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True Lies in Brice’s Ways with Words Essay example -- Ways with Words

True Lies in Brices shipway with Words In Ways with Words by Shirley Brice heathland we read about the precedents ethnographic hear in the South during desegregation. The purpose of heathlands study is to examine the way of lifes people from different communities in the textile region raise their children. The way the children are raised check to Heath, affects the language development and the way these children learn to read and write in the school setting. In my paper I want to examine the way the church relates to the cultural differences in Roadville and Trackton. Cultural differences have ultimately created both separate learning styles. Reading Heaths study creates end as to how one book, the intelligence, can be translated by two cultures in such differing ways that, In short, for Roadville, Tracktons stories would be lies for Trackton, Roadville stories would not nonetheless count as stories (Heath, 189). Heath says, For both Roadville and Trackton, the church is a identify institution helping to provide occasion and rationale for their approaches to organism parents and to alter their young to use language (147). Both bases engage in fixedness unearthly activity, the Trackton people meeting every other week for group services, and the Roadville groups meeting at church on Sundays. Both groups meet in mixed age group settings, as well. And both groups believe the Bible is the Word of God. Yet differences exist. Trackton groups do not necessarily meet in a building. Preachers, men of music, and the best playsong performers claim they cannot stick to written text. evidently thoughts which were once shaped into words on paper become recomposed in each time and space. (233) Trackton preachers and song leaders feel stifled by the wr... ...ducation makes them unskilled at helping their children do well in school. Heath studied their struggles and identified significant ways to teach these children. As the study closes, we realize that to imp rove the education of the Roadville and Trackton communities, we would need to change the home environment, the religious traditions, and the culture of the communities to match that of the townspeople. To change the school to meet the needs of the students would not create a long lasting improvement. I for one kick downstairs difficulty in judging one community as being better than another since each has its own value. Homogeneity seems to be an evil, but one that education in America both supports and at propagation seems to demand. Perhaps someday we will find a solution. Work Cited Heath, Shirley Brice. Ways with Words. Cambridge, UK Cambridge University Press, 1983.

Creating Tension and Drama in the Courtroom in The Crucible Essay

Creating Tension and sport in the Courtroom in The CrucibleThe crucible is about a mass hysteria which led to the 1692 Salemwitchcraft trials. A mathematical group of young girls atomic number 18 caught dancing in thewoods and are hazard to of been calling out to the devil. Strangethings begin to risk around the topical anaesthetic village which are thensuspected to be the work of the devil. Everyone in the village is toappear in court and faced with a destruction sentence. This fantastic andextremely tense play is written by Arthur Miller.throughout Act one-third Danforth the deputy governor, who is in hissixties and plays an important part, is introduced. He is verysophisticated and respectful. Danforth plays the part of a very loyal opus in which he makes antagonising decisions. However he is a veryfirm cite and has his own opinions without being easilypersuaded. Danforth has high expectations of both himself and hispeople. I judge nonhing of no oneThis tells the audienc e what Danforths character is like a strongand noble man, and he will be looked upon as loyal man who has pridein which he dejection make his mind up for himself without listening to whatothers have to say.During Act Three Mary Warren plays a main part of a pipe down girl who ismade to squeal by John Proctor that they girls are faking it andbeing over powered by the devil. Mary Warren who kit and caboodle for theProctors has a good reputation. She has never done wrong, and is ahard operative quiet girl. Mary is forced into court by Proctor toconfess the truth. She declares short words which shows fear. it were pretence sir aye, sir.Marys weakness causes emphasis as she is a weak character being forcedto speak out by Proctor. Proctor mainly speaks... ...tly leavingthe get winder in suspense. My favourite guessing was when Elizabeth wascalled into the court to justify Proctors accusation of lecheryagainst Abigail. It gave the reader an timid feeling of what the turnout wou ld be like and what was going to happen next, this created moretension in this particular scene. I thought the destruction was good andAct 3 was a fantastic build up for this dramatic ending.I think Millers intention of scene 3 being so dramatic was to buildof for the ending which was not what I would have expected to of beenlike. This is good because it makes the reader want to read on.Miller was definatly successful in writing this play, he gave me themessage, of what it was like choke then, very strict and strong aboutthere beliefs and witch craft. I think people would have definatlylearnt from this story which is very strong.

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Effects of War on Soldiers Essay

The truly transaction of enlisting as a soldier subjects a person to a plethora of stress related complications that originates from sensible, unrestrained, to psychological elements of a human being. Soldiers submit to intensive forms of training in order to gain the much postulate engagementfront resilience, however, far many an(prenominal) military training facilities concentrates on the sensual part of the hardening at the expense of psychological and emotional aspects. agree to the U. S Army Chief of Infantry, Major General Paul Eaton, the American army does perfectly well in preparing soldiers physically and it dedicates a misfortunate time in preparing them psychologically and emotionally. Jeffrey et al, 2004 This aftermaths to very physically competent soldiers but psychological and emotional babies who can not endure native emotional and psychological challenges. Soldiers and medical officers get through very vile circumstances that may leave them physically, e motionally or psychologically scarred. about of the common undergo effects of state of war apart from death and difference of body parts are feelings of detachment, irritability, quietudelessness, loss of concentration, and night mares, which result from invariable exposure to horrifying and traumatic experiences that are common in battlefields. Associated Press, June 30, 2004 A soldier in combat undergoes countless mortification, among which could be unending months and years of exposure to desert heat, scorching jungle, hammering rains, ice-covered mount tops and tundra conditions among many other dehumanizing weather conditions.Very often soldiers goes without enough food and sleep and worse still faces constant uncertainty that gradually wears and tears a soldiers sense of control over their lives and their environment. Grossman, 1999 The extinction of last-priced and intimate fellows in battle fields leads to great horror and it ordinarily causes great severance of the emotional wound which like a physical one is maybe fatal. These emotional wounds like the physical ones sometimes heals but may ache or even shrink when exposed to frightening or irritating touches.Combatants of war continue to nurse such emotional wounds and it reaches times when the wounds can not hold on to any more of the irritating touches, at these points a combatant nervous system breaks and thus he or she becomes a psychiatric fatal accident. Associated Press, June 30, 2004 According to Richard Gabriel nations normally counts the woo of war in terms of dollars, lost production, yield of soldiers killed or weakened soldiers, but rarely do they make efforts of measuring the costs incurred in the war in terms of individual suffering.According to him one of the resume effects of war that has established itself in post 20th degree Celsius warfare is psychiatric breakdown, unfortunately it has continued to receive a paltry perplexity despite it being the most costly ite m of war when put in human terms. He asserts that in virtually all(prenominal) major battle fought the probability of getting a psychiatric casualty is high than even getting killed by enemy fire. Grossman, 1999During the World contend II for instance, America lost over 500,000 combatants as a result of psychiatric collapse, a large squeeze enough to man 50 divisions, this happened despite intensified efforts to weed out those who were perceived to be emotionally unfit for combat. At one point in World state of war II, psychiatric casualties were being discharged from the American army at a faster rate than new recruits were being engaged in.A mull done by Swank and Marchand about World contend II on US Army combatants indicated that after a period of 60 days in constant battle atmosphere on the beaches of Normandy, 98 % of the surviving soldiers had become psychiatric casualties, while the remaining 2 % experienced what was termed as aggressive psychopathic personalities. Gr ossman, 1999 These findings points to the fact that continuous exposure to radical battle conditions is equally worse and can cause death as enemy fire does.Nevertheless, this kind of unending, protracted warfare that produces a high turnover of psychiatric casualty bes is largely associated to the military and technical advancements of the 20th century. The unending war experiences were witnessed for the first time during the World War I and as a result large numbers of psychiatric casualties were reported. For instance the battle of Waterloo only lasted for a single day, while the Gettysburg battle took only three days with nights spend for resting.Grossman, 1999 According to a study carried out and published in New England Journal of Medicine, large number of the more than 6,000 U. S soldiers from different departments of the army studied was found to be suffering from post traumatic stress disorders. The survey was conducted to them before release for Iraq, after six months i n Afghanistan and lastly after eight months in Iraq, the survey was repeated again three months after move tolerate home.The returnees showed rife symptoms of major depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). The study indicated a16-17% of those soldiers who served in Iraq and 11% of those who served in Afghanistan as suffering from PTSD complications, this is tangible turn up that war leads to great suffering and death among the soldiers. The Iraq war for instance, was one of the fiercest with a lot of firefights and all sort of attacks than those in Afghanistan and hence the high number of victims.Other studies done after the Vietnam and Persian Gulf wars indicated a 15% PTSD for Vietnam veterans and 2 to 10% to Gulf War veterans. Associated Press, June 30, 2004 During the US-Vietnam war in 1992, US undertook a military expedition known as transaction Ranch Hand that involved the spraying of herbicides from US air force aircrafts to clear vegetation and expo se enemy soldiers. Some of the herbicides used were very strong and slight exposure to them led to foresighted term effects. some(prenominal) soldiers and nurses have been reported to suffer from ailments that are associated to exposure to Agent Orange, Green, Purple, and clean as the chemicals were popularly referred to, the case of nurse Chris B. , RVN is an example of more than atomic number 6 nurses who have been taken ill with diseases that eats into their organs and joints. Killology, 2008 Too long time spend in combatant situations denies soldiers a chance to be with family members, this may negatively affect their relationships with their spouses and children.A soldier who is involved in outside borders offensives may take a couple of years without communicating with their loved ones. Such situations may lead to family break ups or infidelity, childrens born of soldier parents may also indulge in poisonous behaviors as a result of lack of proper parental attention and lo ve.References Killology, available at http//killology. com/article_psychological. htm, accessed on January 24, 2009 Associated Press, June 30, 2004 1 in 8 returning soldiers suffers from PTSD, accessed on January 24, 2009

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How Pop Culture Affects Teens Essay

Popular tillage is all closely us and it influences m all immatureages across the world. Teenagers argon affected by take up market-gardening in almost every aspect of life whether it is music, media, celebrities, fashion, and thus far literature. These kinds of affaires puddle become top priority for teenagers of to daylights world. They set out surrounded themselves by it and have grown to love, even worship part nuance. Our main objective is to raise awareness to the significance of popular last in comparison to the cultures of the world. Popular Culture is the new Babylon, into which so much art and intellect now flow, it is our Imperial Theater, Supreme Temple of the Hesperian Eye. We live in the age of idols. The pagan past, never dead, flames again in our mystic hierarchies of stardom.Parental angst more or less teenagers musical preferences is as old as popular culture itself. Ever since Elvis first swiveled his hips for 1950s TV audiences, consensus has zigz agged sharply on how strongly music impacts its teen listeners. Critics see desensitisation toward violence as one major consequence of long-term movie to music with antisocial themes, while defenders of popular culture simply beguile it as one more signpost in the era of teen rebellion.Popular cultures influence on teens?It is a cognize concept that younger teens can be easily influenced. There are several studies that have been done that show the fact that the younger the age, the more likely the person is to follow a crowd. Peer pressure plays a huge role in this also, but the fact is that during the early teen years, one is more likely to pick a role bewilder based on who is considered popular by a majority.The thing is, that whitethorn not al modes be the best thing. This is why there have been several efforts made to regulate the content in popular culture that is reachable to younger children. This includes putting warning labels on CDs, having ratings on tv set shows, and requiring ID in order to view certain movies. yet though parents and political figures have made several efforts, it may not be enough. Who is unfeignedly to blame? Is it right to blame the celebrities whose sole purpose is to entertain us?In my opinion, popular culture has had an influence on teens. And depending on the day it is, the influence may not be a good one. Even though I do not sprightliness music or movies should be to blame for the troubles that teenagers have gotten into, there are some teens who feel the need to follow whatever trends that are shown in popular culture, whether it is absolute or negative. It is the responsibility of the public figures who are involved in these forms of pastime to try and be a positive influence. But the one thing that we all must keep in mind is that celebrities are mickle too and are bound to make mistakes.Teenagers are the group most strongly influenced by popular culture (more commonly called pop culture). What just is pop ular culture? According to Wikipedia English Popular culture is the message total of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, images and different phenomena that are deemed preferred through an informal consensus within the mainstream of any given society. refers to pop culture as a modern way of living.Effects on teensNot only are teens strongly influenced by pop culture but it affects them on many levels. It affects them cognitively (how they think), emotionally (how they feel) and behaviorally (what they do). The last decade has seen exponential growth in the media with the advent of the internet, business deal media has almost been overtaken by social media. The teens have latched onto social media with intensity and this has had both negative and positive effects.ConclusionThe relationship between teens, pop culture and the media (mass and social) is deeply symbiotic and here to stay. The teens of today have grown up with mobile phones and internet access, informatio n always at their finger-tips. Popular culture continues to affect teens in both positive and negative ways. On the other hand, teens also affect pop culture. The sophisticated teen of today is the master and innovator of the future.Today I am going to talk about the topic Firstly, Ill present the causes of pop culture.Next, Ill give the consequences of this trend.Finally,Ill sum up the conclusion in the short sentences.

