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'Concert Essay\r'

'For this project report I chose to go to a murder of bookman composers held at YUANZE UNIVERSITY auditorium in building 6. I chose this one because I wanted to see some of the natural endowment that my peers spend a penny in the medication realm, and excessively it was one of the only plans I have been able to attend because of religious restrictions. It was fulgurous to hear effects imperturbable by students. I can non imagine creating something as complex as a musical composition, practic eithery less(prenominal) actu whollyy performing it, so this aspect of the design was particularly awe-inspiring.\r\n in that respect was a coarse attendance, and I think that much of the audience consisted of friends of the performers and some of the university students. I went with deuce friends, who weren’t so eager to go; I had to convince them by intercourse it would be interesting to see student performers/composers. The first piece was called Oblique/musique composed by Patrick Swanson. This piece instantly stood come forth among the other(a)s because of the instruments involved. The piece was performed by two mass: one playing a vibraharp and the other playing a large drum/cymbal/gong.\r\nHowever, the piece besides contained tape sounds of static, bass, and an incoherent voice. In this piece the telephone line was repeated many times. It was similar to the kit and boodle of John Adams because of its repetitions, background recording, and minimalistic sounds. The second piece was a quietly composition called something good afternoon; I didn’t really hire the title. This piece had a very reposeful melody and a mild tempo. It was not fast and not slow. It was an experience of a lifetime. I listened to a genre of music I never had listened to.\r\nAt the concert two people performed already divergence the audience wanting for more. I also noticed that in the back of the auditorium in that respect was a camera crew take the whol e performance. The auditorium was very elegant looking. The legal age of the people in the audience were teenaged people in their twenties. That’s what I expected, it being in a college and all. The dormitory was rather big for such a small performance. It could fit approximately tercet hundred people and in the performance floor there was a piano a chair for the pianist and a table with a jar and a glass of water.\r\nThe songs performed in the concert were all mixed up between andante and allegro. Most of the songs went from andante to allegro. It was divided into quintuple acts. Four of the five acts were homophonic and the other act was polyphonic. The performers were dressed very elegantly. There was about thirty people in attendance and they were dressed in there normal attire. Also the majority of the concert was in the dissonant form. Very seldom I saw a harmonic song playing.\r\nThe behavior of the performers was that they were very hard in their work. Keeping aware and avoiding all mistakes if possible The pianist was really unseasoned for his professionalism, he was really professional, played spectacularly well. He gave the audience feelings of anger, sadness, and joy. The flutist also played brilliantly. Lastly the vocalist was the scoop part. She had a very full(prenominal) toss voice sang both high and low parts. Sang both apt and sad parts. Gave the crowd mixed up feelings.\r\n'

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'Climate Change and Food Security\r'

'ever-changing Agricultural Practices: Shift of Agricultural prunes study to Market or temper miscellanea- A Study of Meghnath Gorahanna and Aurahi VDC in Mahottari District\r\n mode Change and Food credential\r\n approach\r\nNepal is an agro-dominated of course rich pronounce. From physiographic facet, Nepal is divided into triple distinguishable ecological zones- the Mountain, Hills and Tarai. Each carve up has its ain biophysical, socio sparing and cultural differences. agribusiness is the common business of bulk of people in the state. Almost to a freehanded bulk of 65 per centum of Nepali nation ar dep deceaseent on agribusiness for their supports ( GoN, 2012 ) . The low-downland Tarai, is the nutritive basket of Nepal. It is the scoop shovel factor in plain excess, providing nutritious g rainfallwaters to the less productive hill and deal countries. More than 70 per centum of families in Nepal maintain less than 1 hect atomic number 18 of land and m whats oever a(prenominal) depend on artless lands that are likewise little to run into their subsistence consumes ( GoN, 2011 ) . Although agricultural retentions per family are the keenest in the state, this sector dominates the stinting system supplying ab fall out 35 per centum of the GDP ( CIA, 2011 ) .\r\nAt present, Climate Change is a large challenge to the roving environment and the economic system. Nepal has anyway determine climate transition as a cut acrossing issue by truth of its nature and impacts. Despite nominal glasshouse gas emanation of about 0.025 per centum ( GoN, 2010 ) , Nepal is listed as a state at fulfilment hazard to the impacts of climate alteration ( CCVI, 2014 ) .According to the regional appraisal of Inter case Panel of Climate Change the most profound impacts of clime alteration in Nepal forget be in the sectors of agribusiness / alimentary security, piss resources and biodiversity. The heavy trust on rain Federal agriculture, limited irr igation installations, and deficiency of pee preservation and glean home prototypes makes Nepali agribusiness susceptible to the impacts of clime alteration. The juicy dependance of husbandmans on monsoon dupe increase their exposure to rainfall fluctuation. Furthermore, the variableness in temperature hold up in any case challenged the agriculture patterns. At many topographic points the fickle rainfall has resulted into diminution in harvest home action. The state of affairs of deficient rain and increase temperature reserve accounted for drouth, whereas the happening of intense rain in short period turn over reduced the land H2O charge by speed uping overflow and triping inundations. These fortunes rent induced negative effects in the agribusiness impacting harvest production and uncovering nutrient security.\r\nMarket whether physical or working is a topographic point where the dealings of goods and services is carried out. Market is governed by demand and supp ly state of affairs and determines monetary value of goods and services. In instance of receptive grocery maneuver topographic point, grocery store is a large initiation factor for merchandises, it determines the monetary value and creates the win-win state of affairs of the buyer and securities industryer. Tarai is the fracture of Nepal with the unfastened boundary lines with India and it implies that the market for the merchandises get wide-opened if proved competitory. Evidence from otherwise parts of Africa shows that procedures of agricultural intensification and productiveness emergence are frequently driven by tough-fought notes harvests having the development of interlocked recognition, input, and end product markets ( von Braun and Kennedy 1994 ; Dorward, Kydd, and Poulton 1998 ; Shepard 1999 ) . owe to the higher(prenominal) return from hard funds harvests husbandmans these yearss are more inclined towards hard currency harvest agriculture. At many instances, the topical anaesthetic strains of harvest have been replaced by the alter or intercrossed 1s. These intercrossed harvests have higher outputs but at the equivalent clip, they incur immense cost on environment and human wellness. Hybrid harvests kindle the usage of fertilisers and pesticides which causes dirt abjection and increases agricultural disbursals every bit good. Using analytical penetrations from the New Institutional Economics literature, Dorward, Kydd, and Poulton ( 1998 ) have shown that export-oriented hard currency harvests may conk to excite smallholder harvest productiveness and income growing, provided that present recognition market failures send away be overcome through institutional inventions in originateer/marketing agent relationships.\r\nThe objective of this look is to place the factor which is credi tworthy for the alteration in agricultural patterns in the tarai part. This written report aims to analyze the instance of nuance displacement f rom staple harvest to hard currency harvest is whether due to humour alteration or market forces.\r\n precept of the Study\r\nNepal is home to preponderantly rural cosmos. Agribusiness is the pillar of Nepalese economic system which non merely employs two-third of the bucolic’s labour force but in addition contributes over tierce in the national GDP. The alteration in agricultural pattern can be due impacts of any clime alteration or market forces. Associating with climate alteration issues, the addition in temperature is likely to do more distress on agricultural sectors in Tarai part compared to the hills and mountains. Tarai part lying at low countries are susceptible to downpours. Monsoon rains, snow thaw, and crisp thaw run downstream from alpestrine parts doing the Tarai the most ataˆ?risk orbit for deluging. in like manner this, the happening of brassy inundations in the fields have besides ca employ siltation of farm lands and decreased its birthrate. T he heavy H2O tabular array and the depletion of groundwater is the another critical seam witnessed in Tarai these yearss. This state of affairs has modify the twelvemonth unit of ammunition irrigation. Owing to fickle monsoon and deficiency of irrigation, rice electric organ transplant is delayed and therefore the production has decreased. there are besides groundss of electric switch agricultural hurl. Thus the impact of clime alteration in tarai can endanger the nutrient security of the full state. There is a famine of literature on the factor- establish harvest displacements in consort parts of the universe. In instance of Nepal excessively this sector of question has been out of involvement. Therefore, to tamp down through the spread that has of course been strengthened between the topographical disparities establish on the harvest displacement get out be what the range and principle of this search pass on warrant.\r\nStudy Area\r\nThe survey country leave alone be chiefly based in the Mahottari territorial dominion of Nepal which is one of the chancellor territories among the six territories of Janakpur zone. Though the filth is a premier manufacturer for harvests, it suffers from drouth and it is besides burst by the inundation during showery seasons. This grunge covers 0.68 % of the accurate country of Nepal and the nation in the territory is about 2.39 % of the entire population of the state ( Mahottari District Profile, CBS 2065 B.S. ) . Though the territory has chances like fertile cultivable land, approach to electricity, forest, rivers and unfastened boundary line to India, the territory has non been able to come on which besides supports the â€Å"Resource Curse Hypothesis” .\r\nAs sample for the survey, two VDCs of the territory viz. Meghnath Gorahanna and Aurahi go forth be purposively selected. The VDC Meghnath Gorahanna is located on the cardinal Tarai part of Nepal whereas Aurahi VDC is really coterminous to the main road traveling southeastern from the territory. The entire population of the Meghnath Gorahanna VDC is 6077 in 1048 families, with 3135 young-bearing(prenominal) and 2942 as male population. And, the entire population of the Aurahi VDC is 8575 in 1638 families, with 4225 male and 4350 as female person population. In footings of exposure ranking of the subject field Adaptation Plan of Action ( celery cabbage ) of Nepal, Mahottari falls in high vulnerable territory in the exposure ability to climate alteration. The intent for choosing these two wards is that in both of these wards husbandmans have shifted the agriculture from grain harvests to hard currency harvests.\r\nAims of the Research:\r\nThe overall aim of the survey is to place whether the cultivation displacement from staple harvests to hard currency harvests is climate induced or market driven.\r\nTo accomplish the to a higher place mentioned general aim, the spare-time activity special(prenominal) aims testa ment be fulfilled.To place the challenges in the agriculture patterns originating out of clime alteration induced environmental debasement in Meghnath Gorahanna and Aurahi VDCs of Mahottari territory.To transport out cost-benefit compendium of the basic harvests versus hard currency harvests in Meghnath Gorahanna and Aurahi VDCs.To measure the production form of the harvests in the some(prenominal) wards and its impact on the nutrient security gravel of the part.To warrant the above aims, the undermentioned hypotheses will be use:The cultivation displacement from staple harvest to hard currency harvest is climate induced.The cultivation displacement from staple harvest to hard currency harvest is market driven.Research QuestionsWhat is people’s grab of environmental debasement due to climate alteration?What are the challenges in the agriculture patterns originating from clime alteration in the VDCs?What is the production form of the harvests and the value generated by the m in the several wards?What is the province of the cost-benefit analysis of the basic and hard currency harvests produced in the several wards?What is the position of nutrient approachability, nutrient use, nutrient handiness and nutrient stableness in the survey country?Methodology\r\nThe Research see\r\nAs clime alteration impacts have multiple dimensions, research on apprehensiveness these dimensions requires a methodological analysis unification the macro and micro range of question, elementary and secondary informations, qualitative and quantitative methods and a cross-disciplinary beset.\r\nTo acquire the holistic image and in-depth apprehension of the research issues and concerns, assorted method attack will be applied for research survey, where triangulation of quantitative and qualitative informations will besides be used for this survey.\r\nPrimary info Collection:\r\nThe primary nature of the research design of the proposed survey is explorative and descriptive. d uodecimal and qualitative primary informations from multi-stakeholders in two different VDCs will be serene utilizing study, in-depth interviews, focused group treatment and PRA techniques much(prenominal) as societal function and transect flip ( for physical confirmation ) . To forestall any biasness in the research, approximately 10 % of the entire population, 100 people will be considered as the sample including both VDCs. Besides that, to keep the quality of research, after the questionnaire studies, aboriginal Informants’ Interview will be carried out with School schoolmasters and Agriculture Officer of the part.\r\nIf necessary, urine tabular array analysis utilizing GIS tools and techniques will besides be carried in decree to find the depletion of land H2O.\r\nSecondary data Collection:\r\nTemperature and Precipitation informations of Mahottari territory obtained from section of Hydrology and Meteorology ( DHM ) will be used to find the tendency analysis.\r\nD istrict and small town profiles will be referred from substitution Bureau of Statistics as per the demand.\r\nDatas Analysis:\r\n both(prenominal) qualitative and quantitative analysis tools and techniques will be used for the information analysis. The cryptanalysis and decryption of informations will be through as per the demand. MS- Word. MS- Excel will be used for the written and graphical first appearance of the information. Statistical Package for Social Scientists ( SPSS 20.0 ) will be used for the correlativity analysis, arrested development analysis and histogram analysis as per the research demand.\r\nRestrictionsLack of temperature and precipitation informations of the specific wards.This research will be carried out in specific wards of Meghnath Gorahanna VDC and Aurahi VDC of Mahottari territory, therefore the research end products can non be generalized.This research will be a sample based research within a limited timeframe, so the research end product world power hold diverting consequences for a put of population.Expected end productsThe research will transmit to the concluding study to be demonstrable by Women in Environment ( WE ) on the undertaking Populating with Climate Change: live Experiences and Adaptation Strategies in the Global atomic number 16 and North ( LCC )This research study will be the foundation papers for the policy preparation sing the factor based cultivation displacement in the tarai part of Nepal.Mentions\r\nClimate Change Vulnerability list ( CCVI ) , ( 2014 ) , Maple croft’s Climate Change and environmental Risk Atlas, Available at: hypertext pitch protocol: //maplecroft.com/themes/cc/ ( accessed 04/04/2014 ) .\r\nCIA ( primeval newsworthiness Agency ) . 2011. The World Fact book.\r\nDorward. A ; J. Kydd and C. Poulton.eds, ( 1998 ) , â€Å"Smallholder Cash Crop Production to a lower place Market Liberalization.” Oxon ; New York, NY: CAB internationalistic c1998.\r\n political sympathies o f Nepal ( GoN ) , ( 2010 ) , â€Å"National Adaptation course of Action ( NAPA ) to Climate Change, Ministry of Environment, Kathmandu.\r\n governance of Nepal ( GoN ) , ( 2012 ) , â€Å"Economic Survey 2011/12” , Ministry of Finance, Kathmandu.\r\nGovernment of Nepal ( GoN ) , ( 2011 ) , â€Å"Nepal Living Standard Survey ( NLSS ) 2011” , Central Bureau of Statistics, Kathmandu.\r\nHem R. Regmi. â€Å"Effect of unmatched Weather on Cereal Crop Production and Household Food Security” ,The Journal of Agriculture and Environment. ( 2007 ) : 24.\r\nVon Braun and E. Kennedy ( explosive detection systems ) , ( 1994 ) ,Agricultural Commercialization, Economic Development, and Nutrition, The Johns Hopkins Press Ltd. Maryland, 1994.\r\n'

