on reintroducing a tonal center and a melodic element to bring come out of the closet a clear form.The neoclassical era coincided with the age of enlightment. Artists during the period looked to draw inspiration from looking can at the art forms of classical times by emphasizing more on the classical ideals of keen-sighted control and order (Bietoletti 42). The attention paid to the past art forms ensured that these artists undertook a conservative approach in their

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Ben Franklin Essay Example for Free

Ben Franklin EssayAs early as the founding of the United States of America, Mr. Franklin discover society victimisation the excuse, I applyt induce enough clip and it negative effects on their lives. Today, it is oft used as an excuse to justify the lack of time management skills. The effects on kids, work, or point in family life be roundtimes devastating. In a day there are 24 hours, and time is available to juggle the daunting task of daily r knocked out(p)ines and prevent unwanted consequences. The maiden area the phrases unwanted results prevail is in children. While frantically circling the kitchen, trying to stand up supper, a neighbor of mine completely astounded me. Janes son, Mathew, came into the kitchen through the old saloon style range doors, and asked his mom if he could walk uptown with his friends. Without batting an eye Jane answered the young boy, saying Go forrard son. I get intot boast enough time to worry about you right now, as she carried o n with the twirling of a whisk in a pot of stew. It was only a couple hours before I peered out the window to see Mathew coming home in the back of a police cruiser.I tangle witht have time opened the doors for the young, misguided youth to go astray. As a parent, I also come across that I struggle with difficulties of my childrens academics when I dont have enough time for them. My oldest daughter, Krista, has do clear grades throughout her entire academic career. Recently, she has asked if I can help her research paper and answer some questions she may have. I dont have enough time, was my immediate response. Around three days went by and I found myself looking online through her grades. I noticed that on the research paper she turned in, she veritable a below standard grade. I dont have enough time left hand my daughter without important information she needed from me to complete her assignment. Another area the deceptive words, I dont have enough time has shown its unappe aling effects are while interviewing for a modern job. In 2010, my friend Jesse and I departed from the military.Throughout life Jesse continued to apply the values of spruceness and time management he acquired from his military training to his life, while I chose to be stubborn and do the opposite. During an interview for a sales representative position at Bob Pforte Dodge, I noticed that Jesse had also applied for the position. While speaking to him, I noticed that he had dressed in his deep blasphemous suit, red tie, and his hair had been neatly combed to the left. His presence demanded attention, with a look that showed his desire for the position. I on the other hand, had worn mildly tattered blue jeans, a pullover shirt, and my hair had been quickly fleecy straight down. I dont have enough time was the excuse I estimate of at that moment. When Jesse came out of the interview room, he spun towards me and gave a smile with the marchrbial, Nailed it, thumbs up. After enteri ng the office I discovered what the excitement was about. Jonathan, an interviewer at Bob Pforte Dodge, sat behind an old mahogany desk with his peppered hair crocked back, still euphorically commenting on how, That was a business man As he continued to describe Jesses charismatic appearance and top-notch charm, things he remembered to make time for, I dont have enough time, continued to rattling through my brain.Today, Jesse is the top sales representative at Bob Pforte Dodge, while I now arouse up thirty minutes earlier and take time to assure that my appearance shows my positive characteristics. Finally, I dont have enough time ultimately affects the physical or mental attributes of humans. When time is not made to unwind and do something enjoyable, the outcome on our physical and/or mental well being could prove devastating. My grand puzzle worked hard his entire life. He never was able to picture time for his family, friends, or even take a few minutes to enjoy life. Grandp as children would continuously ask their father to watch a movie, or play ball with them, during which he would reply sharply with I dont have enough time He retired at the age of fifty-five, only to find that time found him. Sitting alone at home, all the people who once begged for his attention now find themselves with the same excuse. I dont have time right now, Dad, they would respond as they managed to juggle their own families, jobs, and children. He passed away at the very early age of fifty-seven.I dont have enough time, stole the important time his family needed with him and the unrelenting need the body has for time to relax and heal. Thus proving the effects of using the old adage is not only devastating to the mental development of families, but also could have fatal effects on physical health as well. Our daily routines, should be closely examined when we find ourselves saying I dont have enough time. The consequences could be as small as losing the promotion or as lar ge as hurting the people who cherish the valuable time they crave. I dont have time is a statement that, if possible should be avoided. The effects could prove to be less than anticipated. do time for the things that are important is a valuable skill in life. I dont have time,as Mr. Franklin implied, is an excuse to spend more time doing things that are seldom entire for anything.

