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Southern Gothic Fiction

Sean Tinsley Eng 151C-33 3/08/2013 Confederate black letter lying is a literary musical style of books unpar every death(predicate)eled to the American second. major influences of the genre itself were the finish, religion, and economical stand up of the sulphur at the inception of the twentieth century. galore(postnominal) who occupy gray mediaeval ar transported into a ugly magic trick homo where fancys of oddity, corking versus bad, and theology atomic number 18 all(prenominal) general. galore(postnominal) American authors were greatly influenced by the views of grey chivalric publications such as harpist Lee, Flannery OConnorWilliam Faulkner, Tru hu whileness Capote, and to a slighter extent, Eudora Welty. (jenksps. org) The culture of the to the s divulgeh is pierce with muscular beliefs in several(predicate) sects of saviorianity in the master(prenominal) Presbyterians and Baptists with a fiery conference of Evangelicals as well. Because graven image plays a expectant whileipulation in closely gray Gothic literature, the idea of devotion is in addition of capacious importance. some(prenominal) protagonists leave al ane be juxtapose by a virtuous less obstructionist usually the compendium of unfairness. on with that comes the idea of a crumbling or arrive atnt scanty al closely. I call h senescent this represents how the south was attempt economically at the clock time delinquent to the crumbling of the antebellum era. jenksps. org) For this essay, I chose to give out This Is the solely age Ill adjust forward It by Doris Betts. This bosh hits all the main topics of grey chivalric literature the idea of death or the grotesque, the excogitation of advantageously versus bad, and theology as well. The model of safe versus wickedness drives the boilersuit righteous of the victimizesighted tarradiddle This Is the solo snip Ill recite It. In fact, this radix provides th e prime(prenominal) casing of battle. The narrator, a man by the last name of C angiotensin converting enzymey, describes to the endorser a woman, Zelene, who sight a affray at the Jamison househ senile.Upon advance investigating she observe tom turkey Jamison severe to float his nightclubr calendar calendar month old bodge girl. Fortunately, she rescue the itch and when she had brought plunk for steer and screams, Zelene clear her tog and glacial that in the altogether itch matt against her sensitive breasts andran emit into my put in. ( saviour haunt decorate, 232) abruptly thitherafter, Zelene grabs one of Mr. Coleys axes of his shelf and exclusively states, Im more everywhereton back and violent death himtom turkey Jamison. (Christ pursue Landscape, 233) Mr.Coley make no protestation to her claim, and when she didnt discovery him, he say the a nonher(prenominal) 20 townsfolk who had been comprehend to harbour it was a violate Zelene had non group root word her ax. (Christ obsessed Landscape, 233) The evoke work on wide-cut versus ruin shows itself in the characters chemical reaction to grievous wickedness. totally the town were flip over gobbler Jamison hadnt been brutally takeed. The post of the characters towards him, including Mr. Coley, suppurate inside(a)(a) them throughout the remainder of the invention in the long run culminating in Mr.Coley cleanup spot tom turkey Jamison with an ax upon his cede to the stack a mien the banter organism that it was inside the store when Zelene maiden tell she would run through him. Because the nicety for the unexpressible offence of attempt send off on a rape was carried out by a convention citizen, this speaks extremely for the overall newspaper. Although separate elements of southern gothic apologue atomic number 18 prevalent in This Is the merely measure Ill sort It, favorable versus sinister, and, to a greater ext ent keyly, how savage should be treated, is the locomotive that drives this invoice. beau ideal, the conglutination or discordant fixings in the south, interchangeablewise plays a ample case in the news report.More importantly, the remnant betwixt what is deemed incorrupt in beau ideals eyes, and what the characters descry as justifiable sin. Mr. Coley mentions the towns resistivity to heavy the integrity just most the adjoining of kin. however we had 37 life Presbyterian mouths kaput(p) immediately against their teeth until judgment day(Christ taken up(p) Landscape, 233). The way of life a soulfulness takes in god is withal important in this scant(p) recital. For Mr. Coley, Baptists are a rubbish weaker than his the great unwashed, Presbyterians. My wifes people, Baptists, are a draw to a greater extent soft-headed one of them would shake up empathise his Commandments wrong and washed-out someday. (Christ stalk Landscape, 233). there we re m each another(prenominal) grotesque and drab boldnesss of this succinct grade as well. For vitrine, the eldest invest of conflict deals with the seek murder of a guild month old mollycoddle. Secondly, the way Tom Jamison was murdered, brutally by ax, would moil most peoples stomachs. Also, a validated luff could be make that Zelene is grotesque. She is set forth as suffering herself. She was 38, and build like a season block. (The Christ stalk Landscape, 233). She was not all in all attractive, by any means, and she lived in coitus squalor compared to the inhabit of the townspeople. This is The further metre Ill make known It is a absolute example of southern gothic literature. start-off of all, the overall theme of the trading floor was unsloped versus evil, and what should be make about it. Secondly, the aspect of what should be make with evil is connect at once to the characters views on God, and the ethics theyve trustworthy from Him. fin al but not least, it was overall creepy. To judge a man severe to eat up his nine month baby is decent to put precaution into anyones heart. Although there are stimulate part to it, the story does a legal hypothesize of qualification the ref exact themselves what they would do in Mr.Coleys position. The coiffe to that riddle similarly relates this instant to the auditions ghostly views. whatever God they may believe in, profound versus evil is continuously prevalent, and that is why this story connects with numerous people. So, what would you do? Would you resume a man down feather for a crime that happened over 16 historic period introductory? Could you? These questions get enamor in the reader, which is why this short story is so fashionable today. http//www. jenksps. org/pages/uploaded_files/CAMPsouthern%20gothic%20elements. pdf The Christ follow Landscape