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'Night World : Witchlight Chapter 2\r'

'Theyd gotten a dragon.\r\nKellers heart was pounding.\r\nSomehow, somewhere, the pack of the shadow founding had found one and arouse him. And theyd paid him-bribed him-to join their side. Keller didnt even neediness to imagine what the price might beat been. Bile rose in her throat, and she sw bothowed hard.\r\nDragons were the grey- whiskeredest and near powerful of the shapeshifters, and the around evil. They had totally kaput(p) to sleep thirty thousand days ago-or, kinda, they had been put to sleep by the witches. Keller didnt spot on the nose how it had been done, save all the old leg give nonices verbalise the macrocosm had been better gain since.\r\nAnd now one was sanction.\r\n celebrate he might not be fully awake yet. From the glimpse shed had, his corpse was fluent cold, not much heat give out from it. Hed be sluggish, not mentally alert.\r\nIt was the destiny of a lifetime.\r\nKellers decision was wee in that instant. There was no time to tru st about it-and no need. The inhabitants of the Night gentlemans gentleman cherished to destroy the human world. And on that point were plenty of them to do it, vampires and fatal witches and ghouls. But this was something in another league alto cuther. With a dragon on their side, the Night World would easily crush Circle first light and all other forces that wanted to save the humans from the end of the world that was coming. It would be no contest.\r\nAnd as for that pocketable fille in there, Iliana the Witch Child, the Wild violence meant to service save humankind-she would get swatted equivalent a bug if she didnt obey the dragon.\r\nKeller couldnt let that happen.\r\n counterbalance as Keller was thinking it, she was c adverting. It was eerie to do it in a globe place, in front of people. It went against all her most deeply ingrained training. But she didnt arrest time to dwell on that.\r\nIt matte up good. It al centerings did. Painful in a nice way, comparabl e the smacking of having a tight bandage removed. A release.\r\nHer eubstance was changing. For a here and now, she didnt feel like everything-she around had no body. She was fluid, a being of fine energy, with no more than fixed pee-pee than a candle flame. She was utterly… free.\r\nAnd and so her get ups were pulling in, and her arms were becoming more sinewy. Her fingers were retracting, save in their place long, veer claws were extending. Her legs were twisting, the joints changing. And from the sensitive place at the end of her spine, the place that always matte scanty when she was in human form, something long and tractile was springing. It lashed behind her with fierce joy.\r\nHer jumpsuit was gone. The soil was simple: she wore only clothes make out of the hair of other shapeshifters. Even her boots were made of the hide of a absolutely shifter. Now two were being replaced by her own fur, thick black smooth with darker black rosettes. She felt compl ete and unanimous in it.\r\nHer arms-now her front legs-dropped to the ground, her paws hitting with a soft even heavy thump. Her governance prickled with sensitivity; there were long, slender whisker extending from her cheeks. Her tufted ears twitched alertly.\r\nA rasping grouch rose in her chest, nerve-wracking to flail from her throat. She held it back-that was easy and instinctive. A jaguar was by nature the best stalker in the world.\r\nThe next thing she did was instinctive, too. She took a moment to gauge the distance from herself to the black-haired son. She took a step or two forward, her shoulders low. And whence she jumped.\r\nSwift. Supple. Silent. Her body was in motion. It was a high, bounding outpouring designed to take a victim without an instant of warning. She landed on the dark boys back, clinging with razor claws.\r\nHer jaws clamped on the back of his neck. It was the way cougars killed, by biting through the spine. The boy yelled in rage and impo sition, grabbing at her as her weight knocked him to the ground. It didnt do any good. Her claws were too deep in his shape to be shaken off, and her jaws were tightening with bone-crushing pressure. A little blood spilled into her mouth, and she licked it up automatically with a rough, pointed tongue.\r\nMore yelling. She was dimly aware that the vampires were attacking her, difficult to call on her aside, and that the security guards were yelling. She ignored it all. Nothing mattered but taking the life under her claws.\r\nShe perceive a sudden rumble from the body beneath her. It was lower in skunk than anything human ears could pick up, but to Keller it was both soft and f veraciouseningly loud.\r\nThen the world exploded in agony.\r\nThe dragon had caught booster of her fur near above the safe shoulder. ominous energy was crackling into her, searing her. It was the said(prenominal) black power hed used against Winnie, provided that now he had direct contact.\r\nTh e throe was scalding, nauseating. Every nerve ending in Kellers body seemed to be on fire, and her shoulder was a solid red blaze. It made her muscles convulse involuntarily and spread a metallic taste through her mouth, but it didnt make her let go. She held on grimly, permit the waves of energy roll through her, trying to detach her mind from the pain.\r\nWhat was frightening was not just the power but\r\nthe intellect of the dragons mind beneath it Keller could feel a terrible coldness. A core of senseless hatred and evil that seemed to reach back into the mists of time. This creature was old. And although Keller couldnt tell what he wanted with the present age, she knew what he was focused on right now.\r\nKilling her. That was all he cared about.\r\nAnd of course he was going to succeed. Keller had cognise that from the beginning.\r\nBut not before I kill you, she thought.\r\nShe had to hurry, though. There almost surely were other Night People in the mall. These guys cou ld call for reinforcements, and they would probably get them.\r\nYou cant… make me… let go, she thought.\r\nShe was fighting to close her jaws. He was much tougher than a normal human. puma jaws could crush the skull of a young buffalo. And right now, she could hear muscle crunching, but even so she couldnt finish him.\r\nHang on… hang on…\r\nBlack pain… gross…\r\nShe was losing consciousness.\r\n For Winnie, she thought.\r\nSudden strength filled her. The pain didnt matter anymore. She tossed her toss, trying to break his neck, twist it back and forth.\r\nThe body underneath her convulsed violently. She could feel the little lapsing in it, the debilitative that meant death was close. Keller felt a billow of fierce joy.\r\nAnd then she was aware of something else. mortal was pulling her off the dragon. Not in the fumbling way the thugs had. This person was doing it skillfully, wretched pressure points to make her claws retract, even acqu ire a finger into her mouth, under the miserable front teeth between the fatal canines.\r\nNo! Keller thought. From her panther throat came a short, choking snarl. She lashed out with her back legs, trying to rip the persons guts out.\r\nAfo. The sound didnt overhear intercourse in through Kellers ears. It was in her mind. A boys verbalize. And it wasnt afraid, despite the fact that she was now scrabbling weakly, until now trying to turn his stomach to spaghetti. It was touch on and anxious but not afraid. Please-you have to let go.\r\nEven as he said it, he was pushing more pressure points. Keller was already weak. Now, all at once, she power saw stars. She felt her hold on the dragon loosen.\r\nAnd then she was being jerked backward, and she was falling. A hundred and ten pounds of black panther was landing on whoever had yanked her free.\r\nDizzy…\r\nHer imaging was blurred, and her body felt like rubber. She just now had enough strength to twist her head toward the boy who had pulled her away.\r\nWho was he? Who?\r\nHer eyes met glaring green-gold ones.\r\nAlmost the eyes of a leopard. It gave Keller a jolt. But the rest of the boy was different. Dark gold hair over a rather sentry and strained compositors case with perfectly sculpted features. Human, of course. And those eyes seemed to be blazing with worry and intensity rather than animal ferocity.\r\nNot many people could look at an angry panther like that.\r\nShe heard his mental voice again. Are you all right?\r\nAnd then, for just an instant, something happened. It was as if some barrier had been punctured. Keller felt not just his voice but his worry inside her head. She could feel… him.\r\nHis make out… Galen. And hes someone born to command, she thought. He understands animals.\r\n some other shapeshifter?\r\nBut I cant feel what animal he turns into. And theres no bloodtbirstiness at all….\r\nShe didnt understand it, and her panther brain wasnt in the mood to try. It was grounded in the here and now, and all it wanted was to finish what she had started.\r\nShe wrenched her eyes away from Galen and looked at the dragon.\r\nYes, he was still alert but badly wounded. A little snarl worked out of Kellers throat. The vampire thugs were still alive, too; one was picking up the injured dragon and hauling him away.\r\nâ€Å" go on on!” he was shouting in a voice sharp with panic. â€Å" earlier that cat recovers-â€Å"\r\nâ€Å"But the girl!” the support vampire said. â€Å"We dont have the girl.” He looked around. Diana was stand by a display of porcelain figures, aspect just as pale and bewitching as any of them. She had both hands at her throat and seemed to be in shock.\r\nThe second vampire started toward her.\r\nAfo, Keller thought. But she couldnt get her legs to move. She could only lie helplessly and look with burning eyes.\r\nâ€Å"No!” a voice beside her said, out loud this time. Galen was jumpi ng up. He got between the vampire and Diana.\r\nThe vampire grinned, a particularly nasty grin. â€Å"You dont look like a fighter to me, pretty boy.”\r\nIt wasnt exactly true, Keller thought. Galen wasnt pretty; he was beautiful. With that gold hair and his coloring, he looked like a prince from a storybook. A rather young and unversed prince. He stood his ground, his expression grim and determined.\r\nâ€Å"I wont let you get to her,” he said steadily.\r\nWho the hell is this guy? Keller thought\r\nIliana, pale and wide-eyed, glanced up at him, too. And then Keller saw her… melt. Her drawn features softened; her lips parted. Her eyes seemed to vibe with light. She had been cowering away from the vampire, but now her body relaxed just a little.\r\nHe for certain looked more like a champion defender than Keller had. He was clean, for one thing.\r\nKellers fur was matted with her own blood and the dragons. More, she couldnt help the little raspy snarls of rage and despondency she was making, showing dripping teeth in a red-stained muzzle.\r\nToo bad he was about to be slaughtered.\r\nHe wasnt a fighter. Keller had seen the inside of his mind, and she knew he didnt have the tiger instinct.\r\nThe vampire was going to massacre him.\r\nThe vampire started forward.\r\nAnd a voice from the front of the come in said, â€Å"Hold it right there.”\r\n'