Starbucks Coffee Essay Example for Free

Starbucks Coffee EssayStarbucks coffee has pursued rapid magnification both at home and abroad. In mid- 2004, Starbucks could boast more than 7,800 outlets around the world, and chairman Howard Schultz and CEO Orin smith sire no plans to slow the growth, ? The beau monde planned at least 1, 300 more lay ins in 2004 and has a long term goal of reaching 10, 000 outlets in the unite States alone. The presidents vision is that the comp all ? Starbucks? could have as many as 15,000 inter matter stores. Today Starbucks has nearly 1, 500 store outlets in the United States including Europe , Pacific Rim ,Middle East and Mexico. ? Most of Starbucks international stores argon now operated as common ventures with local companies. Starbucks has to go fast or lose the opportunity ? and a local partner depose facilitate rapid development of a impudently market. Executives are learning to adapt the clubs operating methods and production offerings to correct suit local conditions and tastes. 1) ? How could you classify Starbucks grand strategy and global strategy? Which of Porters competitive strategies is the company using? Explain each answer? ? ? We classified the grand strategy of starbucks pertaining to its Growth.In order for starbucks to snitch and market its products is by ? A. ?Allocating sensitive funds to invest namely like prime locations and lots. Basically any establishment will earn more if the store is located in a highly lively route or place. Potential clients can be marketed. ? B. Investing in hiring the best and qualified personnel. In order for a store to run smoothly , the company should have competent and high stress of people who can manage the store and the same time enjoy the work itself. ? C. ?Purchasing of new set of equipments , glassware , lighting , tables and chairs can be a plus factor for a computable ambiance. For the Global Strategy, Starbuck is implementing Transitional process where in they seek to achieve both global integrating and national responsiveness. A true transitional strategy is difficult to achieve , because one goal requires approximate global coordination while the other goal requires local flexibility. However a lot of increased contender opines they must achieve global efficiency , going pressure to meet local demands and national responsiveness. Starbucks designs quality stores to sell and market its products to use components in a few larger scale, basically , the company goes global to introduce it to other countries and to increase its market.2. Discuss how top executives are using leadership building , information and control systems and or human resource to implement international strategy? What steps would you recommend for implementing drive-through stores or Hear Music coffee houses? ? Top executives uses its leadership qualities by bringing Starbucks on a the right path and showing a vision for the company and its employees. Top executives have several ideas percol ating to the companys growth. ? a. rig rapport and solid partnership or joint venture with other countries makes things cohesive.b. ?Adapting the companys operating methods and product offerings to better suit local conditions and taste. Not all countries have same taste with regards to starbucks products. They sell what is needed and wanted. c. getting highly skilled people barista? who can prepare , serve and enjoy the tasks. 3 Starbucks has typically keep a uniform work out and feel to its outlets and product offerings. What do you think this change might mean for starbucks in terms of further international expansion? ??Starbucks is known for there quality of coffee, excellent process and appealing ambiance. We believe Starbucks coffee is a brand and neighborhood name. You can see a starbucks store in a 2 km radius. Basically there everywhere. Making some changes the way they look and maintained a uniform type of set-up can only mean one thing. The Company is growing. Change s are normal. Most of the food and coffee establishments try to change and create ideas to in order to sell new products. As for starbucks , they should do the same to be more competitive and to increase sales and revenues. ?

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Health and Safety Project Essay Example for Free

Health and sentry duty Project EssayThis give way-based swan forms an important part of your training. The aim of this project is to familiarise yourself with your working environment and the Health and Safety issues that arise in your placement.On completion you should determine the structure your organisations and your role in it Understand the importance of Health and Safety at workUnderstand the legal requirements of Health and Safety at work Know your organizations health, hygiene and accident proceduresTo complete this assignment you may deal to make notes in in the first place pickax in the information. Take your time and pityfully answer all(prenominal) question as fully as possible the more you write the more criteria you entrust meet. If you need each help please intercommunicate to your workplace supervisor, your colleagues, your College tutor or your Training Co-ordinator.Describe your placement, e.g. busy town/coun furnish, client group (age, culture, excess(prenominal) needs)The office that oak treelands is situated on was formerly the site of the old Parcroft Juniors School, which was torn down and rebuilt with the spinal fusion of the Westfield Infants. The newly reformed shoal was named after the old oak tree, which still stands on the ground of the coach and has through with(predicate) for 300 eld. So it was only if fitting that the educate was named Oaklands, and when you talk to past pupils who be Parcroft, they always fondly re comp wizardnt playing marbles or chase low the oak trees branches.Oaklands Primary School is based at bottom the busy town of Yeovil and is situated between Preston Grove, Linden alley and Summerleaze Park. It is a modern High Tec naturalize with all the modern facilities you would expect. The school was built on one take well-favored easy access to all fitted somatic andun up to(p) collective pupils alike to att finale the school. The building is quiet self efficient and gener ates its own electric with solar panels, has under floor heating to heat the school throughout and even the lights run on sensors to turn on and off when you innovate and vent a manner. Each school path is fitted with large touch screen boards, which the t for separately oneers batch run from their laptops giving them a huge range of access to a wide range of training resources, enhancing the pupils learning to the up most and keeping them interactive with their learning.Roughly 420 pupils at draw the school, ranging from the ages of 4 geezer toughie up to 11 years old. The school uniform is a purple jumper with the school emblem of an Oak Tree, white sweatshirts, grey tro applyrs or skirts and black shoes. Each of the 14 familyes deep down the school has been named after an animal, giving each class its own identity, including a mascot. There is withal four teams throughout the school, which is utilize at bottom each schoolroom and the squirtren be encourage to win team points for their team so that at the end of the school year their team fuel win the team cup. This helps with the pupils taking pride in their achievements and to try hard to earn a point.There ar numerous facilities within the school and on the touch grounds of the school, these include The I.C.T suite where the tiddlerren learn how to use com erecters, from word processing to using the internet safely. The school hall which is used for weekly assemblies, in opening sports activities, and even the Christmas nativity plays. The music room which is full of many different musical instruments, letting the pupils express themselves and learn about music. The fully equipped cookery room were the pupils learn about healthy eating and different foods from around the world. This is also where the breakfast club is held every morning. hence there is Forest school which is held in a purpose built log confine surrounded by trees and a wildlife garden. This is where pupils go for en vironmental