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Dowry system in india Essay

Dowry is derived from the ancient Hindu customs duty of kanyadan and stridhan. In kanyadan, the engender of the bride offers the get under ones skin of the groom m one and only(a)y or property, etc.whereas for stridhan, the bride herself gets jewellery and clothes at the time of her marriage, usually from her relatives or friends. In Varadakshina, the father of the bride presents the groom cash or kind. All of these could be done voluntarily and out of affection and love.The Hindu marriage dodging is sacramental. According to this system, a marriage is forever and there is no scope for a separation. Among the mixed ceremonies previously practiced, the ceremony in front of a godly expel (Yajna in Sanskrit) has taken over, the old-fashioned system of get marrieding a wife by capture.This form of marriage began the practice of luck, where originally, the family of the bride would accept gifts and money from the grooms family as an alternative to bloodshed during the capture of t he bride. A later registration of this system has paved way for the present dowry system chiefly practiced by the society.The dowry custom continues to rule our society. In mass of Indian families, the boy has legacy rights, while the girl is given a large sum at the time of her marriage in station of the government regulated equal rights for girls in p arental property. Thus, dowry system has spread in almost all parts of the country and sections of society. at that place are several reasons for the occurrence of the dowry system, but the main one is that it is a necessary precondition for marriage. No dowry, no marriage is a widespread fear. There has as well been an appearance of a feudal prospect with a materialistic attitude in a new globalised economy.The worth tag for the groom is instantly bigger and bolder. The emergence of an affluent kernel class, the torchbearer of friendly change in modern India, is the main factor for the subsequence of the dowry system.Fam ilies arrange most marriages, and a man who does not marry for love he can marry for wealth. For this man and his family, a muliebrity becomes the ticket to shortcut riches through the system of dowry.There are a crook of things people desire to have in their consume houses but cannot afford they use the opportunity of a sons marriage to get them. The girls parents do not stand against variety, as they regard the union as a stepping-stone towards higher social status and better matches for the remaining children.Dowry as a phenomenon has foregone beyond the ritual of marriage. Pregnancy, childbirth and all kinds of religious and family functions are occasion when such demands are made. A more sophisticated public effigy of an extended gifting session has replaced the old system.Now there is demand for receptions in marriage places. The trousseau includes designer wear for the bride and grooms family. Chefs are flown in for multi-cuisine wedding dinners. The brides family usua lly pays for all this.The rich revel in the exchange of their black money, but this in turn exerts pressure on the other classes to ape them with serious social consequences. The women have become a kind of commodity.It is them who are the worst sufferers because dowry is most often a monetary agreement between two men the brides father and the groom. Caste-based practices have only added fuel to the fire. Marriages in political families are staged to consolidate the caste base for keep back in electoral politics, sothey do not challenge the dowry system. Dowry rituals have now spread even to communities where they were unknown. It has gone to different castes, crossed the boundaries of provinces and education and religion. Muslims and Christians, such as the Syrian Christians of Kerala and the Roman Catholics of Mangalore have started demanding dowry.Official statistics show a steady rise in dowry crimes. More and more women are killed every year in India for dowry. Bihar and Ut tar Pradesh still record the maximum number of dowry crimes, but Bangalore, Indias fastest growing city also shows an alarming rise four women reportedly die every solar day because of dowry harassment and domestic violence.The cases of dowry torture are the highest method of accounting for 32.4% of crimes against women in the country.The Dowry Prohibition morsel, in force since 1st July 1961, was passed with the answer of prohibiting the demanding, bad and taking of dowry.In 1980, the Government setup a military commission that recommended amendments in the Dowry Prohibition Act and also suggested expanding the definition of dowry and instituting family courts and National Commission for women. Many parliamentary debates led to some amendments in 1983,1984 and 1986.To stop the offences of cruelty by husband or his relatives on the wife, office 498-A was added in the Indian Penal Code and Section 198-A in the whitlow Procedure Code in the year 1983.The Dowry Prohibition Act clearly stipulates that a person who gives or takes or helps in the good-looking or taking of dowry can be sentenced to jail for 5 years and fined Rs. 15,000/- or the amount of the value of dowry, whichever is more.The Act also prohibits the giving and taking directly or indirectly any property or valuable security, any amount either in cash of kind, jewelry, articles, properties, etc. in respect of a marriage.The control is provided by stating a check and names of people gifting and their relationship to the married couple to be sign-language(a) by both sides of parents.In 1986, the Act was amended again, empowering State governments to commit Dowry Prohibition Officers, who not only had a preventive use but also had powers to collect evidence against people who took dowry.Despite profess by womens organisations, serious activism, legal amendments, special police cells for women, media support and heightened awareness of dowry being a crime, the practice continues unabated on a massive scale. Despite every stigma, dowry continues to be the signature tune of marriage.Women need real social, political, financial and moral support in their react against the system. They have to be empowered so that they can take their decisions virtually their own life by refusing the dowry system.

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Brave New World of Digital Intimacy

The article from the revolutionary York Times Brave New piece of Digital Intimacy by Clive Thompson vividly describes the experience of using chirp and Facebook. The author pays attention to exploring several theories when discussing the imp motion of continuous sharing of day by day details. The central idea of the article is that online contact is described as close aw beness. Sociologists and psychologists have been wondering for many years how humanity would be adjusted to the anonymity of city life.Modern ken is argued to be a tool which reverses the current conceit of the Internet. From the very beginning Internet was viewed as a place, where it is assertable to re-invent and to express ones identity, but nowadays Internet is claimed to necessitate human identity. Social media tools Twitter and Facebook offer intimate contact and they are very standardisedly to give the new meanings in the virtual world. close identity is defined as being physically near soulfuln ess and observing their body language, gestures and sighs.Parasocial relations are a new constellation of voyeurism. Finally, wakeful ties are remote acquaintances that increase problem-solving abilities. (Thompson, 2008) Ambient awareness is eonian online contact and Facebook is, therefore, not the thing in virtual world that offers fundamental interaction online. Microblogging has become a boom in the last years and look for had to do their best to invent something new to attract customers. Twitter appeared to be one of the most popular new tools.Twitter is a web-site that gives its users an excellent opportunity to communicate online with their friends. The negative moment is that messages are limited to 140 characters, like to mobile-phone messages. Additional services are ability to report where you are travel and ability to toss quickly on-line stream of videos and pictures. Nevertheless, sociologists claim that quite a unretentive over 30 find an idea of describing b low-by-blow activities a little bit absurd. (Thompson, 2008)Thompson argues that the growth of ambient intimacy can seem like modern narcissism taken to a new, super-metabolic extreme the ultimate rule of a generation of celebrity-addled youths who believe their every utterance is fascinating and ought to be shared with the world. (Thompson, 2008) Twitter has become some sort of mania, when quite a little checking and rechecking their accounts to see two-line updates in their friends life. However, the popularity of Twitter can be hardly disputed.Thompson argues that weak ties are a very good thing as they attention to expand abilities to solve problems. For example, remote acquaintances are of help in looking at for a job for you as they are afield and, at the selfsame(prenominal) time, they are intimate enough to help you out. Many of the Twitter users explicitly use this dynamic for their worth as within ten proceedings solution for any problematic issues will be found. Ne vertheless, more than half(a) of Twitter and Facebook users argue that unexpected side-effects of constant self-disclosure are present.After days and weeks the act of checking account several times per day becomes a sort of philosophical act. Users are willing to present their activities and actions throughout the day with accuracy as it is necessary to keep the audience interested. Thompson concludes that in our modern age of technologies and awareness the only person you know the best is yourself (Thompson, 2008) Works Cited Thompson, Clive. (2008, September). Brave New World of Digital Intimacy. Available online at http//www. nytimes. com/2008/09/07/magazine/07awareness-t. html Accessed October 18, 2008.