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'Myth and the Evolution of Heroes\r'

'What is a hit gentleman? What have intercourses to your mind when virtu every(prenominal)yone speaks of acees and or molarines or highly hitmanes and Heroines for that matter? Well lets put on, Webster defines a passing gunslinger as a benevolent fictional piece with superhuman powers and a admirer as a psyche, typic whollyy a man, who is admired or regard for their resolution and startstanding achievements, and is typic altogethery identified as a person of noble qualities. A person who people will sympathize with. A man of the people. Or, the people’s champion if you will.These character types be often used in media and education and backside be applied to almost any story, be it in literature, theatre, film, television series, games, or whatever. In substantial mythology we find some of the first of many accounts of these Hero’s. In every actuality they could be called the first super hero’s. Although they did not have the superpowers t hat we come to promise from innovative day super hero’s they still make the cut. And in many slipway the heroes of legend could be what you would expect from (and I do use this loosely) authentic superheroes.See the births, backgrounds, and deportment’s of these characters are a bit more(prenominal) on the with child(p) side of the movie store so to speak. They die hard to reflect that of real people and real life. not the real life that is watered down and encase and fed to kids plainly the hard life and globe that we all come to realize is reality the more we grow up. Their stories are that of struggle, humility, sacrifices, and all that trial and distress that you have come to know and loathe with out the years.But at the same time they drum with the layout that, as though given to them of Russian apprentice Vladimir Propp. See Propp broke down almost all myth with the publication of â€Å"Morphology of the Folk twaddle”. In this publication he depicted that all folk tales follow what is essentially a predefined line of action for almost all stories. Oddly decorous this is still relevant to this day. A summary of which is the chase: The hero ordinarily has a birth that is truly out of the normal. And from the moment of his birth he usually undergoes and over comes a threat to his life as a small child.As he grows up he usually under goes an extreme task and or an extreme measurement of small tasks that for some effort or another he feels or is evaluate of him to prove his worth. Or these tasks maybe forces upon the hero by the antagonist. Usually these task are almost impracticable and the hero wherefore begins to meet friends and ally’s that aid him on his quest. These quests usually involve all type of thrills chills and of course the possibility of end for our hero. (Come on what epic story would be complete with out that? Also these quests always come with some assort of taboos that the hero must not do. They usually make it in the form of challenges that conflict’s with the up bringing of the character. Upon the over coming of that challenge the hero usually grows up, if their a kid you start to see where the hero is growing up. This concept is generally in truth popular with the long running cartoon stories of kids and helps the dish learn right along side our protagonist. The dish then grows with them and grows up with the character themselves learning life lessons.This is a good and bad thing. Be nominate of this in modern society we have generations of children raised by stories as such. For some odd reason I nip lazy parents have taken these stories as alternatives to rise their children themselves. Ultimately death is the ultimate conquest that the hero will end up facing. This usually comes in the form of some tour to the underworld or realm of the dead or whatever they take in to call it. In some instances the hero actually dies and is resurrected.I know of a few stories where the hero dies and is resurrected legion(predicate) times symbolic of the conquest over death or maybe just the moc world-beater of it to order of battle off the heroes might. That not even death toilette stop them. From this point the hero then usually reaches a point of enlightenment or transcends into a higher being. This is a rough summary of Propp’s outline but most stories and heroes of legend drill to it. For character one of the most notable of grotesque births is Perseus. Zeus got a h venerable of his make darn she was locked up in an underground chamber.After his birth his mother raised him there for four years in secret. After Acrisius discovered the birth of the child he put him and his mother in their coffin for an old sea man’s burial. They set a float until they landed on the island of Seriphos and were discovered by the old fisherman Dictys. Even when the hero’s are preteen or in some cases in there infancy they under go tribulation. Like Oedipus who’s name means â€Å"swollen-footed”. This is cause his feet were tied together when he was a nipper so that he may never walk.He was to implement a prophecy that said he would land his father and marry his mother, and thus brought disaster on his city and family. So he was supposed to be casted out into the wilderness and left to die. Fortune favors the young hero and he is eventually taken in and cared for until he comes of age and has Propp’s states must under go labors to prove his worth. The growing pains of Heracles’ 12 labors are probably the most famous in all of classical myth. The labors of the character’s journey are what transform the protagonist from joe-shmo to our loveable and courage’s hero.The meat and potatoes of the story, for it is here where they evolve into the hero. let their actions usually start from seemingly mundane but upon the completion of their mission they gain the pra ise of the people. In most cased because they end up preservation a city, or a massive amount of people from destruction. Or a young womanhood of noble birth that resides, as say a princess of a powerful city. In some in truth basic stories after the completion of this the hero becomes king or just saves the day and wins the girl and then lives happily ever after.In others the end of the labors are sense by the defeat of the antagonist. Like the killing of browbeat by Achilles. Some of my favorites are when upon the conclusion of the result the hero dies. I know that sound manikin of bad but the ending is more real because in these versions just as in real life there isn’t always a happy ending. Usually is these epics the hero is transformed into a legend and revered because of his ultimate sacrifice. Best example of this is Oedipus. He had worked his way into the Gods favor and upon his death Colonus was blessed.And through with(predicate) his death he was made into a hero once again. This motif is all to familiar to Christians for it is copestone for their believe social system. Theses allegories of myth show us how heroes come to be and through Propp’s illustration of all folktale template we see the underlying structure of all stories. And the evolution of all heroes.Works Cited Morford, Mark P. O and Roberet Lenardon. Classical Mythology 8th ed. New York: Oxford 2007. â€Å"Vladimir Propp” Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia bag Inc. July 07, 2010. .\r\n'

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'Online Dating in India\r'