studies, to learn about insects, plants, animals and the environment. The Outdoor facilities include several(prenominal) out cheek learning beas that be used throughout the day depending on weather. There argon also extensive fields, several play areas and two activity play areas. Oaklands Primary also offers a large range of activities and clubs after school, which range from performance arts, music, sports, computer clubs and gardening clubs. There is also a holiday dealscheme which offers families affordable, childcare. in spite of appearance Oaklands there is also an Autism Base which is known as Peacocks screen. This based within its own sector of the schools main building and is totally run by the council and has its own mental faculty. The base consists of two teaching areas, two sensory rooms, a kitchen, a posterior and its own outside area.Non-Statutory requirements (in your workplace)What is the proportion of expectants to children?In Foundation and c ardinal Stage One the ratio of adults to children is 1 to 10In Key Stage Two the ratio of adults to children is 1 to 15 ar the ratios different in any other room at work if yes please give inwardly information?Yes in the Autism base the ratio of adult to children is different.Statutory requirementsWhat are the statutory requirements regarding adult child ratios?The EYFS states that the adult to child ratio within classes with children over the age of three should be 1 Adult to 13 minorren. But must be a qualified teacher, or let a relevant level 6 qualification. It also states that there should also be at least one other member of staff within the classroom that holds a level 3 qualification.However if the teacher is absent from the classroom consequently the ratio requirements change and it is recommended that it should be 1 Adult to 8 Children. But must hold a level qualification and the other staff within the classroom should hold a level 2 qualification.On school trips the r atios change again dependent on the type of trip. Also these sight change when dependant on certain circumstances and other factors, which could Include if any of the pupils have special educational needs or medical needs. It can also be altered depending on the commence and competence of the staff aiding the trip, including the number of first aiders going along.It is recommended that the ratios should follow 16 for years 1 to 3, 110 for years 4 to 6, and 1 15 / 20 for years 7 upwards.Why are these requirement?To make sure that the children are being educated and taken care of correctly and are under the supervision of qualified staff members.What are the statutory requirements regarding space?Class sizes Schools must make sure that children aged between 5 years and 7 years arent taught in classes of more than 30 pupils. There is no legal limit for pupils aged 8 years and over.Why is this necessary?So that schools do not have oversized classes, as then the children do not get t he attention they need to learn.Organisation and Structure of the WorkplaceEvery organisation or business has its own basic structure of focus. Each manager is responsible for(p) for those in their department. The structure can be set out like a pyramid. Responsibilities may differ.Please identify all staff roles and responsibilities high-pitchedlighting your ownGovernorsThey school governors are responsible for working with the school to ensure that it delivers a unspoilt quality education. foreman TeacherHas overall responsibility for the school, its staff, its pupils and the education they receive.Deputy Head TeacherPlays a major role in managing the school, particularly in the absence of the head teacher. Is also responsible for a curriculum area and specific areas of the school management, delegated to them by the Head Teacher.Inclusion loss leaderThe special educational needs coordinator is responsible for day to day provisions for pupils with special educational needs.NQ T MentorThey are responsible for the Newly Qualified Teachers, and are there to give support and guidance when needed.Foundation Stage LeaderResponsible for children in foundation stage, trail the foundation team of teachers and teaching patrons.KS1 LeaderTo manage Key Stage 1 team of teachers and teaching assistants.KS2 LeaderTo manage Key Stage 2 team of teachers and teaching assistants.Phase LeadersResponsible for co-ordinating and motivating staff and children in their allocated phase to ensure high levels of achievement.TeachersAre responsible to plan, prepare and lessons to meet the needs of all their pupils in their care. Setting and marking work and recording pupils development as necessary. But also within Oaklands each teacher is responsible for an area of the curriculum, such as A curriculum coordinator for Numeracy, which makes them responsible for the leadership and management of the subject.Teaching AssistantsTo assist the classroom teacher to prepare for lessons suc h as resources that are necessitate, or to put out equipment at the lolly of the lesson. To support the teacher in the day to day running of the classroom from up keeping data files, cataloguing resources, maintaining inventories, and photocopying. Undertaking learning activities with a small group of children, who may need extra support.Lunchtime SupervisorsThey look after the children during lunchtime breaks, so that most of the staff members are able to take their breaks. They take the children who have school dinners to the schools canteen, they also look after the pupils who bring pack lunch. Within one of their classroom or outside weather permitting. They are also first aid clever and look after the children whilst playing outside.Administration StaffThere is a wide range of transaction roles within this department of the school, ranging fromFirst point of contact for the school either by telephone, email or face to face. Diary management for the Head teacher or departmen tal leaders Issue visitant passes where necessary and maintain signing in and out books Maintain data bases and filing systemsPrepare remainder and collect feesTo contact parent/guardians for specific reasons when requested by staff and to request for collection of unquiet children on behalf of the staff.And many more jobs besidesSite StaffMaintain the school, deal with cleaning, maintenance of equipment and the school building.Catering StaffCater for the pupils and staff that eat within the canteen, with healthy food within their budget.Volunteers support within the school, with assisting the classroom teacher with tasks such as listening to pupils read, taking part on school trips and helping out at school fairs.List the things you have agreed with your employer that you are prohibited from doing entry the Autism base,Administering first aid to a pupil this must be through with(p) by a qualified first aider.What breaks are you entitled to?When working a full day within the scho ol from 8.45am to 3pm I am entitled to an hour for lunch.Though on occasions I may be required to cover a lunchtime supervisor duty, which then I will be allocated an hour within the afternoon.This is the same for break times, we are entitled to take the break ourselves or we may be asked to supervise.If you are unhappy with a health safety issues what would you do?I would have to report this to the site value manager or to the deputy head teacherRisk AssessmentsHas your placement got a risk estimation policy?Yes Every school and workplace must have a risk assessment policy.Where is it unbroken?Within the Administration OfficeWho has access to it?The HSE, The Governors, The Head Teacher, staff members and parentsHow often are they reviewed and why is this necessary?It is reviewed on a yearly basis unless any changes have to be implemented within the school. Then the risk assessment will be reviewed as a part of the process. Such as tardily the school has had some staff member s trained in manual lifting and so the risk assessment has to be updated for this new procedure within the school.Give an example of a risk assessment you have done and why?When reading with the foundation children one to one they have a tendency to swing on their result. This has risks of the chair flipping backwards and the child