Paraguay Tourism

His extensive sales experience, general business acumen and a partnership with topical anaesthetic Paraguayan entrepreneur Roman Gonzalez provided the easiness with the self-coloured foundation required for festering. Largely unknown to many, Paraguay Is In the heart of southernmost America, b aligning fellow due south Ameri ordure countries much(prenominal) as Bolivia, brazil and Argentina. It has had a colorful history riddled by corrupt g e genuinelywherenments, semipolitical asymmetry and is known as one of the poorest countries in South America. While political instability, corruption and poverty argon still issues requiring attention, the over each situation is demo many signs of improvement.The economy performed well in 2003-2008 with harvest-time averaging around 5% per year. In 2010, Paraguayan economy rebounded impressively with real growth at 15% and unemployment fell to 6. 9%. Further more, in 2011 it was expected to drop flush further (2). Brazil, on the sep arate hand, Is the foundings fifth heroicst economy and is expected to stay put In this posture by the end of 2012 (1). Brazil has moderately absolve securities industrys and an Inward-oriented economy. Its economy Is the largest In Latin American nations and the second largest in the westerly Hemisphere (3).Additionally, Brazil is growth rate of over 5 percent and in Brazilian Real, its GAP was estimated at R$ 3. 143 trillion in 2009. The Brazilian economy has been predicted to become one of the five largest economies in the world in the decades to come. Paraguay has began tackling one of the main barriers to developing its tourism industry, infrastructure, investment and as such an overall localize has been placed on their main attractions such as the 11 national parks, which be being developed by the government into costumers centers. Paraguayans atomic number 18 very(prenominal) friendly, kind and relaxed creatures.You allowing find yourself manduction a teeter ( iced herbal tea) with the locals while soaking up the placid ambiance that surrounds this magnificent part f the world. A country alter with fascinating agriculture, tradition and customs, but above all an ethos that life is in that respect to be enjoyed with friends and family, sets Paraguay apart. The business ordain begin its trial offering to supranational tourism to Paraguay and neighboring Brazil. Two separate business units will put up to deuce different markets, firstly banquet Tours Catering to 18 to 39 year old adventure party runers or Experience Seekers.In order to cement its position as the carnival leader, Fiesta Tours (translated to Party Tours) will launch with its signature tour, Carnival in Brazil and Paraguay Incarnation. Carnival lenify runs between December and February each year. During summer months (peak season) Fiesta Tours will focus on showcasing the best fun filled events and local must master sights in Brazil (ROI De Jeanine) and Paraguay. Stu dies set out to discover how travelers think and disembodied spirit to determine personal factors that ultimately influence their travel decisions.The rudimentary necessitys of the Fiesta Tours target market atomic number 18 Authentic cultural experiences Social interactions shock and interacting with the locals Experiencing something different from their normal day-to-day life Understanding ND scholarship about different lifestyles and cultures Participating in the lifestyle and experiencing it rather than sight it Challenging themselves physically, emotionally and/or mentally Visiting authentic destinations that ar not necessarily part of the tourist route Exposure to fantastic and compelling experiences Fiesta Tours will safely introduce travelers to the night-life and daytime wonders gettable in Brazil and Paraguay, essentially the experiences these dealkers set out to enjoy. Already suppuration in popularity with young Australian tourists, Brazil (well now for its carnival and beaches) will receive extra attention when the eyes of the world are resolute to two major sporting events, the 2014 FIFE World Cup and in 2016 for the surpassing Games. The state government of ROI De Jeanine estimates that investments from 2010 through and through to 2016 will reach IIS$50 one million million for construction of sports and transportation infrastructure, public security, education and training, and so onThe projected focus on Brazil and neighboring countries present an opportunity to capitalist on the change magnitude tourist numbers from Australia and abroad. However, sots gravely, it offers Paraguay, as the previously undiscovered, must see activities, the cultural aspect will be fulfilled through charming Trade tourism. Fair Trade tourism as a exceptional kind of responsible tourism in which it is the traveler who gets near the culture and people of the place and tries to get in touch with them, instead of doing it the other way round having e very person involved in tourism conform to western uses (27) Supporting these endeavors provide depth and a direct of real fulfillment, the chance to defy something back Paraguayans &038 BrazilianParaguayans and Brazilian will cater to the semi mature age market. These population changes dumbfound created the pleasure travel market for the elderly. This mature age market is, on average transgress educated, more affluent and has greater expectations than the generation before them and forms a large and influential market sector. According to Economist Intelligence Unit (XIII) seek Report, the relative importance of senior citizens and the change magnitude incidence of travel by this age category is partially a result of increasing disbursal power, which is often senior higher Han other age categories. Improved pecuniary position and spending power arise from a variety of factors.These overwhelm (11) -most promising to inherit from parents or relatives -children will take on left home relieving financial strains -relatively small or no outstanding mortgages -their capital in quality can be released and -they may have considerable savings, maturing endowment policies Seniors will be the demographic discovery of this decade for two reasons. First, they are spacious in number. Secondly, their lifestyles are remarkably different from those of previous generations. With no models to deport them, the independent elderly are making new choices about how they want to live during a prolonged retirement (12). Events to cater to this target market to take Shopping events &038 local food Visiting historical places or museums Attending cultural events or festivals Outdoor activities &038 relaxation Market abstract Paraguay Population As of July 2011, 6. 459 Million Birth Rate 2011, 23. 5 evolution rate 2011, 1. 84% Paraguayan population is distributed unevenly through the country. nearly 56% of Paraguayans live in urban areas Age structure 15-64 historic period 65. % (male 2,121 ,632/female 65 old age and over 6. 1% (male 183,440/female 211,663) (2011 est.. ) (3) gender splits Sex ratio at birth 1. 05 male(s)/female Under 15 years 1. 03 male(s)/female 15-64 years 1. 01 male(s)/female 65 years and over 0. 86 male(s)/female Total population 1. 01 male(s)/female (2011 est.. ) (5) Ethnicity/race messiest 95%, Religions Roman Catholic 90%, Mennonite, other Protestant 10% Brazil population July 1, 2011 Birth rate 17. 79 births/1,OHO population (2011 est.. ) (6) Population growth rate 1 . 134% (2011 est.. Population distribution in Brazil is very uneven. The majority of Brazilian live within 300 kilometers of the coast, while the inside in the Amazon Basin is almost empty. at that placefore, the densely populated areas are on the coast and the sparsely populated areas are in the interior. 0-14 years 26. 7% (male 15-64 years 66. 8% (male 65 years and over 6. 4% (male 758,082) (2009 est.. ) Ethnic groups The minority ethnic groups in Bra zil are various non-assimilated indigenous tribes comprising less than 1% of the population, who live in officially delimited reservations and either avoid contact with other peoples, or call separate kindly and political communities.The rest of the population can be considered a single Brazilian ethnic group, with highly varied racial types and backgrounds, but without clear ethnic sub-divisions. By skin color, or race, the 2008 PANDA gives 48. 43% White, 43. 80% Multiracial, 6. 84% Black, 0. 58% Stan, 0. 28% Meridian, 0. 07% undeclared (7) 2011 was a year of dramatic and unforeseen events that impacted on world travel and tourism. The protests, conflicts and revolutions in Arab countries at the start of the year, the tsunami and nuclear adventure in Japan, the rezone debt crisis, and lattice and sparingal drama in Greece and then Italy, were but the most prominent in a long series of disruptive events around the world.In response, more than eight million travelers switched destinations, preferring to visit safer countries, and could not be enticed back with dumping footings, Freight told Pisa participants (13) Despite this difficult political and economic environment, the worldwide travel industry succeeded in growing well in 2011. According to Pips World Travel Monitor, the total number of trips will increment by 3% to 6. 6 billion this year, based on figures or the year to date and PICK estimates. Outbound ( world(prenominal)) trips will increase by 5% to 980 million (14) Europeans traveled strongly in 2011 despite crises and catastrophes in destinations around the world. Outbound trips increased by 4% and thus exceeded expectations of alone 1-2% growth this year.More moderate growth of 2-3% is forecast for 2012 due to the uncertain scout (15) Amid the economic uncertainty in Europe and the USA, Asia continues to be one of the key drivers of the world economy. The outlook for Asian travel undermentioned year is excessively very positive, gib e to the Asian Travel Monitor. Asked about their travel intentions for 2012, a high 32% of survey respondents verbalise they would travel more in 2012 than in 2011, while 37% project similar levels and only 19% want to reduce their travel (16) Travel trends in the Americas in 2011 have been a story of two halves and this is likely to continue in 2012, experts said at the 19th World Travel Monitor Forum in Pisa.South America is showing strong double-digit growth for both outbound and inward travel. Consumers from the region are continuing to travel strongly as local economies remain on the growth path, and the region is also welcoming more international suitors this year (17) Outbound travel from the USA showed zero growth over the first eight months of this year and the outlook for 2012 is also weak, according to the American Travel Monitor trend survey. Only 23% of Americans plan more international travel next year, 26% about the same, 28% plan to travel less and a high 23% do no t plan any international travel in 2012 As a result, the PICK Travel Confidence Indicator for the USA next year is only at 98 points.At the same time, the relative price of outbound travel has declined through an appreciating Australian dollar (against many destinations) and changes in aviation business models, resulting in increased deliver through demoralize cost air capacity (23) Financial Analysis One sop up of the population lives in poverty. Most of the countrys land is concentrated in the reach of unsloped a few. Corruption is believed to be rampant. Unemployment fell to 6. 9% in 2010 and will continue to drop in 2011. A drawback is that nearly two-thirds of all workers have only a primary education or less. intimately 20% of all households live in entire poverty (8) Paraguay has a small tourism industry. Total tourism receipts declined annually from 2000 through 2002. In 2003 Paraguayan hotel occupancy rate was 38 percent. It increased by 15 percent in 2004. Small gai ns in tourism have come from business rather than leisure travelers.For many years, Paraguay served as a central market for traceable, duty-free solids. However, crackdowns by the governments of Brazil and Argentina have stemmed the flow of shoppers traveling to Paraguay looking for traceable items (10). The most important component of the Paraguayan economy is the farming sector, which contributed 27% to GAP in 2006. Paraguay relies almost solely on hydroelectric power to meet its faculty needs its mobile network is advanced with roaming agreements present with neighboring countries. Braziers economic growth has led to an overall increase in living standards. However, close to 16 million people still live in extreme poverty, defined as having 70 eels ($44, EYE) or less a month.Average periodic salaries have risen to 1. 2% in February to a record high 1,699. 70 Brazilian real ($932. 67), up from 1,679. 93 real in January and 1,627. 51 real in February 2011, the BEG said. Unemplo yment climbed to 5. 7% in February compared with 5. 5% in January, the Brazilian Institute for Geography and Statistics, or BEG (9) The size of it of Braziers workforce was estimated to be around 102 million in 2008. Principal industries include Automobile, petrochemicals, machinery, electronics, cement and construction, aircraft, textiles, DOD and beverages, mining, consumer durables and tourism. ROI De Jeanine and S&1043o Paulo are the two main airports in Brazil.They also service domestic flights from major South American cities. The two Brazilian national airlines Varian and TAM rail run link Brazil with Argentina, Bolivia and Chile, distances are long and the trains are not specially pleasant. Bus services are plentiful with many services fetching you to neighboring South American countries. Mobile phone networks are still and good reception is found throughout Brazil. Brazil has a good g data cellular network. Channel Analysis The travel distribution system covers all t he channels through which an international traveler can buy our services. Other than approaching our business directly, international travelers may keep our products as follows.Australian travel agent or online retail agent conduce to our web post Wholesaler/online wholesaler/LTO The travel distribution system has traditionally been very structured with clearly defined functions for each role in the supply chain. However, online technology and company mergers have transformed the tourism industry with an increasing amount f crossover in the roles and functions of various sectors of the distribution system. Businesses are engaging a mix of distribution partners to ensure the most hard-hitting way of reaching their target consumers. Paraguayans and Brazilian with its demographic of baby boomers are generally less lucre save. y as Gene or Gene, as such, distribution, while still maintaining an online presence, will focus on partnerships with traditional retail travel agents.The ben efit here is the added layer of trust, security and ease with the hardihood to face transaction, something which online purchases often lack. Distribution structure includes inward Tour Operators (TO) Inbound tour operators are an important channel partner providing itinerary intend and product selection, coordinating the reservation, confirmation and payment of travel arrangements on behalf of overseas (non Australian) clients. Located in Australia, international retail travel agents (are the link to the international consumer) and wholesalers based overseas. As the traditional distribution system evolves it is important to examine the structure of the companies that one works with and their relationships with other organizations.Advantages of working with an TIT include the following Regular business from a number of markets Extensive noesis of international consumer needs Access to international travel partners Payment in Australian currency Online Travel Agents Online trave l agents deal directly with the consumer, on that point are no intermediaries. Escape Travel. Paraguayans, Brazilian &038 Officiators Company website Full conceptive site ready for online payments, live chat facilities, youth testimonial videos etc. Cultural Analysis Paraguay people largely follow Catholic Christianity, although on that point are certain sections that practice Protestantism and Mennonite belief systems. The migration rate is low, and the rate of literacy is instead high. The people in Paraguay maintain a healthy sex ratio, and the health index is encouraging. Spanish is the official language of Paraguay, although Guarani continues to be spoken in certain quarters.The people of Paraguay rigorously maintain their indigenous cultural and social structures despite an overarching influence of Christianity. Known for their hospitality and commitment towards their freedom and racial pride, Paraguayans have implicated the researches and the visitors for over the ages (24) Brazilian people S&1043o Paulo is a melting pot. There is no better definition for it. There is a large Japanese community in the state in addition to a little of everything else also Italians, Arabs, Spanish, Portuguese and Jews to name Just a few. Walking on the streets of S&1043o Paulo is an amazing answer in guessing peoples ethnic heritage. This highly mixed people created a rich diverse culture.From the Caperer, a kind of martial art created by the African slaves and very popular in northeast Brazil, to the Brazilian recitation of the German Octobers in Blumenthal, in the state of Santa Catalina. The variety is in the architecture, music, cuisine and even dress codes (25) Digital advertising Search Engine optimisation increase likelihood that the target market searching for key delivery associated with their holiday information gathering phase find our website. Online advertising with the use of banner ads Social networking and user generated content Increase the likelihood of viral advertising. Focus highly on the backbone phenomenon. Generating as many fans as possible, likes and drive traffic to the website.Videos and podiatrist Painting picture for those interested in participating in our programs, Youth etc Mobile phone optimizing our site for phone and android Email database Take advantage of the the tourism e-kit designed by tourism Australia to assist tourism operators to make the most of opportunities the internet provides. They have developed a series of simple tutorials to quickly give operators the skills and knowledge to be internet ready. Www. Data. Com. AU/tourism_e_kit. Asp Brochure Distributed to change shows and travel agencies Public Relations and the Media Generating positive publicity is a decisive component in establishing and maintaining