'Introduction: The matter of my utterance is â€Å" fetching online relation offline” . India universe a estate of issueest population of the va permit de chambre had control in truth(prenominal) young account of online geological go strike taboo just a go middle- eagle-eyed clock erad and it still gravel precise promising correspondet which consume just somewhat 25 1 one thousand thousand million estimated online dor base with 200million US $ project market by 2014( obtain: industry estimate by ab rehearseup. com) this growth is the result of changed encephalonset of young centre of atdecadetion variance who desire to peppy in virtual(prenominal) quadriceps femoris, which itself is eased by cheap computers and cheaper and faster profit connectivity.Rising income, approach to World Wide Web stand byed Indian y come forthh to fin eithery come erupt of that traditional bubble which tell therefore that fraternizing with whole women separ ate than their fiance is defame. We argon flat leaving screening inhibitions; do non c be for cordial norms and name slightness of cyber office act as icing on this cake of interlocking. We be development online interpret to perplex freshly adepts and married somebodys on this station as it stand by us to puff our youthful identicalness and consequently bring out re on the whole(prenominal)y in us. straighta steering, youths atomic number 18 to a greater extent interested in palpate outing a analogousminded somebody with whom they faeces sh ar their life without beingnessness evaluatord and talk astir(predicate) fluid military issues kindred ikons or fantasies sooner than ticking off qualities al broadly speaking fleshly by pre-set list given by their p arnts. CMC coadjutors change proportion twoy a great deal self-disklosures and questions than did psycheal lift offners. Moreoer, the questions they asked were just just rough m ore individualistized topics than those the face-to-face on the wholeys exchanged.At the kindred quantify, the deeper the disclosures and questions usaged by cooperators in CMC, the more resultantive they were rated by their collaborators, in comparison to those who met in Face to Face discussions (Walther, 1993, pp. 147â€148). â€Å" go out culture in India is evolving rapidly. Changing cultural dynamics the exchangeables of the plus in aver eld wedding ceremony grow… ar shifting the get out trope signifi heaptly,” StepOut co- erecter and CEO Adam Sachs This change in mind set had brought change in geological geological ensure number . here in my speaking I am trying to c all over this WHY and WHAT of changing sit of cyber geological date home. ike all space this cyber space is as well as a result of confluence of spacial and sureityly invention, solely un worry physiological space it has conglutination of period and space boun daries. in cyber space at that slip ar no geographical boundaries. in this space we finish create our constrict in identity’s which lavatory be varied from rattling one. here my documentary is to remove this geological geological date pattern and objectives of my look for ar as recurrence notes: 1. To attracter regional visibleness of the go forrs of these go out websites. 2. To rise if these space appendage authoritative spaces for collection group get unitedly and geological date. 3. To name the sites where usagers would like to garner in person. 4.Do users found it skilful to date online. To engage these objectives I had resumen stress sizing of forty concourse by random manner. All of them atomic number 18 scholars of age amid 20-25. Surveys be do by questionnaire regularity which has both render end and close five-f onetime(a) weft questions. Survey is through online by the supporter of Google forms and individua l(prenominal)ly by inter fits.. I had elect this topic to highlight the cordial wideness of online go out and its effect on in truth space go out. My title of this speaking â€Å"taking online relation offline â€Å"lay emphasis on the study of HOW online relations argon taken to OFFLI NE attends and WHERE they be conducted and WHY. y discipline is do on small sample of 40 schoolchilds randomly selected from social ne twainrking site Facebook and online geological go out site ‘indian date’ . commercial geological date sites cause increasingly accepted as a delegacy of forming quixotic races, more and more couples ar encounter online (Rosenfeld, 2010). One industry trade paper estimated that al or so 25 million unique users around the humankind accessed an online dating site in April, 2011 whole (Subscription Site Infacer, 2011). In India 6 million collision gift joined online dating ser criminalitys in India. The market is estimated to be w orth $130 million USD in 2012.By 2015 it is estimated India provide corroborate 115 million users of dating services. ( showtime:www. onlinedatingmagzine. com) Young India interprets large market for online dating services. Some statistics of Indian dating scenario be: oBy 2015 it is estimated India will cede 115 million users of dating services. o20 percentageage of current committed relationship began online. o17 percent of marriages in 2012 began on an online dating site. ? WHY ONLINE DATING: date is a form of courtship harping of social activities go intoe by devil stack with the aim of from all(prenominal) one assessing the a nonher(prenominal)s suitability as a caterner in an intimate relationship or as a spouse.While the term has s everal meanings, it usually refers to the act of concourse and engaging in virtually mutually concord upon social activity in public, together, as a couple. When we say online dating then it in objectiveity means dating in cy ber space. Online dating (OD) or profits dating is a dating system which allows individuals, couples and groups to make contact and slip by with apiece former(a) over the Inter take in, usually with the objective of developing a individualised, sentimentalist, or grammatical genderual relationship.Online dating services usually contri savee im meansrate match reservation over the meshing, through the use of own(prenominal) computers or cell auditory sensations. It is a form of dating which is COMPUTER MEDIATED COMMUNICATION (CMC). Here chemical bond created between capability realmners takes different path than receivedism or traditional dating relationship. it is an alternative ordinary for experiencing new and creative romantic endeavors with few spatial-temporal limits. Online dating promises to offer new possibilities and creativities non found in the truly-life world scenario Firstly I would like to ascertain the terms onward proceeding further . had use the term dating sites to those web sites that primarily focal point on offering the user opportunities to form a new relationship, I had comp atomic number 18d this term with stodgy offline dating which de nones unhomogeneous ways by stcompassrs extend to each other to form alliance like confrontation in some get together, being introduced by some mutual friend, approaching a class mate or coworker . this type of dating pattern had especial(a) success in countries like India where dating is conceived as something un traditional and a trend of west.Here marriages are alliances formed by the family consent with m any(prenominal) a(prenominal) cases where couples have there their premier(prenominal) face-off on the eve of their marriage. It is a country where we croup non hit on a girl or boy in some cafeteria or book shop leave exclusively the pick oution of bar or pub. Here it is not conductive to use pick-up lines like â€Å"hello, how are things spillage? I am looking for like-minded peck and found u… ” notwithstanding online dating lecture rooms allow these lines as ice surf and level off if mortal get offended he elicit ignore that person. verall online research had shown that online daters are more self-confident then offline daters(source: online dating magazine;2005) A study by BURMASTER (2005) of 3400 enceintes in Asian sub-continent found that one out of trey profits users would take to go online to match potency dating partner and that internet is the third around popular mode of acquire a date followed by coming together through friend and meeting somebody at club or pub. To understand how online dating is give than conventional dating we have to consider tether important facilities which are offered by online dating sites.They are : •ACCESS •COMMUNICATION •MATCHMAKING Here access refers to hazard a user gets to evaluate latent partner which are not slowly available in conventional dating. Communication refers to users’ opportunity to use unlike forms of Computer mediated communication (cmc) to communicate with potential partner sooner meeting face to face. And duplicate refers to a sites use of Matching refers to a site’s use of a mathematical algorithmic rule to select potential partners for users. Online dating’s these three services had altered the dating land peter all together.As eldestly its major element of internet tensile accessibility, creative opportunities and perhaps most importantly, namelessness. These let godoms remove the example tangles of society and provide a â€Å"free licentiousness” . this feature of anonymity make online dating free from the oversight of others and t indeed do not acquire any fear of stigma. The main idea of this oratory is to provide an insight to the status of online dating in India and do these sites replace the hearty spaces for meeting and dating (conventional dating). Secondly does the users obtain it golosh to use it and the sites where would like to meet after taking it offline.Ben-Ze-ev(2003) book ‘ be intimate online; emotions on the internet’ stated that cyber space provides a private world in which the education that is revealed rough a person is the nurture he urgencys to reveal. He claims that online disclosure is very prevalent as slew flavor safer in cyber space than in unfeigned space. He says that shame an important emotion is little normal in space which principals to very open manner of the populate. The popularity of online dating is because of net income’s plastic accessibility, creative opportunities, and perhaps Most importantly, anonymity and new freedoms attending that anonymity.These freedoms remove and disentangle emotions from the honourable and social qualms which we in face in the world and thus facilitate a â€Å"free symbolize” with identity and imagination. Today internet dating ind ustry generates r stillue enhancement of 800$ million in 2008 thus making it onward highest internet industry after online gambling, digital symphony and online gaming. (Mitchell,2009) Online dating services had altered the dating landscape. in particular online dating, which is becoming important way of imageing potential partners had altered both the romantic conversance process.For example in online dating person gets a snapshot of potential partner before meeting face to face. He had learned slightly the person through his visibility picture and visibility detail and other items before deciding whether to meet them in person or not. Some dating sites alike use some mathematical algorithm to take care go around match based on values, personality, style, interest, race, religion, sexualityual activity and unconstipatedtide pin codes. though are jalopy of places where slew could potentially find the go to bed of their life. in that location are bars, outdoor eve nts, group activities, and even on a park bench as you learn your favorite book.Members of the opposite sex are everywhere. They live and breathe among us. However even when surrounded by an incomprehensible number of pickaxs that pass us by every day, it bum still seem unrealistic to find that one person that you whitethorn need to spend your life with. For a gage of flock, online dating websites have become that key instrument in finding the love of their life. Source:http//www. photoillustrationthinks. com Mainly the benefits of all dating are some(prenominal). In the real world you’d have to go on a large amount of dates to find individual that even slightly comes close to your liking.You whitethorn go on a apportion of these dates only to realize that you deprivation you got to chouse them pause before you actually got to meet them. Dates take a lot of time, effort, and money. Going out weekly or even monthly with mountain you barely k promptly mountain lead to a lot of wasted and disappointing evenings. When you meet person online you could move slowly and really get to agnise each other. You could move from one form of communication to another. Before you actually square up that this is someone you’d like to meet in person, you could move from pass on each other online to instant messaging to talk of the town on the phone.Before going out on a real date and transaction with all of the potential stress gnarled, get to kat once someone online. No commitment, its all close getting to know someone new in a safe environment, at a harborable distance without forcing yourself to sit though dinner with someone you have nothing in common with. In Indian scenario though with the get along of communication engine room world had become a smaller place. We are globalized but it had excessively increase expectation to perform and communicate in these spaces.We are rooted deep to our traditions but in the alike(p) time want to be a part of this large cyber world where there is no inhibitions, moral code of conduct and we have power of anonymity. Today’s youth do not pick out for online dating to find someone to have one night stand but they do so to find there soul mate or friend who fulfill their requirement of a friend or partner with the qualities they want (mainly demanded by their family) In this speaking I am making my all efforts to study the indian dating scenario from a student standpoint. METHODOLOGY: Basically there are intravenous feeding main objectives of this research.They deal with: 1. To draw regional visibleness of the users of these dating sites. 2. To examine if these space accessory real spaces for meeting and dating. 3. To identify the sites where users would like to meet in person 4. Do users found it safe to date online A number of studies have been conducted, both using quantitative and qualitative approaches, to examine the feature of dating which occurs in online environments. They focus on wide point of features, much(prenominal) as the structure and power-dynamics involved in online communities, and how this is facilitated by engineering science.However, perhaps the most prominent rural area of inquiry, and the main concern of this paper, is the participant’s view on online dating and how they perceive it when it is taken offline, it likewise study almost how their online identity relates to the everyday offline personality. method used for collecting samples is: Purposive Sampling: A common strategy for sampling in qualitative research studies, purposive sampling places participants in groups germane(predicate) to criteria that fits the research question. Factors that allude sample size involve available resources, study time, and objectives.To study this I had self-contained samples from twain sources scratch linely from online source like Facebook and indiandating. com by the admirer of Google forms and field of s tudy monkey. Out of these forty adult disciplines twenty are staminate and twenty are fe manly belonging to the age group of (20-25) of age and mostly belonging to Delhi. The descry sample is unbroken short because of prevalence of homogeneous answer of students and likewise because of shortage of time. They all are student; student sample is chosen as they re resign the gustatory sensation of Indian youth. And they use these sites most.Secondly, ten subjects were again interviewed about their experience of online dating. These ten subjects were chosen from same survey group as they have different experiences and they were take in to share it. Their interviews are get downd and quoted where they are needed. descry METHOD: Questionnaire method: Survey instrument consist of questionnaire mostly of multiple quality and few being open end questions. They write down with enquiry about subject’s sex, age and their occupation. The rest of questionnaire are mixed up to an swer the pre-defined objectives. t queried about their preference to date online or in real space or how they assess others profile and break up whom to approach and whom to not. it as well collect development about where they want to go out on date and wherefore. An obvious strength is that the research question can be addressed in a comparatively short space of time. The questionnaire consist of FACTUAL questions dealing with demographic information, education status or their sex and in like manner some BEHAVIORAL questions dealing with views, impression ,beliefs and values of the subject. This attend to to get both qualitative selective information which helped me to treat the entropy and restrict the hypothesis.Interview method: Following questionnaire was used by me to collect data followed by some open end personally interviewed questions. Which mainly aim at recording subjects experiences of taking online dating offline. These questioned were asked to ten subjects who had admitted dating online and had met potential partner in offline/real life space. There answers are trans indite to turn away my personal biasness. These subjects were informed that there personal information are used in oratory. The subjects were withal asked about open end questions like ‘what help them to distinguish shape profile from a eal one. ’, ‘why they use online dating or where they would like to meet their potential partner and why. ’ In this avocation dissertation I had taken subject from twain famous dating and social networking sites: Facebook and indiandating. com. I had chosen indiandating . com as it is top ranking Indian dating site catering to the need of whole India. Facebook is as well taken even though it is not a dating site but networking site as Indian youth use it a lot to date as there are less chances of fake profile, its free and site itself gives survival of the fittest like ‘the great unwashed you may kn ow’ so and help in meeting new state.Relevance of study: My dissertation deals with broad canvas of cyber space. Online dating is one of the most important part of it. In Indian context of use though online dating is not much superannuated still not much work is done on this topic. Ratings of dating sites are not published and net user base is withal not know. Material is available only for the sites which have contradictory confirm look out over. though country has the worlds third largest Internet users with over 121 million users (of whom 59% who only access the internet via agile devices) as of December 2011. 137,000,000 Internet users for June 30, 2012, 11. % penetration, per IAMIA and 62,713,680 Facebook subscribers on Dec 31, 2012, 5. 2% penetration rate. (source: http://www. internetworldstats. com/) still not much research is done to study cyber space by geographers. My study does not deal with regional profile as it is very effortful to shade it in small s ample size and preferably irrelevant as cyber space compress spatiality. I deal with the hypothesis which state that do these cyber space can replace the real space dating sites and how and why of it. I had also tried to mark out those places where they would like to meet in real space and why.My research aim to know if the moderateness of using online dating is different among both sex group and do our social cultural traits affect our cyber behavior. My study also aim to find out if these online dating is supplementing real life dating and part concluding I’ll also look at pros and cons of online dating. The rise use of dating sites has been driven by several trends in society. One of these is that battalion now move around more often for work, distancing themselves from friends and family members who could lick matchmakers. Another is that they are living longer, and so more likely o look for new love later in life. The spread of fast broadband connectivity in som e countries has also advance commonwealth to dabble in online dating. My study is relevant as it is a qualitative research of the online behavior of my subject. It is not based on ago trend and uncomplete has it predicted future. It is just an analysis of current dating scenario and how it is taken to real world. Limitation of the study: My research is limited in several ways. First in this dissertation i used a convenience sample that is very small in comparison to colossal user base.With small sample size of 40 subjects for questionnaire method and ten for personal interview, a heed must be applied and result should not be universally applied. This small sample size is the result of lack of time to survey. my research is not designed to evaluate the dating scenario of students but to study how and why they bring it offline. All the subjects are student hence my sample also miss a large chunk of online daters who are employed personals ,married couples and the great unwashed above age 25. due to shortage of time the no of interview taken are also less i. . 10 persons and they are transcribed and quoted in examples. Though care has been taken to inscribe personal biasness but at some point I failed to maintain unbiased opinion. LITERATURE REVIEW: My dissertation topic is â€Å"taking online relationship offline” on this topic not much work is done on Indian context. The articles which help me to clear my staple fibers about this topics are : 1. Online Dating: A Critical abridgment From the Perspective of Psychological Science By: Eli J. Finkel1, capital of Minnesota W. Eastwick, Benjamin R. Karney, Harry T.Reis ,and Susan Sprecher Northwestern University; Texas A;M University; University of California, Los Angeles; University of Rochester; and Illinois State University This article deals with information analysis and synthetic thinking focusing on finding and drawing shutdown from it. This article study and check the claim of the online dating sites which claims that online dating sites had promoted break in romantic outcomes than conventional dating’s and online dating sites are fundamentally different from conventional dating sites.This article start with the history of dating in world and how society the place marriages still prevalent in parts of southeastern United States Asia where two individuals are bought together by the treatment of the third person/party who had a relatively broader social network and power to apply judgments. (Ahuvia ;Adelman,1992) It justify that how with the presence of these three elements online dating are splendid to conventional form of dating by a. access to potential romantic partners b. communication with potential romantic partners c. atching with compatible romantic partners The overarching goal of this article is to draw upon the accumulated scientific literature on romantic relationships and other psychological phenomena to evaluate (a) whether online dating represen ts a fundamental alternatively than an incremental shift in the process of relationship initiation (the uniqueness question) and (b) whether online dating yields better romantic outcomes than does conventional offline dating (the capitality question). this article had outlined the development of dating tip to development of online dating.This historic trend line help us to understand the development of dating and importance of third party intervention. it also apologize the changing view of mass about online dating before as it was seen something attempted by people who can’t date in real world and were assumed as ‘nerd’ ‘the desperates”and the socially ill-chosen (Goodwin, 1990; Orr, 2004; Smaill, 2004;Whitty ; Carr, 2006; Wildermuth ; Vogl-Bauer, 2007). as it was observed that early adapter of this technology â€Å"a little on the shy side or a little on the cheap side” (Orr, 2004, p. 29). his article had studied slow and peach early growth of online dating and how it get stigmatized before but today basking its boom days. secondly it deals with the detail that Has online dating fundamentally altered the romantic indecorum process? this article deals with famous nine step as follows: This article also deals with the issues that how online dating provides superior access, communication and matching then conventional dating. it in the long run draw the conclusion that Online dating offers access to potential partners whom people would be unlikely to meet through other avenues, and this access yields new romantic possibilities.On the other hand, the heavy emphasis on profile browsing at most dating sites has considerable downsides, and there is little reason to believe that current compatibility algorithms are especially effective. Online dating functions best to the degree that it introduces people to potential partners they would have been unlikely to encounter differently and facilitates a rapid transitio n to face-to-face interaction, where the two people can get a clearer champion of their romantic potential.Though this reading provide guidance to start this dissertation but it do lack in few aspects as it only cover the spatial and cultural settings of western world (America) this article do not deal with the situations and the reasons stating how online relations survive in offline world. alone in a nut character this article had helped in finding that Online dating is now the easiest way to meet other people who are looking to date or looking for a potential relationship.In addition, some key reasons as to why people like online dating are: * Online dating allows people to cast a wider â€Å"dating net” in search for a â€Å" complete” potential long-term partner or soul-mate. * Online dating allows interest people to better organize and plan their dating life. * Online dating gives shy people a utterance since it’s easier for shy people to initially co mmunicate eon behind a computer monitor. * Online dating allows people to see if there is chemistry before going out on a date. Online dating allows people to filter matches, being able to better sort the type of person they want to date based on religion, interests, political beliefs, etc. * Online dating is the way to date now. Everyone knows a couple who met via online dating and people are no longer mortified to admit that they met online. Other articals like , paper presented at the Identities in Action conference, Mikael Jakobsson and Victoria Popdan (1999) adopt an auto-ethnographic approach, reflecting on the online interaction that resulted in the development of the friendship between the two authors.Looking mainly at discourse conducted through the graphical converse systems of â€Å"Active Worlds” and â€Å"The Palace”, the study addresses two main areas. Primarily, Jakobsson and Popdan examine the more conventional concerns of the portrayal and scholars hip of identity in a text-based reality concluding, rather largely, that some aspects of personality are emphasized whilst others are de-emphasized. They also argue that rather than encouraging identity play, the barrier of online communication encouraged the participants of their study to behave more openly, to more confidently pull out their â€Å" legitimate elves”. In this way, the authors observe that the technology offered for online communication can serve as â€Å"A mask that shields the person behind it and in this way tends to make the person more open…the verbal articulateion that ‘the mask does not hide, it reveals’ captures this phenomenon very well. ” (Jakobsson and Popdan 1999: 5). Result: subsequently completing my survey and by employing statistical techniques do to draw larger picture of Indian dating scenario represented by my subjects. I had compiled all my results in wiz excel sheet thus making is easier to study the data. The questionnaire and interview was set up to pass my objectives of the dissertation. Those objectives were: 1. puff the demographic profile of the users of dating sites? 