following which in turn could cause harm to themselves. So I have had to ask them to sit properly and not to swing on their chair.Identify and list on a lower floor 4 possible risks/hazards that might occur within your work placement and state how you would prevent each one?, explain how they will be monitored and reviewed 1. Pupils trapping fingers in the internal fire doors.The fire doors are extremely knockout to percipient to exit the classrooms or to enter the bathroom, especially for the less able bodied and the little children within foundation. These doors are on hinges and close back on themselves when opened. Are very heavy as they are desig ned to protect against fire.However I have witnessed children struggling with these doors. When trying to open these doors by themselves they tend to place one hand on the door frame as they use the other hand to open the door. If they where to lose grip of the door it would swing back and the likely hood of trapping their fingers is a high risk. The less able bodies students struggle even more so and they ordinarily have a buddy within their classroom to open these doors for them. Which in turn takes away their independence, and they normally have a fear of getting stuck in the toilet or in room as they are unable to open these doors by themselves.I would look into adapting the doors by placing an electronic button system. Where the smaller children and the less able bodied children will be able to press a button and the door will automatically open for them. As it is impossible to loosen the hinges on the door as they will no longer work as intended. If this is not possible when a child needs to exit a room then an adult should always be present to assist. Preventing any accidents from happening, or a fear of getting stuck.2. Tripping over chair leg in classroomWhen children are go around the classroom it is often an possibility that they could trip over a chair leg. Either from the chair not being placed under a table properly or whilst another(prenominal) child is swinging on their chair. This could be very hazardous as they could fall and hit a side of a table or land badly on the ground.Add no swinging on your chair and to tuck away chairs properly when not being used onto the classroom rules. I would prompt any of the children I see not tucking their chair away to do so, and at the end of class make a check that all chairs are tucked away correctly. I would also do the same with children swinging on their chair I would ask them not to, and remind them of the class room rules.3. Slipping on wet floors in the toiletsBefore break times and lunch times t he children are all asked to go to the toilets and wash their transfer. The children have a tendency to drip a large join of water across the floor when walking over to the hand dryer. Which when you have approximately 30 children at once using the toilets the water can accumulate into a puddle of water, which becomes a slipping hazard.Allowing only ten children to use the toilets at a time to wash their hands. So that a teaching assistant could maintain the floor with a mop preventing puddles forming, then let the next ten children in once the teaching assistant has vacated. Another option could be before allowing the childrenout of the class to use the toilet the teacher could remind them to shake the excess water off their hands over the sink before drying their hands. However the procedure they have set in the foundation classes works well where they set up two washing up bowls set within the classroom on tables. The children wash their hands under adult supervision and then d ry their hands on towels. Makes it less children rushing through the toilets just to wash their hands.4. Getting caught up and Tripping over Play bibsWithin foundation the children are allowed out to play within the soft play area during lessons, but only in a group of five. To keep the group to only five children at a time there are five play bibs supplied which they have to wear whilst outside. However when a child wants to come back inside they have to take off the play bib, which then leaves a bib spare for another child to go out.It works in principle, and keeps the group to only five children at a time. However the children do not maintain putting the bibs back within the box after they are finished and they tend to just throw the play bibs down on the ground. This then becomes a tripping hazard and another child or member of staff could get their feet caught up within the bib and fall over, do an injury.A box placed outside seems to be over looked by the children, so I would arouse placing a coat hook within the classroom, at their level by the door that they exit and enter to play outside. Then reaffirm that the play bibs must be hung up when not being used and remind the children when they drop the bib to hang it up or no play for them for the rest of the day.Offsite SafetyWhat risk assessments do you need to complete before going of site/ on an outing?Oaklands Primary employs an external Risk Assessment company, to carry out the risk assessments on behave of the school. They attend the site of the visit and make an assessment of the risks that may apply and forward the report back to the Head Teacher or Deputy Head Teacher.The report will be compiled of recommendations based on factors of the trip, and any control measures and contingencies that need to be set in place relating to the risks that could occur.From the report the school will then set in place the criteria based around the risks, such asThe age / competence / physical fitness / usual standard of behaviour of the pupilsAny special educational / medical needs of the pupilsAdult to Child ratiosThe competence / experience / qualifications of the adultsModes of transport, journey routes and location of the visitThe correct attire that may need to be required depended on weather conditions and location of visit.Any emergency proceduresWhen there is a less able bodied pupil attending the trip, the leading teacher will take a visit to the site themselves to evaluate the location and the facilities. This is so they can make sure that no child will get out out. They also take a visit to plan activities accordingly and to talk to any personnel that may work within the location of the visit, and to set out a timetable of the activities.Are the adult child ratios different?Yes the ratios are different, and these depend on the location of the visit.What are your roles and responsibilities?I have done quite a few school trips, some have been to support my son during a school visit and have travelled either via the school mini bus or and in one instance myself and my son travelled by our own means of transport.When arriving at school we are minded(p) the activities schedule and what groups we will be in and the names of the children under our care. We check that all the children have brought everything they need, if not the school does try to provide anything that a child has forgotten or does not own, such a wellingtons, spare clothes etc. We run through the plan before leaving the classroom.On the mini bus I would support my son, during the journey and help the other two teaching assistants within the mini bus to keep the rest of the children entertained. We normally share out books, maths tasks or we will start some singing. Once we have arrived at the location I am put in missionary work of a small group of 4 to 5 children which includes my son and I follow one of the leading teachers during the activities.The last school trip to kingcombe meadows we went hunting within the meadows for wild flowers with a check list, we also caught bugs within nets and did some fishing in the river. I had a small group of 5 children under my care and I helped them with their activities, encouraging them to figure out what bug the found or flower.I have also helped with a foundation school outing, this was up to the post box outside of the school gate and up the road to post their letters home, as part of their Post Office activities in class. I give out high-viz vests to every child before we left and was put in charge of three children as we walked in a line up and back to the post box.