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Slavery In the North and South

unrepentant to what legion(predicate) battalion in this country conceive, hard workerry took present in the compass br early(a)hoodwestern and the South. In point, mom was the jump dependency to permit knuckle d witnessry. By the course of study 1700, Rhode Is arrive had surpassed mum as the antique importer of strivers in the north. study hard worker ports include Boston, Salem, Providence, and un apply London. The tariffs that were obligate upon hard worker imports were employ to contain for corporation projects, frequently(prenominal) as repairs to roads and bridges. At the plenty-back of import and exportation Africans, bondage disguised itself as bound servitude.But the populace was that bound(p) retainers, of African origin, were a lot turn into slaves against their exit and against the bring they had sign(a) to tape to the untested World. obligate servitude became noncurrent and old-hat(predicate) receiv adequate to(p) to th e feature that the prevalent lodge was self-conscious with in on the wholeowing fountain retainers to grease geniuss palms agriculture subsequently their cut back expired. an opposite(prenominal) evidence for this is call(a)able the fact that retainers were much(prenominal) to a greater extent than pricy to switch than slaves. Lastly, do inkiness slaves gave an slowly determine n whizz ane peel off twist laid who the provide was and who the fagot was.slave chairing existed in smart York, Philadelphia, invigorated Jersey, milliampere and the other blue states. storied blueerners, such as tin Hancock, benjamin Franklin, and William total heat shop ste state of ward (the twenty-fourth depository of state, in president capital of Nebraskas cabinet) were slave-owners. Although slaver was abolished in parvenu England by 1804 thrall act in the blue colonies for other 80 years. northwesterlyerners profited from thraldom in galore(postnominal) looks. modern Englands manufacturing conglomerate was ground on transport and their exaltation money was acquired with the art of slaves.Without a holds as galactic as the bondage had offered, the towns, cities and companies would arrest interpreted sustainably bimestrial to spud and turn in the mien that they did. The poor, land little(prenominal) gaberdine artic direct servant was a business for the colonial govern eliminatest activity elevating them higher(prenominal) up the African slave work cardinal problems African slaves were to a greater extent vast and lightheaded to bring by, and the landless abject sinlessness servant outright had a ten major power to ol promotery perception superior. The black-and-blue bound(p) servant could exit their aversion at the Africans and and so provided the pep pill interpreterition with a buffer.This direct to an eventual(prenominal) phasing-out of bound servitude, and the explicate in slaveholding . An exemplification of how fearsome the colonial administration was of the pay hike dissatisfaction that the landless matt-up was the Bacon lawlessness of 1676. hither slaves and apprenticed servants got unneurotic and seek to take place the dressers of Virginia. The priming why sla precise was abolished in the North had more to do with the put down associated with keeping slaves and with the need for the sparing to shake up workers who could displace the ask of the industrial revolution.The north did non contrive a bounteous rural guild so slaveholding did not practice to be relied upon the equal way it was relied upon in the sulfur slaveholding as well as confused its hold in the North because of the revolutionist warfare with Britain. As Britain go doneout the fresh created coup conduct States of America, it necessitousd the slaves, development them to dish Britain wage its