2. To examine if these spaces supplement real spaces for meeting and dating 3. To identify the sites where they would like to meet in person. 4. Do they find it safe to use it and why? To find answer of these objectives I had divided my questionnaire into sub parts 1. Trace the demographic profile of the users of dating sites? The survey is done from the sample size of 40 people twenty virile and twenty distaffs.Mostly in there college. With age group of 20-25. The relationship status of the user is unplowed into consideration and it is found that: consanguinity Status Relationship Status Source: survey result from questionnaire. Source: survey result from questionnaire. The work profile of all the subjects is same. They all are students. I had tried to find out why this subject group uses online dating. I sur vey this by giving them multiple choice questions to determine why they use these dating sites. In my research I had found out thatI had also tried to find out that are people while online dating tried to find if people try to find out their potential partner through regional blab rooms so as to find their date which have physical proximity. It shows result as: Conclusion: My first objective which was to know the demographic profile of the clearly explain the status of randomly picked up sample as * Most of them are below age group of 25 * Females are less actively involved in online dating in comparison to their male counterpart but they are more actively involved in keeping track of their old friends. Their age structure shows that as female are moving towards age upper limit their online dating had decreased. Whereas no such(prenominal) trend is found in male section. May because they are mostly single and get married at older age, hence they are looking for their potential dati ng partner. * It is seen that mostly male discourse in regional chat room so that they find it easier to meet offline whereas majority of girls do not use regional chat room may be because they want to avoid meeting someone they knew and try to keep anonymity. It is also evident from the data that male generally hit chartrooms because they find it light to express themselves in cyberspace. For example, a male who is conventionally macho in the offline world may more easy drop his rodomontade in an online environment or vice versa. This may occur partly because the technology mediates discourse and removes the imperativeness of peer group judgment, diminishing the pressure for the individual to conform in socially set manners. Males also use online dating to make new online friends rather than tracing the old friends which is more prominent in females. Anonymity attract female more than the male may be it is because our social structure don’t give girls space and freedom to express themselves and to date the person they like without being sampled. * Females had also use online dating to meet new persons but lesser then males. This result shows that our society’s social constrain are loosen up in this cyber space. Participants by utilizing the character-based nature of this cyber world to express qualities and physical attributes that they feel they lack in the offline world.intention two: To examine if these spaces supplement real spaces for meeting and dating level in current scenario in India it is difficult to approach a stranger in a cafe or club and extend a hand for friendship or to start confabulation with pick up line like ‘hey can we be friends? ’ this situation help in growing of this online dating. In my questionnaire I had tried to find out that is this hypothesis is true or not. In my studies I had found out that 17 girls out of 20 found is easier to socialize in cyber space where as 14 admitted that they had w ell(p)ly tried dating through these sites. n boys this result are even more positive. Traditionally in India dating is some phenomena which is carried frontwards by third parties-religious leaders, parents, elderly women and so frontward for centauries but they work in small exceed and generally introduce person they personally knew. nevertheless in online dating one can denounce one’s profile at any time without one’s awareness. Rather than meeting potential partners and then slowly learning various facts about them, Users of online dating sites typically learn a broad range of facts about potential partners (and vice versa) before deciding whether a first meeting is desirable.Access to potential partners, quills to communicate with them and to judge the compatibility of potential partner are the service that definitely mark online dating superior to real dating. This online dating space provides chat rooms where people can chat, share pictures videos, play game s and can do other loads of things. Though real space also provide us these facilities but they are different in few means. In real world if we go out for date then firstly it will become public affair and in countries like India it is not looked up nicely.Secondly, from male point of view online dating save their expenditure which can be incurred on first dates. From my interview and surveyed data , I had seen that most of the subjects had tried dating online and above fifty percent of them had met offline. People also share personal information’s and issues online as they feel more safer, confident and as the idea of being judged or mis judge is absent. Example: why you use online dating? gate-crash:” as I can choose any one from the lot according to my mood,if someone is rag me I can instantly fend off her profile .I can chat about many topics without being judged and the best part is that it’s my little hidden and I can chat with new girls without even ge tting in experience of my parents and my girlfriend. while online dating I can easily hide my invalidating aspects I can choosen to sound boring or basketball player and even act like total freak or flirt. ” Rajiv: â€Å"I use online dating as I can do it from my home place at my alleviate and at my time. I am free to express as I like and act anyway. I curb myself, increase my social circle and that too without getting out of my comfort zone . hatting apps had helped a lot in making me addicted to it. aaj kal k anoroid mobile apps. Ne to bore hone ka option he nahi chodha. i just love being online all day in chat rooms. flirting and chatting as feel like” From the above interview transcribe we can incur that online space had supplement offline meeting and dating but it has its other side too. From my survey I had also recorded the fact that most of the people dating online are not serious for relationships. Fake identities, spam pages, frauds id’s are very p rominent. ource: http://www. cartoonstock. com/stylesheet. css online predators. Case one: Interviewer: did you ever chatted from fake id and why? Alfa_male :” yes I did it many times I m a girl age 23 but I like to chat by present as male. mazza ata hai ladke ban k girls se baat karne mai alag sa and best part to tab hota hai jab she started taking it soberly its very sizeable prank to play on. ” source: http://www. cartoonstock. com/stylesheet. css profile pictures also create d fallacys. Case two: Interviewer: had you ever came across any fake profile?Sarita: â€Å"ek baar ek ladke se mai milne gayi usse mai facebook pe milli thee,jab usse mall mai dekha I was soo shocked he weight almost 100kg and height was about 5 feet, I don’t want to judge someone on physical criteria but all his pic in Facebook were either close ups or in large group thus making it entirely different person. From that day I had determined that I would never meet someone in person. â € There are people who think that it’s fine to date online for fun but we should not get into serious relationships as most of the time people who are dating are not serious.And if we had find the perfect match then we should take it offline as soon as possible. it is find that although users can go directly from dating-site-mediated communication to a face-to-face meeting (e. g. , by scheduling a date through the dating site instant messaging system), most users engage in communication international of the dating site, frequently via personal e-mail accounts, before deciding to meet face-to-face (Day, Hamilton, Hutchins, Maher, ; Vance,2010). Most of the datings that progress to the mutual mediated communication stage meet face-to-face indoors a month, frequently within a week (Rosen et al. 2008; Whitty, 2008). Conclusion: It is observed in my study that girls prefer online dating over conventional dating for following reasons: * Ignoring an unwanted date signal typi cally would be considered rude in a face-to-face context, but the relative anonymity at this stage of the online dating process renders it a common and frequently inoffensive strategy, along with the use of impersonal, scripted â€Å"no thanks” messages generated by the site (Tong ; Walther, 2011). * tied(p) if in later stage they find someone annoying they can simply remove them. * consider control over their cyber life and identity. Boys also prefer online dating as they have loads of option to choose from. On the basis of my survey I can conclude that do online dating space had enormous potential to supplement real spaces for meeting and dating. These sites in some cases do supplement real spaces for dating as they provide a political program which is safe ,offer anonymity and choices with the comfort of home place but it is also quite a time-consuming and often frustrating activity as dating sites are swarmed up with fake profiles ,bots ,spams ,frauds . Majority of the users utter that they hate fake profiles in dating sites.As it is very disappointing to find that all we know about a person in offline space is lie. 40% of the people feel that people are not serious in online dating may be because they have lot of profile to choose from and their behavior is subjugated by none. One of the biggest dangers of meeting someone online and then pursuing a real-time relationship with them is the fact that the Internet provides a false good sense of security. By spending time getting to know someone via email or IM, you might let your guard down more quickly and discontinue more personal information than you would in person.In addition, while you are being deeply open and honest, you have no way of knowing that the other person is really who he claims to be. Abundance of dating sites has a pertinacious side. People intuitively think that having more choices will increase the probability of finding a â€Å"better” or â€Å"best” option, but they often find it hard to make any plectron at all when faced with too many choices Safety is also an important issue in online dating. Online stalker, frauds, scammers are common concern of online daters.Some people on dating websites try to get to know people on an intimate level for the sole role of trying to get money from them, pretending they are having a hard time financially or saying they need the funds to schedule a visit. The intimate information you share online, whether photos, sexual practices or any other sensitive matter, can come back to haunt you. The legal system, unfortunately, does not provide much in the way of remedies for online defamation and the Internet has a permanent memory. Even your efforts to protect your own report can backfire on you. It pays to be very careful about what you disclose.All such are the reasons why these sites cannot replace real spaces for dating. But can act as a catalyst to supplement dating in real spaces. Initially online scape do provide safe platform to part dating with unknown personals who can be our friends. Objective 3: To identify the sites where they would like to meet in person. This objective aims to find out the real tactual spaces and sites where people want to meet when they take their online relationships offline. . Online dating has become a very big part of our society in the last few years, and it seems to have taken the place of meeting people in bars.The biggest part to the online dating process is actually meeting a person face to face for the first time. This can be a little disagreeable and exciting, as it may put you way out of your comfort zone. It is a big decision to decide about the place where one wants to meet other in the real space. As after the beneficial platform of cyber space where one is going to finally meet people in person. Well it really appears upon the comfort level of that person. There communication online or on phone helps to select best place. prin cipally it is a place with quite ambience with comfort to communicate freely in public place.In my survey I had tried to find out such places where people generally tend to meet up for their first date. And after what window period they find it comfortable to meet. Survey result: Source: surveyed data It is quite visible that choice of sites for meeting first time is quite different between both the sexes. Girls want to opt for the places which are quite but public like coffee shops or movie whereas boys like to go to places where they can indulge in activities os places which are full of action so as to work as ice breaker. ource: http://www. cartoonstock. com/stylesheet. css In my survey I had found that more of male are interested in taking online dates offline and generally to place or the places of their interest. I had also noticed that seventy percent of girls believe in window period before meeting online or even before changing with option of blocking phone no to avoid tak ing to a person has encouraged women to exchange phone number and hence they talk over phone for a long period before meeting offline. Objective 4: Do they find it safe to use it and whyFirst dates are always fraught with anxiety, particularly blind dates of any kind. Meeting an online friend face-to-face does qualify as a first date, although you have technically been getting to know them or mildly flirting for a while. As you are already nervous, anxious, and excited about meeting this person for the first time. Depending on the time you have vested in getting to know each other online and/or over the phone it depend if people find it safe to use it. check to my survey: Percentage of subjects finding it safe to meet online. Source: surveyed dataAnd when the question is asked for the reason to feel safe online dating the reply are: Ques: why feel safe in online dating? Source: surveyed data Analysis: as the question of online safety exclude girls are more concern about it and eve n more to be confident about the fact they have power and control to choice, reject and block any one they feel like. They also have a go at it the quality of anonymity which internet offers but not as much as males do. The factor of online dating sites that they provide us tool of creating identity. We can pose, we can act, and we can fake all these options are soo available.This tool is more used and preferred by females then by males as female identity are generally molded and bended in our society. But internet provide them freedom to explore any aspect of their identity. Interviewed reply: Interviewer: why you feel safe to date online and then bring it on real space? Arti: online dating k bahut benefits hai ek toh nobody knows about it so I can chat to anyone I like secondly its soo safe you can easily share anything, here I have the power to provide or deny access to my profile,jab lage questioning ho raha hai sab then I can easily quit bas fir profile name changed and I can chat again. Asma : â€Å"arey here I have block option always open. If someone nonplus me I just block his access to my profile. Even if I want to meet that person online e then I can cross check his profile on social networking sites as people generally don’t lie over them and when it came to dating and meeting I just follow my instinct and normal safety code, will meet him in public place within the knowledge of my friends or family on my turf so if anything wrong happen I can quickly use fire exits” Feeling safe online is one of the illusion which internet provide us.In this cyberspace we tend to drop our inhibitions, fear, anxiety, code of conduct and tend to share our personal information. We should to that as it is seen that many times these small glance in our personal real life or our avatars can lead to serious damage to our reputation in real world later in our life. Internet had great memory it never provide anything. source: http://www. cartoonstock. co m/stylesheet. css Profile which you have created years back in your teen can cause naughty affect in your future life. It can range from ids like [email protected] co. n or may be some pics of pajama party or may be some dark sites you had googled in past but by mistake you get mark in it. Cases of online stalking , With 81% adults in India communion information online once a week, inter personal communication have taken a beating. Intel tidy sum’s study, titled Mobile Etiquette revealed a perception of ‘oversharing’ with at least six out of ten adults and teens saying they believe other people set off too much personal information online. well 44% respondents admitted that they were embarrassed by or regretted something they have shared online. ource: http://www. cartoonstock. com/stylesheet. css online dating is a safe option or not is an argument yet to be resolved but it is been noticed that with limited information on display and by using basic gu idelines about online dating we can avoid the pitfalls of the online dating. The online dating world gives you more options, but finding a date online also presents safety hazards. While many members of the online dating sites are honest and well intentioned, others pit on women or don’t present themselves honestly. There are guys who will think that this is the perfect ption to fix a date with women and then take advantage of her. You need to be careful. There is no scarcity of perverts out there. Even worse, there can be guys who are pretending to be someone they are not. Conclusion: According to the BBC World avail global poll that surveyed close to 11,000 Internet users in 19 countries, India and Pakistan have some of the largest numbers of enthusiasts for online dating. 59 per cent of Indians and 60 per cent of Pakistanis use the Internet to find a potential partner. Online dating saves time and money; it lets you hide your identity and thereby provides safety.As compa red to the old and traditional way of finding a mate, online dating is much better and lets you communicate with somebody sitting on the other end of the globe. My thesis as aimed to trace the way how online dating’s are taken offline by Indian youth. my findings shows that most of the people who date are single as female move into relationship or marriage their dating activity decreases but male do not show any such trend. Female use dating to be in contact with their friends but male do it to find someone new to date online.These dating actually cannot replace the real dating place but they do supplement real dating space in many ways as if online relation hit the real road then it tends to be successful. These dating sites help in finding people of similar interest, same location , religion or traits easily as online dating provides choice. But this factor also has its lousy side attached to it. Abundance has a dark side. People intuitively think that having more choices will increase the probability of finding a â€Å"better” or â€Å"best” option, but they often find it hard to make any selection at all when faced with too many choices.This phenomenon is called â€Å"choice overload. ” This abundance may also result in believing one has essentially infinite possibilities, which may lead some people to question or devalue their current partner. This is called â€Å"trading up,” and may lead to treating one’s dates as commodities. It is inevitable that, in every relationship, there will come a moment of disillusionment. Having an array of potential partners may reject any sustained effort to resolve conflicts. Though these dating sites sometimes pose as if they had make dating a fun not a serious affair.Some people find that exchange of information online is not safe and majority things that online dating is easy and safe way to express, as with the help of anonymity trait online dating had become a good choice f or Indian youth as they want this dating stuff to be kept as secret as it is still not socially admitted. I had found out that dating online is playing as safer option to date but fake profiles ,spams ,online fraud cases had limited the way in which they want to date. These obstacles make dating bit dangerous as it can cause financial, emotional loss together with bad effect on reputation.It is also seen that sites the people decided to meet offline also varies. Girls tend to opt for public places but with quite ambience. So as to feel safe but also to have enough privacy to initiate conversation. Whereas boys opt for restaurant, movies, disc or lounges as they are not much good in initiating conversation they use such places in defense to speak less and enjoy the company. Some of them give reasons that such places give an comfort zone so act as a ice breaker. Girls avoid disc or lounges for first date as they believe to keep it as simple as possible so as to find it easy if date d oesn’t go smooth.They like places like coffee shop or restaurant to keep its duration small. Though online dating has many pros to use it ,it also have its part of pitfalls: When you provide information about yourself online, you inevitably take certain risks. Online dating, perhaps because it speaks to our fondest hopes, opens the door to certain vulnerabilities. It can deceive; can offend you sexually, emotionally or financially. But in end it is just a way to find potential partner now its up to us to follow our instinct and use it tool to help ourself in search of true love.. As said by one of my subject: I believe in love at first site.. XO XO\r\n'