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Term paper of Bill of rights

Two further constitutions were drafted and adopted during wo casual war-time governments, by the revolutionary forces during the Philippine Revolution with Emilio Aguinaldo as President and by the occupation forces during the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines during World War II with Jos P. laurel wreath as President. Article Ill Bill of Rights consists of 22 Sections. The objective of this wallpaper is to determine the significance of having this Bill of Rights to our country and to identify by the mint the grandeur of knowing the Bill of Rights in each of everyone surrounded by this fairness.A tear of rights is a list of the most important rights to the citizens of a country. The design of these bills is to protect those rights against infringement. The term bill of rights originates from england . The solve of a Bill of Rights is to soak up certain subjects from the vicissitudes of political controversy, to place them beyond the reach of majorities and officials and to establish them as wakeless principles to be applied by the courts. The Bill of Rights ? How m whatsoever rights do you have?You should check, because it might non be as many right away as it was a few years ago, or even a few months ago. Some tidy sum I talk to ar not concerned that police will execute a search ensure without nocking or that they set up roadblocks and stop and interrogate innocent citizens. They do not regard these as great infringements on their rights. But when you send latest events together, there is information that whitethorn be surprising to masses who have not yet been concerned The amount of the Bill of Rights that is infra attack is alarming. What about the meaning of Rights ? re legal, social, or ethical principles of granting immunity orentitlement that is, rights ar the fundamental normative rules about what is allowed of state or owed to people, concord to some legal system, social convention, or ethical theory. Rights are of intrin sic importance in such disciplines as law and ethics , in particular theories of Justice and deontology. Rights are often considered fundamental to civilization, being regarded as complete pillars of society andculture and the history of social conflicts can be found in the history of each right and its development.According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, rights structure the form of governments, the subject field of laws, and the shape of morality as it is currently perceived. The connection between rights they are fought for and claimed, and the essence of struggles past and ancient are ncoded in the spirit of current concepts of rights and their modern formulation. Filipino Citizen must know the things they could legally do and the limit point on their acts. It is also themselves who will benefit if they would know their own rights and privilages .The importance of the study is to tell the purpose of the article 3 of the Philippine arrangement which is the bill of rights . The study aims to give you imformation from the section under bill of rights. The acquire focuses on the Freedom and Protection that the government offers to the citizen and the benefits they would get with respect to the bill of rights and its ection. Article Ill. Bill of Rights Section 1 . No individual shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall any individual be denied the equal protection of the laws.Section 2. The right of the people to be determine in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against un debateable searches and seizures of whatever nature and for any purpose shall be inviolable, and no search warrant or warrant of taking into custody shall issue omit upon probable cause to be determined in person by the Judge after examination under oath or affirmation of the complainant and the witnesses he may roduce, and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized. Sect ion 3. 1) The privacy of communication and correspondence shall be inviolable except upon lawful order of the court, or when creation rubber eraser or order requires otherwise as prescribed by law. (2) whatever raise obtained in violation of this or the preceding section shall be inadmissible for any purpose in any proceeding. Section 4. No law shall be passed abridging the clean-handeddom of speech, of expression, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances. Section 5.No law shall be made respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free good example thereof. The free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or preference, shall invariably be allowed. No religious test shall be required for the exercise of civil or political rights. Section 6. The liberty of abode and of changing the same within the limits prescribed by law shall not be impair ed except upon lawful order of the court. Neither shall the right to die be impaired except in the interest of national security, mankind safety, or ublic health, as may be provided by law.Section 7. The right of the people to information on matters of public concern shall official acts, transactions, or decisions, as soundly as to government research data employ as basis for policy development, shall be afforded the citizen, subject to such limitations as may be provided by law. Section 8. The right of the people, including those employed in the public and private sectors, to form unions, associations, or societies for purposes not contrary to law shall not be abridged. Section 9. Private property shall not be interpreted for public use without Just compensation. Section 10.No law impairing the obligation of contracts shall be passed. Section 1 1 . Free access to the courts and quasi-Judicial bodies and adequate legal assistance shall not be denied to any person by reason of po verty. Section 12. (1) Any person under investigation for the commission of an plague shall have the right to be informed of his right to remain soundless and to have competent and independent counsel preferably of his own choice. If the person cannot afford the services of counsel, he must be provided with one. These rights cannot be waived except in writing and in the presence of counsel. ) No torture, force, violence, threat, intimidation, or any other means which vitiate the free will shall be used against him. Secret detention places, solitary, incommunicado, or other similar forms of detention are prohibited. (3) Any confession or admission obtained in violation of this or Section 17 hereof shall be inadmissible in evidence against him. (4) The law shall provide for penal and civil sanctions for violations of this section as well as compensation to the rehabilitation of victims of torture or similar practices, and their families.

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Plato, Descartes, and The Matrix Essay

The Matrix movie had many an(prenominal) similarities with the readings from Plato and Descartes. All trey discussed the scenario in which earthly concern was discovered to be a non- veracity. Specific each(prenominal)y, in The Matrix, actuality that was undergo by multitudes of people is actually a figurer disguise called The Matrix. This is actually a deviation from the Plato and Descartes readings in that computers were not mentioned or available at the time of those writings. Plato (380 BC) babble outs of people having their legs and necks fettered from childhood, eon a source of the restraint is not specifically mentioned, it is most surely a physical restraint as opposed to the material, computer generated reality as described in The Matrix movie. Descartes was the only one of the tierce situations that contemplated God in the various reality verses truth contemplations. Plato speaks to the initial offend of discovering that known reality is actually a lie and goes o n to speak of the resulting repercussions of this discoin truth.The denial of the true reality is so tangible that the people in the described scenario would rather think that the lie was real than to believe and remove what they were actually experiencing. In The Matrix movie (1999) Morpheus asks Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? Similarly, Descartes (1641) also contemplates how often he dreamt that he was in familiar circumstances, dressed and by a fire, only to finish that he was undressed and lying in bed. Plato, Descartes, and The Matrix are all similar in that they consider people living in a world that they discover is not real and that they exist in comprehend delusions that produce resulting anti-realities.The Matrix movie is parallel to the Descartes reading in that they two examine our senses as sources of realities. Descartes contemplates how our senses occasionally mislead us whereas The Matrix describes a continual sensual overhau l which is controlling our mind and ultimate realities piece of music our bodies lay dormant. In The Matrix movie Neo never expresses merriment over his liberation from the computer program but he does disembodied spirit the need to liberate those still living under the control of the computer program. In contrast, the Plato reading describes and expresses a feeling of joy that would be lived after emerging from the controlled reality. Can we uprise the world we are experiencing is real?In order to contemplate how we know that our current state of world is real we must first decide what real is to us. What is reality? In my opinion, reality is what we see, hear, smell, feel and taste in the present. Reality is what is occurring to us correctly now, this very second. Is what is happening to us, the world we are experiencing, real and scum bag we prove that it is real? How do we know we are not dreaming? It has been my experience that dreams do not produce anything but thought s and visions. I do not feel, taste or smell while dreaming. Therefore I can prove that the world I am currently experiencing, while I type this essay, is real because I can feel the keyboard that I am typing on and I can taste and smell the deep brown that I am drinking.Which is fail the bitterness of reality or the ignorance is satisfaction of illusion? In my opinion, the harshness of reality is a far better state than the ignorance is bliss illusion. I believe this to be true because I believe that true depth of character cannot be achieved without experiencing the full harshness of reality. How can our intellects and philosophies be explored without experiencing the full mark of life events? If you lived your life in ignorance then the world you experienced would skew the thoughts you pondered while excluding the full range of contemplations, restricting them to a bliss-filled reality. With intelligence comes a plethora of knowledge, both practiced and bad.ConclusionIn con clusion, through the viewing of The Matrix and the reading of both Plato and Descartes, we can see that all three bring to mind many philosophical questions related to actual and perceived reality. Obviously, it is very fascinating to calculate a world where alternative and controlled realities are possible and even very real. The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction and, in my opinion, The Matrix and the thoughts contemplated by Plato and Descartes are just stories that will never be reality. I believe that my Christian worldview is such that would prevent me from ever believing any different. enchantment all of the situations explored were interesting, they will remain, in my mind, fantasies.ReferencesPlato. (380 BC). The Allegory of the Cave. In The Republic (Book VII, 514A1 518D8). Descartes, R. (1641). guess I of The Things of Which We May Doubt. In Meditations on First Philosophy. Wachowski, Andy, and Lana Wachowski. The Matrix. Directed by Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski. Los Angeles Warner Bros. Pictures, 1999.

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Audio Visual Technology Essay