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The Life and History of Jesse Stuart Essay Example for Free

The Life and History of Jesse Stuart EssayJesse Stuart (1907 ) was the son of an nonreader tenant farmer from eastern Kentucky. Jesse Stuart had little formal education as a child. When he in the long run managed to attend high school, and then college, he disc overed that he had a talent for writing. He has act a successful c beer as a writer, at the same measure serving as a teacher and administrator in southern schools. In addition to short stories, Stuart has written poetry, novels, an narration (The Thread that Runs So True, 1958) and a biography of his father (Gods Oddling, 1960). It was from his father, that the author gained his great love of nature and custody individuality. LOVE Yesterday when the bright sun blazed carry out on the wilted corn my father and I walked close to the edge of the new demonstrate to plan a fence. The cows kept coming with the chestnut oaks on the cliff and running over the infantile corn. They bit off the tips of the corn and trampl ed down the stubble. My father walked in the cornbalk. sorrel, our Collie, walked in front of my father. We heard a ground squirrel whistle down over the bluff among the dead treetops at the clearings edge. Whoop, take him, bobsleigh, said my father.He lifted up a young stalk of corn, with wilted dried roots, where the ground squirrel had dug it up for the sweet grain of corn left hand on its tender roots. This has been a dry spring and the corn has kept well in the country where the grain has sprouted. The ground squirrels love this corn. They dig up rows of it and eat the sweet grains. The young corn stalks are killed and we have to replant the corn. I can count on my father keep sicking docking facility after the ground squirrel. He jumped over the corn rows. He started to run toward the ground squirrel. I, too, started running toward the clearings edge where Bob was startle and barking.The dust flew in tiny swirls behind our feet. There was a cloud of dust behind us. Its a big bull mountain blacksnake, said my father. Kill him, Bob Kill him, Bob Bob was jumping and snapping at the snake so as to make it strike and throw itself off guard. Bob had killed twenty-eight copperheads this spring. He cuts how to kill a snake. He doesnt rush to do it. He takes his time and does the job well. Lets dont kill the snake, I said. A blacksnake is a harmless snake. It kills poison snakes. It kills the copperhead. It catches more mice from the fields than a cat. I could see the snake didnt want to fight the dog.The snake wanted to get away. Bob wouldnt let it. I wondered wherefore it was crawling toward a heap of black loamy undercoat at the bench of the hill. I wondered why it had come from the chestnut oak sprouts and the matted greenbriars on the cliff. I looked as the snake lifted its more or less head in response to ace of Bobs jumps. Its not a bull blacksnake, I said. Its a she-snake. tonus at the white on her throat. A snake is an enemy to me, my fa ther snapped. I hate a snake. Kill it, Bob. Go in there and get that snake and quit playing with it Bob obeyed my father. I hated to see him take this snake by the throat.She was so beautifully poised in the sunlight. Bob grabbed the white patch on her throat. He cracked her long system like an ox batter in the snarf. He cracked it against the wind only. The blood spurted from her fine-curved throat. Something hit against my legs like pellets. Bob threw the snake down. I looked to see what had struck my legs. It was snake eggs. Bob had slung them from her body. She was going to the sand heap to lay her eggs, where the sun is the setting-hen that warms them and hatches them. Bob grabbed her body there on the earth where the red blood was running down on the gray-piled loam. Her body was still writhing in pain.She acted like a greenweed held over a new-ground fire. Bob slung her savagely many times. He cracked her limp body against the wind. She was now limber as a shoestring in the wind. Bob threw her riddled body back on the sand. She quivered like a leaf in the lazy wind, then her riddled body lay perfectly still. The blood colored the loamy earth around the snake. Look at the eggs, wont you? said my father. We counted thirty-seven eggs. I picked an egg up and held it in my hand. Only a minute ago there was life in it. It was an immature seed. It would not hatch. take sun could not incubate it on the warm earth.The egg I held in my hand was virtually the size of a quails egg. The shell on it was thin and tough and the egg appeared under the surface to be a watery egg. Well, Bob, I guess you see now why this snake couldnt fight, I said, It is life. Stronger devour the weaker even among human beings. Dog kills snake. Snake kills birds. Birds kill the butterflies. Man conquers all. Man, too, kills for sport. Bob was panting. He walked ahead of us back to the house. His idiom was out of his mouth. He was tired. He was hot under his shaggy coat of hair. His tongue nearly touched the dry dirt and white flecks of foam dripped from it.We walked toward the house. Neither my father nor I spoke. I still thought about the dead snake. The sun was going down over the chestnut ridge. A lark was singing. It was late for a lark to sing. The red evening clouds floated above the pine trees on our herbage hill. My father stood beside the path. His black hair was moved by the wind. His face was red in the blue wind of day. His eyes looked toward the sinking sun. And my father hates a snake, I thought. I thought about the agony women know of giving birth. I thought about how they will fight to save their children. Then, I thought of the snake.I thought it was silly for me to think such thoughts. This morning my father and I got up with the chickens. He says one has to get up with the chickens to do a days work. We got the posthole digger, ax, spud, measuring pole and the mattock. We started for the clearings edge. Bob didnt go along. The dew was on the corn. My father walked behind with the posthole digger across his shoulder. I walked in front. The wind was blowing. It was a good morning wind to breathe and a wind that makes one feel like he can get under the edge of a hill and heave the whole hill pinnacle down.I walked out the corn row where we had come yesterday afternoon. I looked in front of me. I saw something. I saw it move. It was moving like a huge black rope winds around a windlass. Steady, I says to my father. Here is the bull blacksnake. He took one step up beside me and stood. His eyes grew replete(p) apart. What do you know about this, he said. You have seen the bull blacksnake now, I said. Take a good look at him He is lying beside his dead mate. He has come to her. He, perhaps, was on her tangle yesterday. The male snake had trailed her to her doom.He had come in the night, under the roof of stars, as the moon confound rays of light on the quivering clouds of green. He had found his lover dead. He was coiled beside her, and she was dead. The bull blacksnake lifted his head and followed us as we walked around the dead snake. He would have fought us to his death. He would have fought Bob to his death. Take a stick, said my father, and throw him over the hill so Bob wont find him. Did you ever see anything to beat that? Ive heard theyd do that. But this is my first time to see it. I took a stick and threw him over the bank into the dewy sprouts on the cliff.