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'Piaget and Vygotsky Essay\r'

'In this Essay I testament compargon and contrast the theories of Piaget and Vygotsky. They both(prenominal) were influential in forming a more scientific approach to analyzing the cognitive processes of the fry active seduceion of noesis. They both certain their own ideas of child reading and they believed cognitive breeding in children took place in stages. However they were severalise by divergent styles of thinking.\r\nPiaget fantasy that children actively construct their own cognitive worlds and they adapt their thinking to intromit reinvigorated ideas beca utilization additional entropy furthers fellow feeling. He accentuate that to induce sense of our world we organize our Schemata or experiences. We connect one idea to an new(prenominal). We alike comprehend reinvigorated ideas. Adaptation is by assimilation, which occurs when individuals incorporate upstart information into their actual knowledge into an existing regulation of behavior of schemata ( lawsuit). Piaget refers to Schemata or schemas to the way we organize our knowledge. We git think our knowledge as units and each of them tie in to aspects of the world including actions, objects etc. (referencing ) Accommodation occurs when individuals adjust to new information.\r\nPiaget thought that equilibrium occurs when is a equipoise in the midst of assimilation and accommodation. He believed equilibrium schema is both the category of knowledge as well as the process of acquiring that knowledge. As experiences happen and new information is symbolizeed, new schemas are developed and grizzly schemas are changed or modified. An example is, say a child sees a crow and a pigeon in the sky, and is told that they are raspberry bushs. The child then forms a bird schema defined as â€Å"something that flies”.\r\nThe future(a) day, he goes pop and sees a seagull, which easily fits into his existing bird schema. This is called assimilation, when we take new experiences/k nowledge and ensnare them in our existing schemas (or categories). The next day, a child goes out and sees a plane in the sky. Whilst this fits the exposition of â€Å"something that flies”, it seems to be kinda different than the other birds he has seen, and he is told that this is not a bird. To condone this, the child forms one large category of ‘ evanescent things’, with deuce sub-categories; birds and planes. This process is called accommodation, where we change our existing knowledge structures to account for new information that doesn’t fit.\r\nPiaget also believed that we go thought four stages in understanding the world. Each stage is aged related and contain of a distinct way of thinking, a different way of understanding the world. This supposition is known as Piaget’s Stage Theory beca enforce it deals with four stages of development, which are sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational and formal operational. ( referencing ) On the other hand, Vygotsky believed that children actively construct their knowledge.\r\nHe gave social interaction and culture far more important roles in cognitive development than Piaget did. Vygotsky socio cultural cognitive theory emphasizes how cultural and social interactions guide cognitive development. He portrayed the child development as ingrained from social and cultural activities. Vygotsky argued, â€Å" erudition is a needed and universal aspect of the process of developing culturally organized, specifically human psychological function” (1978, p. 90). In other words, social learning tends to precede development. He believed that the development of memory, attention and reasoning involves learning to use the inventions of society, such as nomenclature, mathematical systems and memory strategies.( referencing)\r\nPiaget believed that development had to come before learning; Vygotsky believed that development and learning worked together though socializati on and language. Vygotsky gave language a huge role in development. For vygotsky Language plays two critical roles in cognitive development. First language is the main means by which adults transmit information to children. Secondly, Language itself it is a very powerful motherfucker of intellectual adaptation. Vygotsky believed that language develops from social interactions, for communication purposes. afterward language ability becomes internalized as thought and â€Å" knowledge adapted speech”. Thought is the result of language.\r\nPiaget thought that at that place was a connection between biological and cognitive development. Vygotsky believed that knowledge from social interactions spurred cognitive growth and development.\r\n take down they had really big differences; they both believed that social interactions compete an irreplaceable role in cognitive development. Piaget thought that cognitive development is influenced by social contagious disease (learning fro m others). Vygotsky believed that social interactions were an instrument in development and that it heavily influenced thoughts and language.\r\nPiaget strongly considered that the developmental ages of students determined where they should be in the learning process. Vygotsky took that idea further by lotvass the learner’s actual development to their potentiality development. He called this area of â€Å" zone of proximal development. ZPD is the lean of tasks that one cannot yet perform in wagerently, but can accomplish with the divine service of a more suitable individual. For example, a child might not be able to walk across a balance beam on her own, but she can do so while holding her mother’s hand. Since children are always learning new things, the ZPD changes as new skills are acquired.\r\nPiaget stages are hierarchical. Each of Piaget’s stages must be complete before contemptible to the next one. Vygotsky’s theory does not depend on time. Piaget stages imply that children cognitively develop on their own, without the help of someone or something. Vygotsky concentrates more on social interactions and aide given to a child when develops. Vygotsky Scaffolding is the kind of help, assistance and support that enables a child to do a task which they cannot quite manage yet alone and which it will help them in the future to be able to make that task or similar on their own. For example: In a school laboratory apprehension class, a teacher might provide hold up by first giving students detailed guides to carrying out experiments, then giving them brief outlines that they might use to structure experiments, and finally asking them to set up experiments entirely on their own.\r\n‘What the child can do with assistance today she will be able to do by herself tomorrow’ (Vygotsky, 1978, p.87).\r\nBoth these educators contributed to the present day ideas of constructivist learning. Both offer some astounding insigh t into possible ways children learn and byusing at that place theories it is possible to create a more conductive learning environment for the child.\r\n'

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'Ugolino and His Sons\r'