When it comes to distance discipline in pose school, some whitethorn think that it is irrelevant for children to go over outside of the classroom. Personally, I believe that distance education is great at every level of school. In middle school, it would be appropriate for schoolchilds to amaze distance education, by requiring your class to log into a class call down room on the weekend, or at a particular clock time after the normal class hours and discussing the lesson for the day or the week.Also, as the instructor, you depose post a topic on a personalized blog, and open(a) it to your student to leave their opinion, or answer certain questions on the blog. These methods, in my opinion, argon beneficial for students to explore the many contrasting technologies readily available to them. With every benefit, there can be some boundarys. One limitation concerning distance erudition is the fact that if a problem was to arise or occur, the teacher would not physically be there to assist and contribute the student.A situation like this could result in the student lacking(p) out on the assignment or lecture and possibly earning a failing grade. I believe that distance learning is appropriate for middle school students beca ingestion it teaches them the importance of responsibility. It abandons children to think responsibly and complete work on their own without the direct guidance of their teacher. point 2. The nub is the teaching, attitude, skill, or scheme that we deliver to the students in the classroom. The medium is the tool apply in communicating information to the students in your classroom.The method is the way of getting the cognitive content crossways to the students. The message is what is given by the instructor, for someone else, typically the students in your classroom to learn. This message can include words, actions, and in many cases, signals. The message is important in the learning environment because it is what ineluctab ly to be taught to your students. Teachers must fox sure that the message is refined, focusing and compelling to the different types of learners in the classroom. Also, the message must be appropriate for the specific age group of students in your classroom.Using multimedia system in your classroom in beneficial because it keeps the sake of the students in your class, as well as it motivates them to become discovery learners. When a teacher uses different types of multimedia in the classroom, it helps to reach the different types of learners that may be in the class. In order for the students to truly understand the information that is being relayed, the method in which it is delivered must be engaging and needs to revolve around the way that the students learn best. For example, some of the students in your classroom may be visual learner, while others may be auditory learners.In order for you to in effect get your message across for the lesson that you be teaching, you may wan t to baffle the class with a power prognosticate video dis coquette which also has voices and sounds incorporated. Also, another way may be to present the class with an cultureal video in order to get the message across. The 3Ms are very important when instructing your class because it ensures that your students are effectively gaining and taste the friendship that you are communication to them. Question 3. In like a shots society, engineering and the different types of media are forever evolving.The incorporation of technology is very important in education, in my opinion, because it motivates students to learn, and engages the student with the lesson that is being taught. engineering and media can be a resource to facilitate instructional strategies in many different ways. For example, a teacher may require her students to use a computer to browse the internet for research on a class project. Another way that technology and media can be used to facilitate instructional stra tegies is by allowing the student to take notes from a presentation through power point, instead of traditionally taking notes from the black board. almost instructors may have their class view a video on YouTube, in order to give the class a better understanding of a particular subject. These different ways of facilitating instructional strategies are important, in my opinion because they go out help students in the classroom with different learning styles to fully understand the information and instruction that is being delivered by the teacher. Question 6. An instructional setting in which I would implement the use of multimedia would be inside of my kindergarten classroom.In order to get my class watchful for a very special trip to the National Aquarium in Downtown Baltimore, MD, I would, first create a weekly lesson visualise for my five and six year old students. The daily lesson plans would review the different trigger-happy life that could be found at the aquarium. I wou ld allow the students to view videos online of the different habitats the animals and mammals live in. This will give my students the understanding that the animals are not originally from the aquarium, but in fact from different wild life around the world.Also, I would allow the student so play different computer games which would help them to gain better knowledge of the animals they will view at the aquarium. By playing different computer game, the student will learning about different animals and mammals while having fun playing computer games that they are familiar with. Another form of technology that I would implement in my kindergarten class would be different interactive transparencies, in which the class as a whole can view, identify, and label together.For example, the instruction might include the student matching the cover mammal with the correct habitat. Before the actual trip would have even taken place, the students in my kindergarten class would have met the initi al objective, which in this case, would be the understanding and the gaining of knowledge of the different animals and mammals in different habitats around the world. My reason for choosing the types of media list is tardily accessible by me the teacher, and it is already familiar to the student in my kindergarten class.

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Identify Risk, Threats, and Vulnerabilities

Some risks that I meet identify ar social engineering techniques due to the excessive deposit given to messages coming from friends, contacts or followed people within the OSN(Online-Social Network) identity thieving and information leaking furthermore, spam sending and malware distribution with Social Networks are increasing at an incredible pace. They are not the only threats. deep down the World Wide Web, social network is becoming the favorite buttocks for cybercriminals. This Attention requires an intensive focusing of web security efforts and m peerlessy the or so significant threats along with the common vulnerabilities exploited. Sensitive attribute inference through machine learning algorithms it is possible to infer sensitive entropy from peerless user. Collecting data from users contacts and experimented attacker can previse some not explicit data. For example, if all the friends of one user die to one political party, it is safe to predict that the user has th e same political tendencies. Excessive exposition of snobby data inadequate privacy contour line settings may lead to publishing sensitive information.Some of the threats are private data management is a key feature that I turn over found inside of social networks. Digital dossier building- Everyone can collect promulgated information through different OSN about one user and selection a complete dossier about it, Secondary Data Collection users may grant the plan secondary information (such as IP address, contacts list, messages or visited pages) Re-identification in spite of using fashion data to register on a Social Network it is feasible to associate users shared data (such as text, photos, and videos) with real names or e-mail directions.Vulnerabilities associated with OSN it is obstruction to completely remove all user information when deleting an account. When users try to go forth a Social Network, license agreement clauses appear rights that are transferred to the pl atform when the content is uploaded. Thus if one would like to remove there uploaded material, it would pick up that the only way to do so is by deleting the videos or photos one by one manually another picture would be indistinct authentication method on the internet are one of the most important vulnerabilities that web environments have nowadays.The conclave of user-name and password is commonly apply by the user who seeks easy-to-remember login details (such as short user-name and passwords, passwords with no combination of numbers and letters same username and password for several domains) another vulnerability is non-validation of users data during registration process. Most of the OSN do not use a validation process during new users registration. Unfortunately, just checking a valid email address, the preferred validation requirements, is not an adequate method, which leads to proliferation of fake populating the network.In conclusion On-line social networks represent on e of the brave and most important internet services most of the enterprises hesitate to compound OSN into their business model, this new phenomenon cannot be ignored, but neither can be adopted without knowing the risks account when attempting to protect users and systems. I have identified the risk, the threats that compromise them and noted the vulnerabilities exploited by those threats.

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Fiction in Henry James “Paste”

Fiction in total heat crowds Paste Table of Contents 1. Introduction3 2. American Modernism4 3. Henry throng (1843-1916)5 4. Paste8 5. Fiction in Henry pack10 6. Paste compend12 6. final stage14 7. Bibliography15 1. Introduction In my marches paper I pull up stakes primarily discuss Henry mob and his poor report card Paste. Firstly, I will focus on the beat he wrote the loony in like mannerns and than I will describe his invigoration and his terce major writing phrases.Next, I will go on with grownup the most cardinal of the story touching the most important draw a bead on of its sources and who influenced jam to such a work. The next section in the see paper is one of the most important ones because it touches whole the most important things tie ined with fable in mobs short story which will be a guide towards the analysis of Paste. In the analysis I will examine the narrative techniques and I will connect the discourse with the story. Finally, the term pap er ends with an conclusion summing up all the sexual congress points. 2.American Modernism The large cultural wave of Modernism, which gradually emerged in Europe and the United States in the early years of the 20th century, verbalized a sense of modern intent through art as a sharp break from the past, as well as from westward civilizations classical traditions. Modern life seemed radically different from traditional life &8212 more scientific, faster, more technological, and more mechanized. Modernism embraced these changes. Technological innovation in the world of factories and machines inspired new attentiveness to technique in the arts.To government issue one example Light, particularly electrical light, fascinated modern artists and writers. Posters and advertisements of the stage atomic number 18 full of images of floodlit skyscrapers and light rays shooting proscribed from simple machine headlights, moviehouses, and watchtowers to illumine a forbidding outer darknes s suggesting ignorance and old-fashioned tradition. The focus the story was told became as important as the story itself. Form and mental synthesis became more important than content. Henry jam, William Faulkner, and m each other American writers experimented with fictionalisational points of view.Vision and viewpoint became an essential aspect of the modernist novel as well. No longer was it sufficient to write a straightforward third-person narrative or (worse yet) use a pointlessly intrusive narrator. The way the story was told became as important as the story itself. 3. Henry jam (1843-1916) pic Life Henry James was born in unfermented York City into a stiff family. His father, Henry James Sr. , was one of the best-known intellectuals in mid-nineteenth-century America, whose friends include Thoreau, Emerson and Hawthorne. In his youth James traveled back and forth among Europe and America.From an early age James had read the classics of side of meat, American, French a nd German literature, and Russian classics in translation. He studied with tutors in Geneva, London, Paris, Bologna and Bonn. At the age of nineteen he briefly attended Harvard Law School, moreover was more interested in literature than studying law. James promulgated his counterbalance short story, A Tragedy of Errors two years posterior, and hence devoted himself to literature. In 1866-69 and 1871-72 he was contri thator to the Nation and Atlantic periodic where his first novel, Watch and Ward (1871) was published. James wrote it objet dart he was locomotion through Venice and Paris.After living in Paris, where James was contri howeveror to the parvenu York Tribune, he moved to England, living first in London and whence in Rye, Sussex. During his first years in Europe James wrote novels that represent Americans living abroad. Jamess years in England were uneventful. In 1905 he visited America for the first time in twenty-five year, and wrote Jolly Corner. It was based on his observations of fresh York, but similarly a nightm are of a man, who is haunted by a doppelganger. Between 1906 and 1910 James revised many of his rehearsals and novels for the so-called unseasoned York Edition of his complete works. It was published by Charles Scribners Sons.His autobiography, A small male child and others (1913) was continued in Notes of a son and brother (1914). The third volume, The pose years, appeared posthumously in 1917. The outbreak of World War I was a shock for James and in 1915 he became a British citizen as a loyalty to his adopted country and in protest against the USs refusal to visualise the war. James suffered a stroke on December 2, 1915. He evaluate to die and exclaimed So this is it at last, the distinguished thing However, James died tercet months later in Rye on February 28, 1916. Two novels, The Ivory chromatography column and The sense of the past(1917), were left unfinished at his death.Jamess three writing phases after his Bi ographer Leon Edel Jamess first, or multinational, phase encompassed such works as Transatlantic Sketches (travel pieces, 1875), The American (1877), Daisy Miller (1879), and a dominatepiece, The Portrait of a lady (1881). Jamess second period was experimental. He exploited new subject matters &8212 feminist movement and hearty reform in The Bostonians (1886) and political intrigue in The Princess Casamassima (1885). He also attempted to write for the theater, but failed embarrassingly when his play guy wire Domville (1895) was booed on the first night. In his third, or major, phase James eturned to international subjects, but litigateed them with increasing sophistication and psychological penetration. The complex and nearly mythical The Wings of the Dove (1902), The Ambassadors (1903) (which James entangle was his best novel), and The well-heeled Bowl (1904) date from this major period. In James, only self-awareness and clear wisdom of others yields wisdom and self-sacr ificing love. Characteristic for James novels are recogniseing and sensitively drawn lady portraits James himself was a homosexual, but sensitive to canonical sexual differences and the fact that he was a male.His main themes were the innocence of the sore World in conflict with corruption and wisdom of the Old. In Jamess later works, the most important events are all psychological &8212 usually moments of glowing illumination that show characters their previous blindness. Apart from writing fiction, James make important contributions to the genre of literary theories, especially through his famous essay, The craft of Fiction, 1884. g. In his early critics James considered British and American novels dull and shapeless and French fiction intolerably unclean. M.Zola is magnificent, but he strikes an English reader as ignorant he has an air of working in the dark if he had as much light as energy, his results would be of the highest value. (from The Art of Fiction) 4. Paste Two weeks after his fathers death Arthur thrill doze off also his stepmother, an former actress Miss Bradshaw. After his stepmothers funeral Arthur told his cousin Charlotte to select and propose some of the jewelry her aunt left. Charlotte selected a pearl necklace which seemed to her as real. Arthur felt deeply insulted with the thought that they were real and the way his stepmother as an actress could got such pearls.Charlotte apologizes and agrees with Arthur that they are paste and takes them s back to Bleet where she worked as governess. Once at a party, Mrs. kat noticed the pearls, recognizes them as genuine and with Charlottes approval wears the string at the party. When Charlotte noticed that everybody at the party assumed they were real she insisted at the mood to return them to her cousine Arthur who still pretends to believe that they were pasteand later writes to her that he smashed them to disgrace any false slur upon his family.Later however, Charlotte sees Mrs. Guz wearing a better-looking pearl string. She explained to Charlotte she bought it from a regarder to whom Arthur sold them. Charlotte was disappointed how her cousin could be so deceitful. The origin of Paste is rather more expressible, since it was to consist but of the ingenious thought of transposing the terms of one of Guy de Maupassants admirable stories.The story originated from the idea of reversing the situation of de Maupassants La Parure, in which a purportedly genuine necklace is found to be false, by centering the action on a string of perals, thought to worthless but proved to be real. In La Parure a poor young woman, under social stress, the need of making an appearance on an important occasion, borrows from an old schooldays friend, not much richer than herself, a pearl necklace which she has the appalling misfortune to lose by some mischance never afterwards cleared up.Her life and her pride, as well as her husbands with them, become subject, from the hour of t he awful accident, to the buyback of their debt which, effort by effort, sacrifice by sacrifice, excuses, a rage of desperate explanation of their failure to restore the missing object, they finally obliterateall to find that their whole sense and life run through been convulsed, that the pearls were an imitation and that their ablaze apology has ruined them for nothing.According to Henry James and his theory of fiction Guy de Mauppasant holds that we fill no universal measure of the truth and that in that location are many different classes of fiction which help us to understand that the particular way we see the world is our particular illusion or so it. 5. Fiction in Paste and Henry James Henry Jamess conception of writing fiction is defined in these haggle A novel is, in its broadest definition, a personal, a direct printing process of life, that, to light with, constitutes its value, which is greater or less according to the intensity of the impression. save there wi ll be no intensity at all, and therefore, no value, unless there is freedom to feel and say. In his treatment of subject matter, James felt that no aspect of life should be excluded. He state that the province of art is all life, all feeling, all observation, all romance it is all experience. That is a sufficient answer to those who maintain that it must not touch the sad things of life Jamess style of writing is magnificent and his prove is broad encompassing both Europe and America.He is a master of character portrayal and has extensively used the stream of consciousness method acting in his fictional writing. Julie Rivkin explains the term as a radiating bright intelligence which integrated the felt life into fiction. Perhaps more than any previous writer, James refined the technique of narrating a novel from the point of view of a character, thereby laying the foundations of modern stream of consciousness fiction. Henry James produced one hundred and twelve stories and m ajority of them have been ignored or dismissed as a tributary to the mainstream of his novels.James creative energies were devoted equally into his novels, essays and his short stories, which means that also the stories merit critical research as his novels or essays. James wrote about Guy de Maupassant that he will be remembered because of his more than hundred tales he wrote and not on his half a dozen novels meaning probably that he wanted to state that his whish would be to remember him himself also because of his novels and his short stories. 6. Paste analysis Henry James is grappling with the idea of retentivity the story under 7,000 words.Part of this struggle develops from his idea seemingly having too much to say, but the notebook entry also leans towards the difficulty of universe able to create a diverse enough idea to really have a story within this space. James seems to be attempting to begin answering what is the short story but to do anything worth while with it I must be very clear as to what it is in it and what I wish to get out of it. It must be a picture it must illustrate something. This also refers back to that that the writer inevitably to avoid a simple summary of events and the reader must visit a story within the sketch structure.Within James commentary of the story he intends to work on, he places a great deal of emphasis on contrast to relay his story. Paste is one of the fewer tales in which James successfully approaches Maupassants technique, allowing the objective action of the tale to reveal all its characters and values. The plot is swiftly set in motion, on the day of his stepmothers funeral , Arthur allows his cousin Charlotte to take one peace of stage jewelry, she picks out some paste pearls which she honorably returns to Arthur when she founds out they are real.Arthur being a prudish stepson is greedy enough to sell the pearls , while he wrote her cousin he destroyed them. As so often in this tales, the nonrecr eational virtuous are exposed as utterly fraudulent and the mightily people as Charlotte as selfless fools. Only Mrs. Guy which with her name remembers us on Guy de Maupassant is one of Jamess illimitable versions of the Madame Merle- type competent wordly woman with an innocent look and a hearty authority manages to a short while to win the readers thoughts.Paste is told by an omniscient third-person narrator, who refrains from judging the characters or their actions. The narrator does have access to the characters thoughts, but for the most part, the narrator simply describes the events of the story, leaving it up to the reader to determine the nature of the characters through their actions. Most of all, the narrator is come to with Charlotte Prime. The moral dimension is most obvious in what appears to be Jamess confident insistence on the reality of moral evil, move by egoism and by self-sacriface, especially sacrifice of own happiness.Charlotte insisted on the problem of s acrifice and she does not act for her own good, she wants to be reasonably and returns the pearls to her greedy cousin and when she founds out that he sold them she asks her self wherefore was she so moral and truthful Jamess characters, especially Charlotte, are presented as they having a very difficult time to simply nerve-racking to understand what they most need to understand- their own and others intentions or motives. The major themes in the story are paste, greed, losing moral values, truth vs. lie.All the themes are machine-accessible with a symbol in the story. Paste meaning the farce which Arthur plays toward his cousin, implying that things are not always what they seem to be. All the themes are connected with regeneration from innocence and naivety to experience. Development of Charlotte Prime in Paste Charlotte Prime is a governess in a little town called Bleet and the role of a governess in Victorian times was not a popular lick in Victorian England. The governes s did not have a social office staff worthy of attention.The problem existed in them that aristocrats and middle-class Victorians were not sure how to treat the governess because she was in many cases also from the same class as they were, but her lack of financial stability made them view her as she were from the impose class. To work as a governess in Victorian times was confirm by the society only if she found herself in financial agony or had no relatives to give her support. From the story it is noticeable that Charlotte Prime was also working as a governess because her bad financial situation 6. ConclusionThe main aim of this research paper was to show how James dealt with fiction in his short stories, especially in Paste. James was fascinated to be challenged with writing short stories. He knew that had to take one single accident and his fiction does not generally lend itself to a close run or its values are diffuse, the structure is often loose, its effects aim on st ock devices and responses. That means that a plot need be no more than a string of stock devices for arousing stock responses of head ache and excitement in the reader. The readers interest may be captured t the outset by the promise of conflicts or mysteries or frustrations that will eventually be resolved, and he will gladlyso fast is his desire to be moved or entertainedsuspend reproval of even the most trite modes of resolution. 7. Bibliography 1. Baldev Vaid, Krishna (1964). Technique in the tales of Henry James. Cambridge HUP pack 2. Gale L. , Robert (1965). Plots and Characters in the Fiction of Henry James. HamdenThe Shoe String 3. Pippin, Robert B. ( 2000). Henry James and modern moral life. Cambridge HUP 4. Putt, S. Gorley (1966). Henry James. A readers Guide. Ithaca, New York Cornell University Press.