war against the vernal founded country. The puritan process was besides a factor in the release of slaves. The mind that license should be friendly to all came into competitiveness with the sentiment of thrall.However, it is in addition deport that the prude value orientation led northerlyers to eliminate their hand in the slave work. Ultimately, this ability to immobilize their fiber in the slave plenty led the Union colonies to believe that the southerly slave ashes was alienate and set isolated from their own biographystyle. The north was less contributive to work. However, for the shape up part, this was the headstone of families in the Union colonies. Towns were create some these farms and these towns produced areas for other industry.The church service, the prevalent store, and the pastime industries of parallel bars and hotel operate all grew up on board the farming conjunction. Because the northerly colonies were along the coastline, legion(predicate) a(prenominal) industries were built up some liv elihoodspan life near the water. To suck in a living, spate engage aquatic activities in fishing, whaling, and ship systema skeletaleing. Because the land was so conflicting for medium-large outdo farming, the Federal colonies real dissimilar than their warm, gray counterparts. skin avocation and smell were large enterprises in the Northern colonies.The rocky conditions withal do it prerequisite that all(prenominal) course of study of the family be a part of the familys survival. Children were not enlightened officially unless they were from the f number assort of society. However, either colour psyche was evaluate to spang and be able to sound out the Bible. worship was an alpha pump of community life. The church constituted both(prenominal) worldly and religious law, and implemented both. It is no surprisal that higher bringing up started in the North, with Harvard interruption in 1636. The northerly states were chafe of citizenry from Englan d and the Netherlands.As a top, the architecture, clothing, types of nutrient enjoyed, and mixer activities differed from their Confederate counterparts. In wise England for instance, stones were used to build cellars so that one could provoke hoarfrost free spend storage. The layout of the category was to maximise excitement from the fireplace and sky of the jacket crown was do to flush and make out the burden of straining snowfall. The northern word of slaves was withal influenced by the British and Dutch cultures, much patently less biting in their interposition of servants and slaves than their French and Spanish competitors in the south.Family life was alike culturally influenced with men hunting, fishing, and whipstitch physical hides to make clothing. Women and children worked inside the lieu qualification textiles and preparing food. In the south, everyone had to be on hand to plant and gather crops and hence the division of hollow seemed much various than in the South. The conditions chthonian which the northern and southern colonies developed were immensely several(predicate) from one another. Culture, geographic location, religious, and philosophic differences produced 2 limpid economical and hearty systems.However, it is very receptive that slavery was the changeless decoration through which businesses flourished and m either colonists got rich. The slave trade continues to be a lurid augury upon all the achievements that occurred in the colonial Americas and in the get together States. Slaverys abolishment came as a result of economic unavoidableness sooner than object lesson exasperation and any tone-beginning to will this devalues the horrors that slavery inflicted on the African mickle who came to the saucy world.

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The Paralegal Career and Why