'He won the Prix de Rome in 1854 which enabled him to brook in Rome (1856 †1862). During that time he was influenced by the works of Italian sculptors of the Renaissance period such as Michelangelo, Donatello, and Andrea Del Verrocchio. He also first geared to increase his focus on of studies on complex sculptures and bas-reliefs. His passion led him to start carving several pieces on marble beforehand the famous work of art â€Å"Ugolino and His Sons”. Carpeaux was considered as unity of the mainstream artists in Eclecticism.This movement wanted to exceed Neoclassicism and love affair and also described the ombination, in a unity work, of elements from different historical styles. Carpeaux received worldy honors during his living until two months before he died prematurely of pubic louse at the age of 48 in Courbevoie in 1875 CE. The sculpture snows (Figure 1 a man academic term on a st maven cu tted witn fetter in his legs. The mans facial expressions seemed as grief piece seize with teeth the tip of some of his fingers. The wrinkles on aggrandisement of his eyes with his curled toes on each new(prenominal) gave the sense of a clueless situation the man was put in.Surrounding him, therere four ifferent-aged kids; two of them on the left-hand(a) field side of their fathers position, as they gave the emotion of face at their father begging. And on the right side, therere the two different kids where the smallest kid fell on the ground ensureing dead. The sculpture depicts the tale of a traitor who was the come of Donoratico and was imprisoned by the archbishop Ruggieri degli Ubaldini in the late thirteenth century Oune 1288). The archbishop imprisoned Ugolino with his sons and grandsons in the â€Å"Tower of hungriness”.Also, the archbishop ordered the soldiers to throw the keys of Ugolinds rison in the Arno River so that theres no way for them to be set free. They were sentenced to be left to starve in February 1289. Ug olino had this prophetic dream of the archbishop and his soldiers as the lord and huntsman killing the savage the wolf cubs (Ugolino and his exit). Ugolino had his heart-broken for hearing his sons sobbing in their sleep communicate for bread. He also kept his feelings inside, he had never wept, and he used to watch his kids weeping alone him feeling clueless paralyzed- thinking.Yet his offspring dreams couldnt fill their stomach. Ugolinds kids started to ook at him, wondered why he turned out to look like a stone, biting his fingers and curling his toes of one leg on top of the other one. For them, they model that their father is starving Just like them or maybe more but for Ugolino himself, he was biting his fingers in anguish, weeping inside for not macrocosm able to feed his offspring. Therefore, they started to offer their bodies to their father so he can eat and survive.After few days, his offspring started to fall down dead one by another till the last one died on the si xth day. This part is quoted from â€Å"The Divine Comedy, Vol. l: orchestra pit Canto 33) †Dante Alighieri”. It illustrates moments of death of Ugolinds offspring and the mystery behind the misfortune of Cannibalism: â€Å"l calmed myself to make them less unhappy. That day we sit down in silence, and the next day. O pitiless realm! You should have swallowed us! The fourth day came, and it was on that day My Gaddo fell prostrate before my feet, squall: Why dont you help me?\r\n'

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'Digital Fortress Chapter 76-80\r'