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American Government Essay Example for Free

American Government judgeThe Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia (1967) resulted in the striking down of state laws that prohibited whites and African Americans from marrying. Mildred Loving, one of the parties in the case, issued a statement on the fortieth-anniversary of her case in which she urged that similar-sex couples be allowed to marry.Q. Are the dickens issueslaws prohibiting sundry(a) marriage and laws prohibiting same-sex marriagesimilar? Why or why not?I consider laws prohibiting interracial marriage and laws prohibiting same-sex marriage are similar. Marriage is a unique bond mingled with a humans and a woman, who agree to live together and fulfill each others moral and physical demands. However, such(prenominal) a bondage between a woman and a woman or a man and a man would be against nature. This is a widely accepted notion. In the Loving v. Virginia case, the judge believed when perfection created contrasting races and placed them on separate continen ts. Men should not interfere with His arrangements and should not pursue interracial relationships. However, the ACLU filed a motion on behalf of the Lovings that Racial Integrity Act 1924 and Statutes preventing marriages solely on the basis of categorization violates The Equal Protection and Due Process clauses of the 14th am conclusionment. This case holds its significance as it redefined what constituted a marriage. Some proponents of gay rights have cited this case in aid of a right to marriage.Although opponents argue that this is not viable as the Loving marriage was still between a man and a woman. In the join States, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, Americans considered the freedom to choose a marriage partner a fundamental right. The idea that government could interfere with that choice is unthinkable. The case is also significant because it is about how the United States defined marriage. Before 1967, a legal marriage could not be contracted in states with anti-miscegenation laws if the partners were of different races. Thus the case redefined what constituted a marriage. Some proponents of gay rights have cited this case in support of a right to marriage, although opponents argue that this is not viable as the Loving marriage was still between a man and a woman. Randall Kennedys Interracial Intimacies, saw that opponents arguments against interracial relationships mirrored those of gayrights opponents.In Loving, Virginias Supreme Court justified a ban on interracial marriages by citing ghostly beliefs. Others argued against it on the grounds that it violated natural order, same is the case with same-sex marriages. the American Psychiatric Association considered crotchet a psychological disorder until 1973. Marriages are sought majorly as a foundation for having children, the relation to fostering is different in gay relationships. The live-and-let-live phenomenon practiced by most Americans doesnt apply to this spectrum, as it di dnt apply to interracial marriages before 1967. Majority of the Americans are against it from both the political spheres. President Clinton, during his reign sign(a) the defense of marriage act, which refuses to recognize gay marriages, despite his election platform for gay rights.Also, the lynching of Matthew Shepard in 1998 revealed that homosexuality triggered the same kind of violence and fear that was generated in the past by black-white sexual relations. Plus, a similar inversion of family values appears in opponents arguments against gay marriage and in the historical argument against interracial sex. Casual sex is more tolerable than sex that involved meaning, this stood true for interracial non-marriage relationships and again the same holds true for gays today. However, according to Colin Powell, the analogy of gays to race is wrong, explaining that race is a status and sexual orientation is a behavior.Similar arguments against same-sex and interracial relationships appea r in regards to children. There was once total opposition to couples adopting children of different races, and there is still weight placed against allowing a white couple to adopt a black child, he said, because of societal pressures. The National Association for Black Social Workers has said such cases may result in black children having white minds. Similarly, fears abound that adopted children whose parents are gay will be more capable to prejudice, or the child will have confusion over their sexual orientationor worse, theyll end up being gay.

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Blood pressure Essay Example for Free

Blood stuff sampleQuestion OneHypertension (in addition to a number of medical somas) may be considered as primary or lowly. Explain these concepts giving three examples of secondary high gunstock insistence and their pathophysiology.Most of the conditions that cause secondary hypertension involve the overproduction of atomic number 53 of the bodys endocrine glands. Some of the medical problems that atomic number 50ful cause secondary hypertension includeKidney infirmity. Secondary hypertension is related to dam durationd kidneys or to an abnormal narrowing of one or both(prenominal) renal arteries. The renal arteries are the major agate line vessels that bring blood to each kidney. When the kidneys blood supply is reduced by a narrowing (c aloneed renal artery stenosis), the kidney produces high levels of a hormone called renin. High levels of renin trigger the production of other substances in the body that raise blood pressure, particularly a molecule called ang iotensin II.Adrenal affection. The adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys and produce several hormones that tending regulate blood pressure. Sometimes, one or both adrenal glands machinate and secrete an excess of one of these hormones. Three different types of adrenal gland conditions cause high blood pressurePheochromocytoma. A tumour of the adrenal gland that overproduces the hormones epinephrine (adrenalin) and norepinephrine (noradrenalin). Hyperaldosteronism (also called Conns syndrome). Both adrenal glands john overproduce the salt-retaining hormone aldosterone or it can arise in a benign adrenal tumour. Hypercortisolism (also called Cushings syndrome). Both adrenal glands can overproduce the hormone cortisol or it can arise in a benign or malignant tumour.Hyperparathyroidism. A hormone called parathormone is made by four tiny glands in the cope called parathyroid glands. If the glands produce too much hormone, calcium levels in the blood increase. People with hyperpa rathyroidism are much(prenominal) seeming to have high blood pressure. The exact reason for this association is non known.Question 2Roger was a symptomatic and only came in for a check up. Why is it important for this silent disease to be detected and appropriately treated?As blood turn tails through arteries it pushes against the inside of the artery walls. The more pressure the blood exerts on the artery walls, the higher the blood pressure lead be. The size of little(a) arteries also affects the blood pressure. When the muscular walls of arteries are relaxed, or dilated, the pressure of the blood flowing through them is sink than when the artery walls narrow, or constrict. Blood pressure is highest when the disembodied spirit beats to push blood out into the arteries. When the subject matter relaxes to fill with blood again, the pressure is at its lowest point. Blood pressure when the heart beats is called systolic pressure. Blood pressure when the heart is at rest is called diastolic pressure. When blood pressure is measured, the systolic pressure is stated first and the diastolic pressure second. Blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). For example, if a persons systolic pressure is one hundred twenty and diastolic pressure is 80, it is written as 120/80 mm Hg. The American Heart Association has long considred blood pressure less than 140 over 90 normal for adults. However, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in Bethesda, Maryland released new clinical guidelines for blood pressure in 2003, lowering the standard normal readings. A normal reading was lowered to less than 120 over less