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Cleopatra Essay

The 1963 film presents extravagance, opulence. The costumes worn were lucullan and the scene entering Rome portrays not the decadence of her life style, simply that of the film production. Further more than, the 1963 film comp bed to the 1917 film which showed more hieroglyphics on the walls and columns which was the stereotypic deal of ancient egyptian life. The budget of later adaptations would have been a factor. immediately television provides a much easier and cost effective form of production.The opposite considerations for the films and television programs everyplace this period of time is the view of the female in the world as a whole. What difference do we see in the power of the woman Theda Bara at a time when females in the archaeozoic 1900 were campaigning for the vote? When they were taking the main role in factories, and on land in all forms of manufacturing, during the two world wars. We then tot to the first of what can be called the modern women with Elizabeth Taylor.It could be argued that she is how we imagine Cleopatra to be. When you regard at the dvd case and the book of reputations presented to us for the first assignment, are they not the eyes of Elizabeth Taylor? (AA100 Reputations Book). Then on to Xena in which we have a black Cleopatra in the television adaptation, we see the female turn warrior scarcely still very feminine. (AA100 DVD). The view in the 1917 film I smelling shows her as a dippy, demure and in some ways implemental female.As time moves on to the 1960 we see her as a stronger, impellent and intelligent being, but still plays the role to some extent of married woman and mother in mid-20th century society. The 21st century adaptation with Xena has had a great impact throughout the world on our view of Cleopatra. The intent of television and the internet shows the power shift between male and females over the last 100 years in society shifting towards the female. In 1917 and 1963, Cleopatra appeared as a whi te Euro/American.Should she in fact have been contend by somebody from Greece or North Africa? In conclusion to the analogy of Cleopatra over the the last 100 years on film and television, do we see her in a different light? With more info available it would be irresponsible not to take a more measured view of what we have learnt of her. She has changed from the dippy interpretation to the steely-eyed head of state.

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Sigmund Freud’s Psychosexual Theory

Going back to the precedent stages of Sigmund Freuds Psychosexual Theory of Development I have been, I esteem I have been fixated at my Latency Stage during my childlike years because I was not that free to explore things on my own. I do not mix up with my other grade tutor friends back then that much. I didnt even play basketb entirely game with my nearby neighbors thats why until now, I do not hunch forward how to play basketball.I and my siblings used to stay at home all day, all night even our parents were not around. We are not allowed to go out of the neighborhood just to roam around and talk around. peradventure this is the reason why I do not know how to socialise totally with other people, keeps me of not world hooked up with nigh of naughty things and vices. And gets me out of danger and trouble in the way.I think I am a well-rounded person already, regardless of being my unsociable behavior wherein I cant and I take upt easily get involved nor caught up with the jests of my friend and when its my turn, they always find me corny and some sort of out-of-the-world guy. But then, I still thank my parents for raising me up like this. In much(prenominal) a way that its only me and my family can understand apiece other. Its quite selfish though, but I like it that way.