'Chapter 76\r\nOutside the Seville drome terminal, a taxi sat idle, the meter running. The passenger in the wire-rim glasses gazed through the plate-glass windows of the well-lit terminal. He k refreshing hed arrived in time.\r\nHe could see a blond girl. She was circumstances David Becker to a chair. Becker was unvarnishedly in pain. He does not yet bash pain, the passenger musical theme. The girl pulled a sm either told object from her pocket and held it bulge step to the fore. Becker held it up and analyse it in the light. Then he slipped it on his finger. He pulled a stack of bills from his pocket and paid the girl. They lecturinged a a few(prenominal) minutes longer, and then the girl hugged him. She waved, bring up her duffel, and headed off across the concourse.\r\nAt last, the humankind in the taxi thought. At last.\r\nChapter 77\r\nStrathmore stepped permit on of his routine onto the landing with his gun leveled. Susan trailed close place, wondering if t winge was still in lymph node 3.\r\nThe light from Strathmores proctor behind them threw eerie shadows of their bodies out across the grated platform. Susan inched at accomplish(predicate) to the commandant.\r\nAs they travel away from the door, the light faded, and they were plunged into darkness. The precisely light on the Crypto floor came from the stars above and the listless haze from behind the shattered pommel 3 window.\r\nStrathmore inched forward, looking for the place w here(predicate) the narrow staircase began. switching the Berretta to his odd hand, he groped for the banister with his full. He estimate he was probably that as tough a shot with his left, and he needed his unspoilt for support. F all tolding down this particular rear of travel could cripple some 1ness for life, and Strathmores dreams for his retirement did not pick out a wheelchair.\r\nSusan, blinded by the blackness of the Crypto dome, descended with a hand on Strathmores articulatio humeri. Even at the withdrawnness of deuce feet, she could not see the commanders outline. As she stepped onto apiece metal t direct, she shuffled her toes forward looking for the edge.\r\nSusan began having second thoughts rough risking a visit to Node 3 to pose out solids pass-key. The commander insisted push wouldnt have the guts to touch modality them, but Susan wasnt so sure. air pressure was desperate. He had two options: Escape Crypto or go to jail.\r\nA join kept supposeing Susan they should wait for Davids skirt and utilise his pass-key, but she knew at that place was no guarantee he would even find it. She wondered what was taking David so long. Susan swallowed her snatch and kept difference.\r\nStrathmore descended silently. in that respect was no need to bustling contract they were coming. As they neared the bottom, Strathmore slowed, feeling for the final step. When he assemble it, the heel of his loafer clicked on effortful black tile. Susan tang le his shoulder tense. Theyd entered the danger zone. squash could be eitherwhere.\r\nIn the distance, now hidden behind TRANSLTR, was their destination-Node 3. Susan prayed well was still there, lying on the floor, whimpering in pain like the dog he was.\r\nStrathmore permit go of the railing and switched the gun subscribe to his right hand. Without a word, he move out into the darkness. Susan held skin-tight to his shoulder. If she lost him, the only when way shed find him once again was to speak. puff might hear them. As they moved away from the safety of the stairs, Susan recalled late-night games of tag as a kid-shed left national base, she was in the open. She was vulnerable.\r\nTRANSLTR was the only island in the vast black sea. Every few steps Strathmore stopped, gun poised, and listened. The only sound was the faint bombilate from below. Susan postulateed to pull him back, back to safety, back to home base. in that respect seemed to be nervuss in the dark all around her.\r\nHalfway to TRANSLTR, the lock of Crypto was broken. Somewhere in the darkness, seemingly right on top of them, a high-pitched beeping pierced the night. Strathmore spun, and Susan lost him. Fearful, Susan shot her limb out, groping for him. nevertheless now the commander was gone. The space where his shoulder had been was now just empty air. She staggered forward into the emptiness.\r\nThe beeping disturbance continued. It was nearby. Susan wheeled in the darkness. thither was a plagiarize of clo social function, and suddenly the beeping stopped. Susan froze. An instant later, as if from one of her whisk childhood nightmares, a vision appeared. A panorama materialized straightway in front of her. It was ghostly and green. It was the side of a demon, sharp shadows jutting upward across deformed features. She jumped back. She turned to run, but it grabbed her arm.\r\nâ€Å"Dont move!” it commanded.\r\nFor an instant, she thought she saw salutary in th ose two anxious look. barely the verbalize was not Hales. And the touch was in addition soft. It was Strathmore. He was lit from beneath by a glowing object that hed just pulled from his pocket. Her body sagged with relief. She felt herself croak breathing again. The object in Strathmores hand had some sort of electronic LED that was vainglorious off a greenish glow.\r\nâ€Å" goddamn,” Strathmore cursed chthonian his breath. â€Å"My new pager.” He stared in disgust at the SkyPager in his palm. Hed forgotten to engage the silent-ring feature. Ironically, hed gone to a local electronics store to buy the device. Hed paid silver to storage area it anonymous; nobody knew better than Strathmore how well the NSA watched their own-and the digital messages sent and received from this pager were something Strathmore decidedly needed to keep private.\r\nSusan looked around uneasily. If Hale hadnt eff they were coming, he knew now.\r\nStrathmore pressed a few button s and select the incoming message. He groaned quietly. It was more bad intelligence information from Spain-not from David Becker, but from the opposite party Strathmore had sent to Seville.\r\n trine thousand miles away, a mobile surveillance vanguard sped along the darkened Seville streets. It had been commissioned by the NSA beneath â€Å"Umbra” secrecy from a military base in Rota. The two men inside were tense. It was not the beginning time theyd received emergency orders from Fort Meade, but the orders didnt usually come from so high up.\r\nThe component at the wheel called over his shoulder. â€Å"Any home of our man?”\r\nThe eyes of his partner never left the feed from the wide-angle video monitor on the roof. â€Å"No. Keep driving.”\r\nChapter 78\r\nUnderneath the copious mass of cables, Jabba was sweating. He was still on his back with a penlight clenched in his teeth. Hed gotten used to working late on weekends; the less hectic NSA hours were much the only times he could perform computer hardware master(prenominal)tenance. As he maneuvered the red-hot soldering fight through the maze of wires above him, he moved with exceptional care; singeing any of the dangling sheathes would be disaster.\r\nJust another few inches, he thought. The argumentation was taking far longer than hed imagined.\r\nJust as he brought the tip of the iron against the final swan of raw solder, his cellular mobilise rang sharply. Jabba startled, his arm twitched, and a large glob of sizzling, liquefied lead ferine on his arm.\r\nâ€Å"S bumble!” He dropped the iron and lots swallowed his penlight. â€Å"Shit! Shit! Shit!”\r\nHe scour furiously at the drop of cooling solder. It turn off, leaving an impressive welt. The chip he was trying to solder in place fell out and hit him in the head.\r\nâ€Å"Goddamn it!”\r\nJabbas sound summoned him again. He ignored it.\r\nâ€Å"Midge,” he cursed under his breath. Damn you! Cryptos fine! The phone rang on. Jabba went back to work reseating the new chip. A minute later the chip was in place, but his phone was still ringing. For Christs sake, Midge! Give it up!\r\nThe phone rang another fifteen seconds and finally stopped. Jabba voteless a sigh of relief.\r\nSixty seconds later the intercommunication system overhead crackled. â€Å"Would the chief Sys-Sec please contact the principal(prenominal) switchboard for a message.”\r\nJabba rolled his eyes in disbelief. She just doesnt allow up, does she? He ignored the page.\r\nChapter 79\r\nStrathmore replaced his Skypager in his pocket and peered through the darkness toward Node 3.\r\nHe reached for Susans hand. â€Å"Come on.”\r\nBut their fingers never touched.\r\nThere was a long guttural cry from out of the darkness. A thundering figure loomed-a Mack transport bearing down with no headlights. An instant later, there was a collision and Strathmore was skidding across the floor.\r\nIt was Hale. The pager had presumption them away.\r\nSusan heard the Berretta fall. For a moment she was jut outted in place, unsure where to run, what to do. Her instincts told her to escape, but she didnt have the face lifting code. Her flavor told her to help Strathmore, but how? As she spun in desperation, she evaluate to hear the sounds of a life-and- terminal struggle on the floor, but there was nothing. Everything was suddenly silent-as if Hale had hit the commander and then disappeared back into the night.\r\nSusan waited, straining her eyes into the darkness, hoping Strathmore wasnt hurt. later what seemed like an eternity, she whisper, â€Å"Commander?”\r\nEven as she said it, she realized her mistake. An instant later Hales olfactory property welled up behind her. She turned too late. Without warning, she was twisting, gasping for air. She found herself crushed in a familiar headlock, her face against Hales chest.\r\nâ€Å"My balls are slaying me.” Hal e panted in her ear.\r\nSusans knees buckled. The stars in the dome began to spin above her.\r\nChapter 80\r\nHale clamped down on Susans come and yelled into the darkness. â€Å"Commander, Ive got your sweetheart. I want out!”\r\nHis demands were met with silence.\r\nHales grip tightened. â€Å"Ill break her manage!”\r\nA gun cocked directly behind them. Strathmores vocalisation was calm and even. â€Å" allow her go.”\r\nSusan winced in pain. â€Å"Commander!”\r\nHale spun Susans body toward the sound. â€Å"You whip and youll hit your precious Susan. You agile to take that chance?”\r\nStrathmores voice moved closer. â€Å" permit her go.”\r\nâ€Å"No way. Youll toss off me.”\r\nâ€Å"Im not going to kill anyone.”\r\nâ€Å"Oh, yeah? Tell that to Chartrukian!”\r\nStrathmore moved closer. â€Å"Chartrukians dead.”\r\nâ€Å"No shit. You killed him. I saw it!”\r\nâ€Å"Give it up, Greg,” Strathmo re said calmly.\r\nHale clutched at Susan and whispered in her ear, â€Å"Strathmore pushed Chartrukian-I swear it!”\r\nâ€Å"Shes not going to fall for your divide-and-conquer technique,” Strathmore said, moving closer. â€Å"Let her go.”\r\nHale hissed into the darkness, â€Å"Chartrukian was just a kid, for Christs sake! Whyd you do it? To protect your detailed sequestered?”\r\nStrathmore stayed cool. â€Å"And what little secret is that?”\r\nâ€Å"You go to sleep damn-fucking-well what secret that is! Digital fort!”\r\nâ€Å"My, my,” Strathmore muttered condescendingly, his voice like an iceberg. â€Å"So you do know roughly Digital defense. I was starting to think youd deny that too.”\r\nâ€Å"Fuck you.”\r\nâ€Å"A witty defense.”\r\nâ€Å"Youre a fool,” Hale spat. â€Å"For your information, TRANSLTR is overheating.”\r\nâ€Å"Really?” Strathmore chuckled. â€Å"Let me guess-I shoul d open the doors and call in the Sys-Secs?”\r\nâ€Å"Exactly,” Hale open fire back. â€Å"Youd be an idiot not to.”\r\nThis time Strathmore laughed out loud. â€Å"Thats your big bump? TRANSLTRs overheating, so open the doors and allow us out?”\r\nâ€Å"Its true, dammit! Ive been down to the sublevels! The aux power isnt puff enough freon!”\r\nâ€Å"Thanks for the tip,” Strathmore said. â€Å"But TRANSLTRs got automatic shutdown; if its overheating, Digital defense get out quit all by itself.”\r\nHale sneered. â€Å"Youre insane. What the fuck do I care if TRANSLTR blows? The damn machine should be proscribe anyway.”\r\nStrathmore sighed. â€Å"Child psychology only works on children, Greg. Let her go.”\r\nâ€Å"So you can shoot me?”\r\nâ€Å"I wont shoot you. I just want the pass-key.”\r\nâ€Å"What pass-key?”\r\nStrathmore sighed again. â€Å"The one Tankado sent you.”\r\nâ€Å"I hav e no imagination what youre talking about.”\r\nâ€Å"Liar!” Susan managed. â€Å"I saw Tankados put up in your account!”\r\nHale went rigid. He spun Susan around. â€Å"You went in my account?”\r\nâ€Å"And you aborted my tracer,” she snapped.\r\nHale felt his blood pressure skyrocket. He thought hed covered his tracks; he had no idea Susan knew what hed done. It was no wonder she wasnt buying a word he said. Hale felt the walls start to close in. He knew he could never talk his way out of that one-not in time. He whispered to her in desperation, â€Å"Susan… Strathmore killed Chartrukian!”\r\nâ€Å"Let her go,” the commander said evenly. â€Å"She doesnt view you.”\r\nâ€Å"Why should she?” Hale blast back. â€Å"You lying putz! Youve got her brainwashed! You only tell her what suits your needs! Does she know what you really plan to do with Digital fortress?”\r\nâ€Å"And whats that?” Strathmore taunted.\r\nHale knew what he was about to learn would either be his ticket to freedom or his death warrant. He took a deep breath and went for broke. â€Å"You plan to write a back door in Digital Fortress.”\r\nThe words met with a bewildered silence from the darkness. Hale knew he had hit a bulls-eye.\r\n simply Strathmores unflappable cool was being put to the test. â€Å"Who told you that?” he demanded, his voice rough around the edges.\r\nâ€Å"I read it,” Hale said smugly, trying to capitalize on the change of momentum. â€Å"In one of your brainstorms.”\r\nâ€Å"Impossible. I never print my brainstorms.”\r\nâ€Å"I know. I read it directly off your account.”\r\nStrathmore seemed doubtful. â€Å"You got into my office?”\r\nâ€Å"No. I snooped you from Node 3.” Hale forced a self-assured chuckle. He knew hed need all the negotiating skills hed learned in the marines to fit out of Crypto alive.\r\nStrathmore edged close r, the Berretta leveled in the darkness. â€Å"How do you know about my back door?”\r\nâ€Å"I told you, I snooped your account.”\r\nâ€Å"Impossible.”\r\nHale forced a cocky sneer. â€Å" one(a) of the problems of hiring the best, Commander-sometimes theyre better than you.”\r\nâ€Å"Young man,” Strathmore seethed, â€Å"I dont know where you feel your information, but youre in way over your head. You will let Ms. Fletcher go right now or Ill call in earnest and have you throw in jail for life.”\r\nâ€Å"You wont do it,” Hale express matter-of-factly. â€Å"Calling Security ruins your plans. Ill tell them everything.” Hale paused. â€Å"But let me out clean, and Ill never say a word about Digital Fortress.”\r\nâ€Å"No deal,” Strathmore fired back. â€Å"I want the pass-key.”\r\nâ€Å"I dont have any fucking pass-key!”\r\nâ€Å"Enough lies!” Strathmore bellowed. â€Å"Where is it?” \r\nHale clamped down on Susans neck. â€Å"Let me out, or she dies!”\r\nTrevor Strathmore had done enough high- stake negotiate in his life to know that Hale was in a very dangerous state of mind. The one-year-old cryptographer had painted himself into a corner, and a control opponent was always the most dangerous kind-desperate and unpredictable. Strathmore knew his near move was a critical one. Susans life depended on it-and so did the future of Digital Fortress.\r\nStrathmore knew the first thing he had to do was release the tension of the situation. After a long moment, he sighed reluctantly. â€Å"Okay, Greg. You win. What do you want me to do?”\r\nSilence. Hale seemed momentarily unsure how to track the commanders cooperative tone. He let up a bit on Susans neck.\r\nâ€Å"W-well…” he stammered, his voice vacillating suddenly. â€Å"First thing you do is give me your gun. Youre two coming with me.”\r\nâ€Å"Hostages?” Strathmore laughed coldly. â€Å"Greg, youll have to do better than that. There are about a dozen gird guards between here and the laying lot.”\r\nâ€Å"Im not a fool,” Hale snapped. â€Å"Im taking your elevator. Susan comes with me! You stay!”\r\nâ€Å"I abhor to tell you this,” Strathmore replied, â€Å"but theres no power to the elevator.”\r\nâ€Å" hoot!” Hale snapped. â€Å"The lift runs on power from the main building! Ive seen the schematics!”\r\nâ€Å"We tried it already,” Susan choked, trying to help. â€Å"Its dead.”\r\nâ€Å"Youre both so full of shit, its incredible.” Hale tightened his grip. â€Å"If the elevators dead, Ill abort TRANSLTR and restore power.”\r\nâ€Å"The elevator takes a password,” Susan managed feistily.\r\nâ€Å"Big deal.” Hale laughed. â€Å"Im sure the commander will share. Wont you, Commander?”\r\nâ€Å"No chance,” Strathmore hissed.\r\nHale boiled ov er. â€Å"Now you listen to me, old man-heres the deal! You let Susan and me out through your elevator, we drive a few hours, and then I let her go.”\r\nStrathmore felt the stakes rising. Hed gotten Susan into this, and he needed to get her out. His voice stayed level as a rock. â€Å"What about my plans for Digital Fortress?”\r\nHale laughed. â€Å"You can write your back door-I wont say a word.” Then his voice turned ominous. â€Å"But the day I think youre tracking me, I go to the press with the whole story. I tell them Digital Fortress is tainted, and I sink this whole fucking organization!”\r\nStrathmore considered Hales offer. It was clean and simple. Susan lived, and Digital Fortress got its back door. As long as Strathmore didnt trail Hale, the back door stayed a secret. Strathmore knew Hale couldnt keep his mouth shut for long. But still… the experience of Digital Fortress was Hales only insurance-maybe hed be smart. any(prenominal) happ ened, Strathmore knew Hale could be removed later if necessary.\r\nâ€Å" give away up your mind, old man!” Hale taunted. â€Å" be we leaving or not?” Hales arms tightened around Susan like a vice.\r\nStrathmore knew that if he picked up the phone right now and called Security, Susan would live. Hed bet his life on it. He could see the scenario clearly. The call would take Hale completely by surprise. He would panic, and in the end, confront with a small army, Hale would be unable to act. After a brief standoff, he would give in. But if I call Security, Strathmore thought, my plan is ruined.\r\nHale clamped down again. Susan cried out in pain.\r\nâ€Å"Whats it gonna be?” Hale yelled. â€Å"Do I kill her?”\r\nStrathmore considered his options. If he let Hale take Susan out of Crypto, there were no guarantees. Hale might drive for a while, park in the woods. Hed have a gun…. Strathmores erect turned. There was no telling what would happen out fro nt Hale set Susan free… if he set her free. Ive got to call Security, Strathmore decided. What else can I do? He pictured Hale in court, spilling his guts about Digital Fortress. My plan will be ruined. There must be some other way.\r\nâ€Å" locate!” Hale yelled, dragging Susan toward the staircase.\r\nStrathmore wasnt listening. If saving Susan meant his plans were ruined, then so be it-nothing was worth losing her. Susan Fletcher was a price Trevor Strathmore refused to pay.\r\nHale had Susans arm twisted behind her back and her neck bent to one side. â€Å"This is your last chance, old man! Give me the gun!”\r\nStrathmores mind continued to race, scrutinizing for another option. There are always other options! Finally he spoke-quietly, almost sadly. â€Å"No, Greg, Im sorry. I just cant let you go.”\r\nHale choked in apparent shock. â€Å"What!”\r\nâ€Å"Im calling Security.”\r\nSusan gasped. â€Å"Commander! No!”\r\nHale tightene d his grip. â€Å"You call Security, and she dies!”\r\nStrathmore pulled the cellular off his belt and flicked it on. â€Å"Greg, youre bluffing.”\r\nâ€Å"Youll never do it!” Hale yelled. â€Å"Ill talk! Ill ruin your plan! Youre only hours away from your dream! Controlling all the selective information in the world! No more TRANSLTR. No more limits-just free information. Its a chance of a lifetime! You wont let it slip by!”\r\nStrathmore voice was like steel. â€Å"Watch me.”\r\nâ€Å"But-but what about Susan?” Hale stammered. â€Å"You touch that call, and she dies!”\r\nStrathmore held firm. â€Å"Thats a chance Im ready to take.”\r\nâ€Å"Bullshit! Youve got a bigger hard-on for her than you do for Digital Fortress! I know you! You wont risk it!”\r\nSusan began to make an black rebuttal, but Strathmore beat her to it. â€Å"Young man! You dont know me! I take risks for a living. If youre looking to play hardball, lets play!” He started punching keys on his phone. â€Å"You misjudged me, son! null threatens the lives of my employees and walks out!” He raised the phone and barked into the receiver, â€Å" patchboard! Get me Security!”\r\nHale began to torque Susans neck. â€Å"I-Ill kill her. I swear it!”\r\nâ€Å"Youll do no such(prenominal) thing!” Strathmore proclaimed. â€Å"Killing Susan will just make things wor-” He broke off and rammed the phone against his mouth. â€Å"Security! This is Commander Trevor Strathmore. Weve got a hostage situation in Crypto! Get some men in here! Yes, now, goddamn it! We also have a rootage failure. I want power routed from all unattached external sources. I want all systems online in five minutes! Greg Hale killed one of my junior Sys-Secs. Hes holding my senior cryptographer hostage. Youre open to use tear gas on all of us if necessary! If Mr. Hale doesnt cooperate, have snipers shoot him dead. Ill take ful l responsibility. Do it now!”\r\nHale stood motionless-apparently limp in disbelief. His grip on Susan eased.\r\nStrathmore snapped his phone shut and shoved it back onto his belt. â€Å"Your move, Greg.”\r\n'