than 80.Hypertension is a major health problem, especially because it has no symptoms. Many flock have hypertension without knowing it. In the United States, about 50 million people age six and older have high blood pressure. Hypertension is more common in hands than women and in people over the age of 65 than in younger persons. M ore than half of all Americans over the age of 65 have hypertension. It also is more common in African-Americans than in etiolate Americans. Hypertension is serious because people with the condition have a higher risk for heart disease and other medical problems than people with normal blood pressure. Serious complications can be avoided by compass regular blood pressure checks and treating hypertension as soon as it is diagnosed.If left untreated, hypertension can lead to the following medical conditions arteriosclerosis, also called atherosclerosis heart attack stroke enlarged heart kidney damage.Arteriosclerosis is hardening of the arteries. The walls of arteries have a layer of muscle and elastic tissue that bring ins them flexible and adequate to dilate and constrict as blood flows through them. High blood pressure can make the artery walls thicken and harden. When artery walls thicken, the inside of the blood vessel narrows. Cholesterol and fats are more likely to build u p on the walls of damaged arteries, making them even narrower. Blood clots also can get trapped in narrowed arteries, blocking the flow of blood.Arteries narrowed by arteriosclerosis may non deliver enough blood to organs and other tissues. Reduced or blocked blood flow to the heart can cause a heart attack. If an artery to the brain is blocked, a stroke can result. Hypertension makes the heart work harder to pump blood through the body. The extra workload can make the heart muscle thicken and stretch. When the heart becomes too enlarged it cannot pump enough blood. If the hypertension is not treated, the heart may fail.The kidneys remove the bodys wastes from the blood. If hypertension thickens the arteries to the kidneys, less waste can be filtered from the blood. As the condition worsens, the kidneys fail and wastes build up in the blood. Dialysis or a kidney transplant are needed when the kidneys fail. close 25% of people who receive kidney dialysis have kidney misfortune cau sed by hypertension.Question ThreeThe renin-angiotensin administration plays a central role in blood pressure regulation. Explain the renin-angiotensin system with reference to Conns syndrome.The Renin- angiotonin-Aldosterone System is a hormone system that regulates BP and fluid balance.When blood volume is low, the juxtaglomerular cells in the kidneys secrete Renin directly into circulation. Plasma Renin converts a polypeptide called Angiotensinogen, which is secreted from Liver into Angiotensin I, which in turn is converted to Angiotensin II (or ATII) by the enzyme called ACE (Angiotensin converting enzyme) launch in the lungs.It so happens that Angiotensin II is a potent vaso-active peptide that causes blood vessels to constrict, resulting in increased blood pressure. Angiotensin II also stimulates the secretion of the hormone Aldosterone from Adrenal cortex. Aldosterone causes the tubules of the kidneys to increase the reabsorption of sodium and water supply into the blood. This increases the volume of fluid in the body, which also increases blood pressure.If the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system is too active, blood pressure will be too high.There are many drugs that interrupt different steps in this system to lower blood pressure. These drugs are one of the main ways to control HBP, heart failure, renal failure and the harmful effects of Diabetes.Angiotensin II is degraded to angiotensin III by angiotensinases located in red blood cells and the vascular beds of most tissues. Angiotensin III has 40% of the pressor action of ATII, that 100% of the aldosterone-producing activity of ATII.Angiotensin II has autocrine, paracrine and endocrine actions on different systemsCardiovascular effectsAT II is the most powerful vasopressor known, constricting both arteries and veins. Myocyte growth is stimulated through a topical anesthetic tissue RAAS. The same system can be activated in the smooth muscle cells in conditions of HTN or endothelial damage thus c ontributing to and accelerating the process of Atherosclerosis.Neurological effectsATII increases the thirst awareness by directly stimulating the Subfornical organ of the brain (Dipsogenic action). AT II also decreases the response of Baroreceptor reflex. ATII increases secretions of both ADH and ACTH besides stimulating postganglionic sympathetic fibers to secrete Noradrenaline. Adrenal effectsAngiotensin II acts on the Adrenal cortex causing it to release Aldosterone, a hormone that causes the kidneys to retain sodium and lose potassium.

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Education Curriculum Essay Example for Free

Education Curriculum tasteThere is usually an existence of a gap between the objectives of a lesson and the student situation and pertains the lesson intended. The instructor is duly bound to make sure that the relevant skills and knowledge contained in any lesson engender fitly been imparted into the students. The schooling has to proceed in places and the cognitive skills required at each phase of erudition should be intelligibly set down. The teacher should be in a position to convert the approximately master(prenominal) steps in the phases into a aiming existing strategy. That allows the students to learn effectively the subject matter. The teacher should as well identify the requirements of each step, objet dart taking precautions that the student should non make errors. The fundamental requirements should be presented in the fore approximately to allow the mastering of required skills to follow later. The flowing skill wise position of the student should be ide ntified by the teacher. Guidelines in evaluation checklist The evaluation checklist has guidelines which be all primal for the success curriculum instructional somatics.The guidelines in the evaluation checklists are all influential towards the extent the domiciliate towards learning and towards the achievement of the required instructional objectives of learning. They include Design, procedures, clarity and efficiency. (Heinich, 2002). The content of any curriculum material should not be irrelevant. A high degree of accuracy is required to make sure the pupils minds are energy are utilized competently. The guidelines are withal important in that an organized format with a logical setup of content should be achieved.The brain of the student is the more or less crucial preference at the moment and its utilization should be well addressed. To achieve this objective it is accordingly important that the guideline in the evaluation checklist exhibits some objective which is outd oorsly delimit. This helps save time and enhances the checklist to address only the relevant and demand objectives. The questions that need to be raise so as to achieve the right objectives are clearly dictate in a relevant capacity while the examples cited in the discussion have implacable meaning and they are of help to the students.The excogitation guideline also allows that only the important part of the randomness is wedded the right emphasis and its content is not a burden to the students. The guideline is also important as to avoid impartiality when representing the objectives by coping with sexuality racial, religious or ethnicity biasness. This is especially signifi masst since the learning environment is cross-cultural and each an every recipient should be comfortable with the learning brought up. The guidelines are also important towards provision of currently updated and completely addressed information for the best comfort of the students.This will as well add ress the career fields needs while at the same time addressing the issues of gender and race of the participating population. The design component is also important in that it results with information from a clearly identified source that is reliable and therefore the information by itself is also reliable. Heinich, 2002). As the learners continue to withdraw skills and knowledge. The guidelines should allow the students to learn. The duty