Starting a Business: Musical Instrument Dealership

The Opportunity harmony has bureau to attract al nearly both(prenominal) the heap. In a country corresponding Bangladesh historic everyy people be bulge undecomposed medication for a yen clip. That implies that melodic industry rotter attract only bigger and bigger in the future which should ontogenesis the curb on of the medicamental legal instruments. And with only a few competitors the opportunity in symphonyal instrument franchise and selling medicinal drugal instrument jakes be re aloney capacious. In our research we use up observed that forthwith sidereal days people ar very sucker conscious. Keeping that in mind we argon introducing clairvoyance Guitar for the get-go time in Bangladesh which is a very much re straightwayned discoloration in the whole world.It is a Japanese brand who wanton aways electronic guitars and basses. It is a very step forwardular brand in more countries right now. extrasensory perception is well kn avow for their s tylist guitars and basses. Many popular controversy and metal bands ar using clairvoyance recently and we believe it bequeath be very popular in our country as well because thither atomic number 18 all(prenominal)ow for of rock and metal bands in our country now. We be introducing this new brand because match to our analysis it leave give us a competitive favor over our competitors and it provide overly antitheticaliate our troupe from all the major(ip) players of the industry.Apart from launching ESP in Bangladesh we atomic number 18 in addition fling installment system which should attract more(prenominal)(prenominal) than students who atomic number 18 the main(prenominal) propose customers of our company. With the help of the technical and management team of EBS we ar as well broadening free servicing of the medicational instruments. Overall we earth-closet feel stunned that the opportunity in the music industry is colossal. We believe we di gest trespass this for our benefit. We intend to do that by our creative melodic theme and meeting all the customers extremitys. results and Services Tune and trick allow for sell new and apply musical instruments and accessories.Our primary items allow be electric and acoustic guitars, amplifiers and electronic keyboards, drams and ab step to the fore local instruments cargon harmonium, tobla and flute. In addition we ordain take a leak a full service, on-site enliven and customization part (band instruments, guitars and electronics). Tune and Play testament offer several name brand instruments such as Electric and acoustic guitars by ESP. Bass Guitar rudimentaryboards Pianos Drums Amps Mixer Microph nonp atomic number 18il central processing unit Sound-Card Foot-Pedal Violin Saxophone A very well stocked fol turn of veritable(a)ts oneer department to contri only whene the to a higher place items. In addition to complete repair services forour pr oducts, we bequeath emphasize upgrades and customization items to develop other in add streams our competitors take non considered. When carrying a brand name item conflicts with giving the customer the vanquish all-around value, we lead always pursue the product that best suits our clients interest. trade Analysis Target Market Our main localize customers are musicians who are ready to pay anything for their desired instrument.However within that musician customer,thither arediffe employ segments, ranging from professionals, to semi-professionals, to hobbyists and novices. We intend to target musical novices, hobbyists, and semi-professionals. These groups admit the largest fate of musicians,with the extensiveest amount of disposable income. These grocery segments gouge generally be approached with the same trade techniques, and sack up be very truehearted when do by properly. We are also targeting the students of those schools where Music is offered as a mandatory h uman body to them.Moreover there are many music school are present at capital of Bangladesh, and the numbers are in rise. Reasons for Buying our Product We are the only store in Dhaka who go away offer ESP brand instruments for which musicians have a high use up. We will also offer the novice to semi-professional musician, the convenience of a wide selection, rum offers, undergo and reliable staff, and an educationally-focused community center all in one localisation Again most musicians need support and service. The instruments that we sell stick out be difficult or impossible for end users to service.Potential clients tend to try on stores that keister fulfill these services by means of word of mouth referrals or by using direct shopping experiences. These musicians come back time by and by time if they feel they are get a picturesque deal. Therefore, we will ensure enough numbers of technicians for them always, so that they can take in solution of their instruments p roblems any time. We will also leave behind one division warranty for the brand items. Analysis of Marketing info To know slightly the customer favorences and needs towards musical instrument, we conducted a securities industry survey. later on successfully completing the survey analysis, we had a more crown idea of what a potential sullyer or musician desires from a music store. For our survey, we targeted people whose who are above 15 classs old. We arrange that 53% people prefer rock music, 27% people prefer heavy metal and rest of the people like classical and pop music. 47% people like to profane Guitars from a music store, 27% 1ike to buy Keyboards, 13% like to buy Drums and others prefer to buy rough local instruments like Harmonium, Flute etceteraWe anchor that people ask both cash and installment payment in stock(predicate) in the store. We install out, almost 40% people usually buy instruments for their learning purpose, 35% people buy because they are in band, and rest of the people buy by conserveing their favorite artist. 80% people desire lifespan free servicing if the instrument is not broken and rest of the people prefer stores should give family-end gross revenue with 10%-15% discount. For people, Dhanmondi, Panthapath and Uttara as the most convenient place fir shopping. constancy AnalysisSince the inception of Bangladesh, basal musical instruments were being manufactured by some local manufacturer. The department was being firing by some minor players and spell out for marketing for internationalistic brands didnt exist at all. The market of musical instrument grew massively during late 70s and early 80s when many artists &038 bands were emerging. Demand of many international instruments like guitar, drums started to increase a retentive with those regional instruments. From that time the need of importing instruments of conglome mark brand had became a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs.Further, with the tec hnological advancement and vastly growing demand, more and more instrument seller were becoming available but there was not enough legal and economic support to install any authorized dealership or franchising for the provision of brand demand. Though 40 divisions back from now Melody &038 Co. , one of the musical instrument dealers, started their origin in Old Town of Dhaka during the Pakistan era, they were just a dealer of regional instruments like harmonium, Tablas etc. Industry situation Although enough harvest-festival has taken place in the musical instrument sphere but most of it can be attributed to the haphazard brand growth.Similarly Value Added Services have grown but are still a drop in the bucket. Now that the arguing has been introduced in the instrument sector some very positive push have been observed on the growth of the sector in a short span of time which is resideed to continue to grow for at least next couple of years. Key Success Factors Potentiality of music industry As the music scenario in Bangladesh is improving and getting the tinge of western make up ones mind, people are also getting interested in western instruments like electric guitars, drums etc. Emerging brand intelligence Now days, musicians and artists are being more conscious about the brand. They now prefer brand over court, as brand represent their image, name and quality. Globalization imputable to globalization the market in Bangladesh is also getting the attention of the rest of the world. MNCs from protestent side of the world also penury to access this new market before any of their competitors. So international instruments brands will eagerly enter this market to diversify their risk. Economic stability Though being a developing country, economic condition in Bangladesh is now days pretty much stable.So the get military force of Bangladeshi people is also healthy enough for these instrument descentes. Trends scientific Technologically Bangla desh is about a couple of years back go out from the developed countries. As a result of that technological advancement in musical instrument is not that significant for last few years. Due to lack of proper knowledge and equipments there is no authorized manufacturing sector for instruments, except those handmade instruments. Political Politically Bangladesh is a very unsound country. But this precise business has no connection with politics at all.But considering the international DFI or Franchising, policy-making assessment is necessary. Due to semipolitical corruptions and instability, Bangladesh is sometimes favorable or unfavorable country for MNCs depending on the situation. Considering the political aspect, this instrument business does not have much to care about. societal As this is related with culture and art, societal influence has tremendous impact over our business. Most societies of Bangladesh are conservative and they are connected with traditionalistic Bangla deshi culture.These influence traditional Bangladeshi musical instruments like Harmonium, Tablas etc. But guitars &038 drums are more promising considered as western influence which is sometimes considered as a negative aspect by them. So to certain extent societal factors drive the industry. Assessment of Industry By considering the fivesome forces of an industry, we can assess our musical instrument industry from five different sides. negociate Power of Supplier In this specific business sector, suppliers have enough power to dominate over instrument dealership business in country like ours. Because of the economic sloth advancement, the suppliers (the brands) do not usually that much care about authorizing dealership in our country. Also the brands that are more popular in Bangladesh will have a higher(prenominal) demand, any musical store will want to be a licensed dealer of them. salute of selecting and switching suppliers is preferably high. All these factors de fronti erine the suppliers dominance over the industry. Bargaining Power of Buyers Presence of a few numbers of stores and dealers. represent of buying brand products from abroad is quite high and heavily taxable.These factors determine the buyers low power over the industry. Threat of new entrant High opportunity of profitable venture. The market is not saturated yet. emit burden of government rules and regulations So, the threats from new entrants are high in this industry. Threats of veer Substitute products are limited and weak. Substitute products like other recreational products are not completely substitutable. So, threat of substitute products is quite low even do not exist at all. Rivalry among Competitors A very few established stores and dealers are present.Most of the other stores are discrete and unstable, which usually sell those regional instruments like Harmoniums, Tablas. The cost of fruit is quite high. Products are rated at fixed price. Switching betwee n products is costly. So rivalry among the existing competitors is moderate. It is not extreme because of less switching power of customers and fixed price, and also not much less because of the low number of dealers. Competition Analysis After doing some research we have come with some direct, indirect and also some future competitors of our music store. major ones are identified. 1. alert broad music stores In Dhaka city, there are 4-5 huge music stores which are OMNI, World music, Golden music and Music melody. They all have an approximate monthly change of 10-15 lacs. Among our main competitor OMNI is our main concern. OMNI is the dealer of YAMAHA guitars and Pearl drums, which cost them a huge amount. Their initial investment was 2-3 crore, they business is mainly equity based, they didnt take any loan because OMNI music store is a part of the huge business group. They spended their break even 4. 5 years.Demand for their music instrument is stable but on some special occa sions their gross revenue increase like on valentines day, pahela baishakh, independence day etc. Key success factor are commitment, honesty, right price quality and loyal customer. The other huge music stores mentioned earlier like golden music, music melody, world music whose business share is almost similar. They have a monthly sale of 10-12 lacs. They also bought many different brands that differentiate their music store. Music melody produce some local instruments but in a small scale. picCompetitors Position based on Sales 1. Existing small music stores There are some small competitors in this market. They mainly get their product from the big competitors because investment cost need a huge amount of money to bring instruments. They also sale regionally produced instruments like harmonium, bahala etc. This kind of stores is also our concern because some of them may have the potential to grow as a huge competitor. 2. Future forthrighting of music store Music appeals everyone i n the world. Music industry in Bangladesh is growing at a steady rate.Because now days Nokia, Benson &038 hedges etc are coming up with competition to bring out the talents from our country. This gives even small time musicians grow in confidence to buy some heavy instruments. Also music TV programs in all channels and music schools are establishing in Dhaka this also demand music instruments. So as demand for music instruments are growing, the more there will be openings of music store. Competitive advantage In order to sustain and expand in this competitive marketplace we will take effective last and implement them.Our store is providing the product of ESP. We will provide brand uniqueness. Also we will offer some after sale service to our customers who will buy expensive instruments costing more than 50,000tk. We are also providing some different service like an deputise offer of your instrument with similar instrument but this would not be similar for everyone like we will che ck the instrument offset printing that judge whether it will be profitable to exchange so that after repairing we can sell it again a good price also sometimes we may require some money with the instrument depending on the product.We will also repair different instruments in our store with a tokenish charge of starting tk. 1000. Also we will provide customers with the service of customizing the instruments like color requirements, putting a tattoo or art, band logotype on their guitar or other instruments charging differently depending on instrument. These services make our stores different from others. Marketing Plan Pricing Policy For pricing, we divided our products in two segments. For ESP brand items, we are going to follow cost based pricing policy and for other products, we are going to follow competitor based pricing policy.These pricing strategies will help us sustain in the market, as well as make profit. Cost Based Pricing Policy In this policy, we would consider all our expenses. These let in transportation cost, utility cost, rental cost, promotional cost, storage cost etc. Once we find out all our expenses, we would divide it by the number of instruments kept in our store. This will give us expense per unit. After that, we would add the cost of the instrument itself with the expenses per unit. Then we will add 30% profit margin. An example is shown below sell price = Total Cost / ((100-margin) / 100) If Total Cost of a guitar is TK 70,000, thusly by applying this formula, we get Selling price = 70, 000 / ((100 30) / 100) = TK 100,000 Competitor based pricing policy This is a mode where we will use prices of the competing products as a benchmark instead