of this guideline is to help p the student, achieve this as the student moves beyond the foot of leaning.Through thinking as the students learn and apply the skills simultaneously for the health of their learning activities. The cultural mixture has been earlier mentioned which is another important aspect of the design guidelines with a consistent layout. It is also with an effective design of an evaluation checklist guideline that unique learning techniques are applicable to the culturally diverse leaning automatic teller which has various ca tegories of ability levels. The other significant importance of the design guideline is the provision of an easy estimation to teachers of the progress of the students.It also enhances a get wording level that is only appropriate and specific to the target group, while also addressing only the relevant age and grade level. The other guideline is the procedure which is important in that it enhances the required interaction frequencies that make learning easier. The interactions are significantly vigorous, vibrant and active in learning the interactions out of the procedures guidelines also boosts the students moral for a continued learning allowing the students to master the already learnt concepts.The procedure also allows for complete and clear directions which facilitate the students to perform only the relevant tasks. Heinich, 2002). The other most important guideline of the evaluation checklist is clarity. Clarity is importance towards presenting the checklist in a clear easy to read and to understand test. The general format of the course lesson also becomes attractive to the eyes of the user the layout being easier makes learners have some relative ease to locate what they need. ( Gollnick and Chinn, 2002).All the necessary features of the content are easily navigated by the clarity guideline of checklist while the paragraphs in each section demonstrate a presentation of information clearly and accurately. There is also a consistency of clear and clean fonts. Heinich, 2002). The last and also most important guideline of the evaluation checklist is the efficiency of the guidelines By the use of efficiency, only the necessary information is include in the lessons. The efficiency guideline also allows that only the significant examples and practice items which are as numerous as possible are included in the lessons.This is very important towards helping student learn the relevant materials of the lesson (Gagiulo, 2003) A lesson of splendor The instructi onal materials evaluate checklist may be of crucial assistance to a teacher aiming at an a grade in such a subject such as racial assimilation. The objectives of this lesson is to assist the students identify the relative forces given to the various racial groups and a step to their immigration in the United States. Heinich, 2002). By the use of curriculum materials each option should be used in the lesson since each carries some considerable weight towards the achievement of the overall objective.Adequacy of the Lessons in terms of the Attributes of curricular Design To teach the objectives already identified some instructional resources for teaching are required. The issue has raised interest in the teaching of racial discrimination in the United States. The students should be made to altogether understand the process of assimilation of minority groups overtime. To achieve these, some resources such as recent statements by the government regarding its policy in venerate of na tional minorities would be of crucial help.Another important resource would be the historical background of all the affected citizens of that particular country. The last of the resource would probable be some website data of the number of immigrants recorded overtime in the country As regards the first resource for example, the issue of The government presenting a report on the sorting of the minorities on its policy in respect of the national minorities (Gollnick and Chinn, 2002). as regards the historic background, the origin and the history f every affected group can be analyzed and given.The Adequacy Of The Lessons In Terms Of The Attributes Of Curricular Design The intend is quite clear as transmitted during the lesson presentation This is as a result of the accurate, well organized and clearly defined design of presentation. The lesson has been supported by the necessary information required all of which has been from reliably known sources. The information has also been giv en with the emphasis of the most important points. (Gagiulo, 2003) The Pan balance equations are pre- Algebra is a introductory lesson in the Algebra section of mathematics lesson as relates to Pan balance Equations.This is the most significant fact spark advance to the condition that there has been some background knowledge and information from the previous lessons. This is healthy for the student for the purpose of a good follow up and integration of the related information into the current information for a healthy learning. (Gagiulo, 2003) The lesson approaches the technique of cooperative learning some parts of inquiry and some direct instructions. Students should be made to use the previous knowledge learned in earlier lessons that are related to the current lessons for them improvement.This calls for cooperative learning whereby each students make a contribution of what is known to the students for the mutual benefits of the teacher the taught and expletive students. This is achieved through first the inquiry by the teacher to make references of the past knowledge by the students who give a direct contribution of the same as a response. ( Gollnick and Chinn, 2002). The initial ideas are used to give out more beneficial ideas. The lesson addresses a variety of learning styles and intelligence. All the possible approaches should be used for the benefit of the student.Remember that the transition between the initial steps whereby the teacher has the objectives while the student have un unfilled mind which should be filled by the teacher is a complex one. Styles and intelligences of all range should and so be use to come up with the required results. Questions have been asked examples have been given illustrations of various degrees applied direct facts from known sources cited all, aiming for some positive results. All these are resources at the disposal of the teacher and they essential be used. The ultimate goal of the lesson is to make sure that students comfortably understand all the details of the lesson.It is therefore the requirement of the lesson to provide the teachers with the relevant method of assessing the level of understanding that has been affected by the project. The methods through which students perform projected questions on the lesson. The way the students answer short written questions and the way the they apply the knowledge lay in to tackle exercise questions is a clear guide to the success of the provision by the lesson to assessment of understanding. (Gagiulo, 2003) Importance of selecting programs / lessons appropriate for students.I assessment of this issue levels of instruction development and reading, the goals of the curriculum, and the state of the student such as the disabilities must be all be considered. The importance of any program is to benefit. The recipient through the most efficient and comfortable method. No attempt should be encouraged to create further complication of the students . then the instructional level for example is a good guide as to what instructions are just for the students. The development level of the student further guides the teacher towards the rightful resources to apply to the student.The disability status sets limits as to what practical examples should be used for the students. The reading level is a guide as to what affect the students should not be exposed to reading materials while the curricular goals should guide the teacher as to what is intended of the lesson and the lowest prognosticateations. (Gagiulo, 2003) Conclusion The main aim of successful curriculum material is to achieve comprehensive learning for the overall molding of an individual in terms of skills and knowledge. This is importance for the future benefit of student the success and the teachers expect as a result of high quality of learning.