of considering own costs or the customer demand. This will be applicable for products that my competitors are offering as well. For example guitar accessories, amps, keyboard, piano, drums etc.The reason for selecting this strategy is because it would be really difficult to survive in price wars with my competitors. They have more experience and they are also in this business for a daylong time. As a result they have already covered a lot of their investment. This means they can offer products at a lower berth price than us. Place Our store will be located in Panthopath, Dhaka. It will be situated near Bashundhara City. Reasons for selecting this place are as follows -some of my competitors are located here. This means customers will prefer this place, since they have many options. since our store will be outside Bashundhara City, we can operate at a comparatively lower rent. -Panthopath is lucrative place for conducting business. -as there is satisfactory transportation facility, people can easily visit our store. -Since there are some jamming pads located near our store, people are likely to pay us a visit. After some years, we are preparation to expand our business to some other billets. One of our priorities will be Uttara. This is because looking at the curren t market scenario, there are no musical stores in Uttara till now.Product Our main focus is ESP guitars because ESP guitars are unique and are preferred by a lot of the younger generation. They like its exceptional designs. Some of the designs available are X-shaped, V-shaped etc. Besides that, the sound of ESP guitars is good for both riffs and jumper cable guitar. For other guitars, it is tough to match the price of ESP, providing the same quality. Promotion strategy Ourcritical marketing program will be the grand opening, so we will place our initial advertising to give the greatest coverage.Our specific goal for the event is to create a big buzz for the local music community has ever seen regarding a new store. We will target our desired customer base using radio, newspapers, hand leaflet, banners and word of mouth. At present, radio is the easiest way to reach musicians for the simple reason that the love of music is what drives us to become musicians. Newsprint reaches a lar ge portion of the public, allow them see whatwe have tooffer before making a slip of paper to the store. Large billboard and banners in different areas and hand leaflets are also very useful way to inform the people about our promotional activities.We will also have regular advertisement in different youth oriented magazines. Another promotional platform is to telecast our advertisements in different area based local cable channels. This is also a useful tool to inform people in economic way. intelligence activity of mouth is the one area we really hope to see develop, as a personal endorsement by a customer is value more to us than what any advertisement can obtain. Distribution We will follow the following strategies 1. Direct purchases from manufacturers generally the best price, but higher minimum orders. 2.Purchases from national distributors large selections, good prices. 3. Purchases from regional distributors small selection, sightly pricing. Management team We bel ieve an efficient management team can increase the productivity of company. And a productive workforce can be an asset for a company and it can provide the company with a competitive advantage over the major players of the industry. We have started this business on the basis of partnership rules and regulation. There are seven partners and we all are the students of North South University.We know each other for a long period of time and we believe with our co operative effort we can make this company a very successful one. As we all are partners of the company and have contributed equally to the initial investment so all of us will be included in the decision making process. But for instant decision making we have disposed(p) an organ gram. Chairman M. Riaz Mahmud CFO M. Nahian Morshed Board of Directors M.Faizur Rahman Board of Directors Mustafa Waki Chodhury Board of Directors Mohona khan Board of Directors M. Shahriar Firoz Board of Directors Rizon Minhazur Rahman We are hiring 5 gross revenue executives, who will run our store. Our requirement is H. S. C. passed, fluent in English and have basic computing device literacy knowledge.We will hire persons who are with good interpersonal skill and can convince the customers easily to buy instrument and behave well with the customer so that they remain loyal and happy with our service. Delivering Process Our business is an import oriented business. So, well have to wholly depend on shipping for the oral communication process and also container trucks will also be involved to throw the instruments as the port is situated in Chittagong and well have to transport the items to Dhaka. Customers will have the responsibility to transport their bought product to their favored destination.For payment to the promote company we will follow the Letter Of Credit (LC) system. In this system, we will get affiliated with an international depose which have subsidiary in Bangladesh. The international bank will have to be selected as the rise company might have trust issues and the international renowned bank will help us gain reliability. As soon as we receive the products, we will issue an LC. As our chosen company ESP is an established brand worldwide, they will take responsibility for the shipments. We had to get a license of ESP to get their permission of selling their product.The licensing took a great toll of our investment as we had to pay BDT. to ESP. According to the license, we need to happen upon some requirements which are their benchmarks. We had to show projected sales and their requirement was to achieve an average of BDT. 50 lakh mark yearly within 5 years. We had to show them our work on agreement sheet, income statement and break even analysis as they were looking into our business feasibility. Also they checked the location of the store to find out if enough demand will be caused from the place factor of four Ps. We reached an agreement that we will to learn our ser vicing employees according to their training methods to create the same environment and to abide by with their customer service. We also had to show them an overview of the demand of their brand ESP in Bangladesh. Financial Projections Income Statement Our income statement is initiated with finding out the sales of low month and it is utterly based on our surveys. We first found out the full(a) market value in terms of BDT. We went through our surveys and found out the competitors yearly sales and the total represents the presumable market size.As we are in the initiation stage we are assuming to get a hold of no more than three percentage (3%) of the market size. We did a sales forecast for every month. For starters, we assumed a growth rate of 0. 5 percent for the first three months which gradually change magnitude to 1 percent and later we ended the first year with a growth rate of 2% in the last three months. The increase growth rate will be as a moment of our extensive m arketing policies. The first years growth rate being only 12. 65% percent, we had to incur losses in every month. The econd year, the yearly growth rate we have assumed will be 12. 68% owing to the steady growth rate every month. And tercet year we expect a growth rate of 16% approximately. For our cost of goods sold, we presumed forty percent (40%) of our sales and we counted our sales discount to be 2. 5%. Another variable cost is sales commission of one percent (1%) of sales which is categorized as selling expenses. Fixed costs include both selling and administrative expenses. Selling expenses include store salaries of BDT. 20,000 per month, rent of BDT. 50,000 per month, advertising expenses of BDT. 5,000 per month, utility of BDT. 5,000 per month and dispraise expenses of BDT. 250 per month. The administrative fixed costs consist of salaries which is monthly BDT. 10,000, utility monthly 2,000, insurance monthly BDT. 2,000 and depreciation expenses of BDT. 200 per month. We ex pect to reach the break even in 6. 62 years and we have shown income statements for 10 years just for getting an idea of the concluding income in following years. Sensitivity We have shown sensitivity analysis changing the sales revenue by five percent in both directions.For trounce faux pas scenario with 5% downfall in sales, our assoil loss in first year will rise by more than BDT. 70,000. In the most likely scale, we also incur a loss of BDT. 105,000 approximately and best case scenarios with 5% sales increment, net profit will be almost BDT. 33,000. For 2nd year, most likely case scenario will produce a profit of BDT. 342,566 and clear up case scenario will produce profit of BDT. 155,858. But, the best case scenario will generate less net income than most likely case because of tax rules. The tertiary year most likely case will see us earn a net income of BDT. 04,398. We have also assumed the worst case and best cases and if that happens we will have net income of BDT 508 ,314 and BDT 700,483 respectively. property-Flow Statement currency flow statement is the way of constructing the cash inflows and outflows according to type of activities such as direct, investing and financing activities. It gives us the idea about if the company will be profitable over the years by generating fitting cash and if it will be able to pay off its debt. We have done cash flow statements for 8 years and those will be included in the appendices.For our cash flows, we followed direct method starting with the operating activities which includes inflow from sales revenue and outflows from different expenses like cash nonrecreational to suppliers, salaries expenses, rent expenses, sales commission, advertising expenses etc. in investing activities, outflows includes BDT. 10,000,000 of get of assets, other investment of BDT. 1,000,000 and purchasing of contract of rent BDT. 1,000,000 and there are no inflows. Financing activities has inflows form loan and owners inves tment worth BDT. 8,000,000 and BDT. 7,000,000 respectively. exchange outflows from financing includes loan payment of BDT. 171,438 per month. The payment of installment continues till year 7 when we paid off our debt. Our total cash flow will be negative till year 4, first quarter and since then its uprising. But we maintained a cash balance from the beginning generated from loan which will see us through these periods. From first year, our cash balance is thind to BDT. 2,004,607 from BDT. 2,910,411 which is the starting balance of the first month. Second year it is reduce to BDT. 1,398,301 and by the end of year three the cash balance will be BDT. 20,853. Sensitivity The sensitivity analysis of every year attached to appendices will show how much the expected cash flows can differ when we consider worst possible and best possible cases. The first years best case is likely to reduce the outflows by about BDT. 120,000 but the worst scenario will increase outflows by about BDT. 117,0 00. the aid and third years sensitivity analysis shows the same effect trim or increasing the cash outflows in best and worst cases respectively. symmetricalness Sheet Our balance sheet shows how much the venture capitalist can depend on our business.In the balance sheet we tried to envision out the total asset each year as the first objective of a business is to maximize the value of its assets. We also showed if the assets matched the liabilities. Our total assets included cash, inventories, receivables, other current assets categorized as current assets and long term assets consists of non current assets, accumulated depreciation etc. Current liabilities are payables, short term debt and others while non current liabilities are long term debt and others and these two makes up the liabilities part. Equity has only common equity invested by the owners.For most of these items, we tried to maintain a specific percentage of sales such as for inventories, we maintained 20. 69% of s ales, 40. 14% of sales as short term debt etc because we know these items are vulnerable to the change of sales and move in the same direction. Our first years total assets are BDT. 17,350,008 while the next two years it went down to BDT. 16,912,962 and BDT. 16,623,039. This can be associated with the increment in negative cash flows or increase in outflows. But its uprising from then as we expect it to rise as high as BDT. 5,481,609 in eight years. A significant change occurs in year seven as we reach break even our total assets rises from about 20 million to above 24. 5 million. This is because of the rise in cash balance that year after recuperating the total investment. Sensitivity By changing the sales by 5% positively and negatively, we found out the best and worst case scenarios which can contribute to the change of our total assets. Again, as we are looking to maximize the value of our assets, we have to be conscious about what the best and worst situations can do to our bus iness.For the first two years, the worst case scenario doesnt do much damage as the reductions in total assets are by about BDT. 50,000 from the most likely scenarios BDT. 17,292,408 in first year and BDT. 16,846,620 in second year. While the best case scenarios in the first two years see our total assets to rise to BDT. 17,407,482 and BDT. 16,979,158. The third year the change about BDT. 75,000 in both cases as the best case scenario puts our total assets to BDT. 16,698,871 and the worst case to BDT. 16,547,041. For al these time, the increases and decreases in total assets are backed by the retained earnings portion of owners equity.Breakeven lucre Back initial Investment ?? -15,000,000. 00 Year 1 ?? 1,061,866. 91 ?? -13,938,133. 09 Year 2 ?? 1,450,954. 8 ?? -12,487,178. 20 Year 3 ?? 1,739,046. 20 ?? -10,748,132. 00 Year 4 ?? 2,119,043. 11 ?? -8,629,088. 89 Year 5 ?? 2,667,444. 37 ?? -5,961,644. 52 Year 6 ?? 3,328,314. 32 ?? -2,633,330. 20 Year 7 ?? 4 ,203,767. 76 ?? ,570,437. 55 Year 8 ?? 4,366,613. 47 ?? 5,937,051. 02 ?? 11,517. 17 228. 6438216 0. 26421429 Pay back in years 6. 626421429 Exit Strategy Our ongoing business is Musical instrument dealership. Our exit strategy is a mixture of resolution and our own strategy. First we will liquidate some percentage of our assets. We are planning to sell those underperforming assets at a lower price and we will also invest some additional capital to establish a diversified service line.This will be actually a transcription studio as we are planning to seize the opportunity created by lack of recording studio in Bangladesh. We are planning to open a recording studio which will contribute to the uprising music scenario in Bangladesh. Due to lack of quality music studios, we believe our exit plan from musical instrument dealership to recording studio will shift our position from decay to a growing stage in company life cycle. It will be our long term plan because we do not want to loose the face value of the product. Initial Investment Rent (4 months)= Tk. 200,000 Equipments (Estimated Average per unit) Electric Guitar(5*30,000) 150,000 Bass Guitar(5*30,000) 150,000 Acoustic Guitar(20*3000) 60,000 Piano(2*100,000) 200,000 Keyboard(10*20,000) 200,000 Drums(5*30,000) 150,000 Mixer(3*50,000) 150,000 Microphone(5*10,000) 50,000 Processor(5*20,000) 100,000 Accessories(Strings, Cables, Tuners etc) 90,0000 early(a) Equipments 100,000 Total 1,400,000 Estimated Initial Marketing Cost=300,000 Furniture=100,000 Reserve For Cash Requirements=3,000,000 Dealership Cost=10,000,000 Total Initial Investment=15,000,000 ConclusionWe have worked on this business plan for the last three months and gathered all the related information about the music industry. After analyzing all the selective information we have came up with the idea investing in this business can be really challenging but profitable. If we can survive through the initia l trouble we can diversify our business by investing in different regions of Bangladesh. In the era of communication people are very fond of the creative ideas and we believe our business is creative and unique enough to attract the potential customers. Reference www. google. com www. yahoo. com acct. tamu. edu/smith/acctwebs. htm Haque, Akkas &038 Ashif (2008) Three taxes of Bangladesh