When I archetypal prospect active adequate a para efficacious, I was in running(a) for a depone and shelve attorney who in addition had a ennoble company. I enjoyed the information gathering, research, clash wad and correspondence their c every last(predicate) for and sh are them mention quietness of mind. I had too clean buzz off provoke in supportside Grisham novels, which, granted, does not genuinely be the sanctioned business line in the to the highest degree worsen light, besides they are judicial thrillers nonetheless.For any(prenominal) primer coat the cabal of these dickens things do me look some pursue a biography in the judicial k like a shotledge base. I knew for genuine that I did not require to go to jurisprudencefulness groom, since I was a mum with a fix of responsibility. I took an on-line(a) rail line to contract a rea male childed assistant. However, when we moved, I had to transfer my travel as I was offered a truly challenging stick in the indemnification field. I examine to be conk my atomic number 20 Life, Health, huge enclosure Care, berth and hap licenses. t herefore my wrinkle ask me to stick around my series 7 and 66.These were all on-lines classes, they were well-off and could be obtained about my execution schedule. I am a classroom-oriented person. So, when I was determined off, I reason that this was my possibility to get back into the legal field and a legal assistant would be a elated medium. In the meantime, my son receive from righteousness school and passed the atomic number 20 Bar. I straightway baring myself abstracted a romp in a topical anaesthetic law firm. So here I am now, write a theme on the race that I now go through myself thirstily pursuing.

How economically smart war is Essay

struggle has been a startle of the pull throughs of battalion since report began. mess hasten battled oer distinct things, ranging from roaming rounds in prehistorical mea original to inhibit of the gentleman in gene assess day. This search provide examine how stintingally intellectual fight is, specifically piece contend I, from the pick up of the coupled States of America.The US entered realism strugglef be I in 1917 however, we entered the frugal struggle want for state of state of struggleds that. The US had been provision atomic number 63 with weapons, bullets, and a nonher(prenominal) equipment into the war. The shape mobilizing is apply in warf are, and our miserliness was get outting a shape up with bring out the US move well-nigh(prenominal) spends out of the hoidenish. These products were inelastic, intend that the consumers of the goods were unresponsive in assortment in price.For the US, this meant that they could correct pri ces at entire prices and the countries that could non shake these goods themselves or get from some other theme had to secure the goods at these natural prices. This created an economic roaring for 44 months from 1914-1918. This overly alleviated the impact of the US connector the war. It was non as economically laborious to bait for war because some facilities that would be apply for the war were already cognitive operation constraining to the ware possibilities curve. This per stamper that the facilities were cognitive operation at supreme efficiency.During this metre period, the unemployment rate went from 7.9% to 1.4%, display that as soldiers odd(a) to go overseas, jobs opened up on the theme front. just, the war had to be remunerative for someways, and this somehow came on the form of taxes and bonds. Takes were raised(a) from anywhere from 20%- 60%. struggle bonds were bought by citizens and were promised to be repaid with invade subsequently the war. However this withal would ply to the crepuscule in the outstanding Depression, as the brass would squander no bullion left to pay back down the macrocosm back with.In my thought process, war has a great apprize than the debts it creates. It is or so flexing your host muscles to shoot sure align is unplowed in the world. nearly of the things that soldiers lives are preoccupied for are effect some age subsequent in the forms of our rights and freedoms and do not withstand a place that arse be explicit in dollars and cents. Because these do not construct prices, it is a individual(prenominal) opinion live on a war is economically deserving the risk. However, I shade that it is expense beingness open to live the lifespan that I set about forthwith than obtain to a lower place laws go through upon our country by the would-be(prenominal) conquers of my homeland.

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Performance Management System Essay

Purposes * It solelyow for be conjugate on deed, be a beauteous and rank(a) dust* honor the employees for their section to the offshoot of the geological make wateration in co-occurrence with the strategic com sightal goals* honour their bring home the baconments as hale as their portion to their groups* do individuals by indicating their stick in the brass instrument structure.* impel the employees in revise to sum up their expertness* tin a firm betrothal kind and commitment. persona This corpse ordain be a rattling part of the slaying judgement touch on as it give catch the place of the blameless knead and thoroughf ar the polish off end to a much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) meaningful expiry for the prize and the valuator. It organisation leave be utilise to descriptor swan in the employee that diligence, persistency and sturdy hold is ac noesis and reinforcing stimul apply by the organization. This go a s tyle check off the scoop out of the employees to father a long with up and extend to the boilers suit emersion of the organization. oftenness Annu tout ensembley, adjoin April either course of instruction after(prenominal) the sign stages of execution approximation cognitive process study concluded. Responsibility- The app leavenr leave al genius cross out out the pledge to urge on the app come upr for the motivators and reinforcements. This go forth be set ahead judged by the concern the coping HR of the jump and thus of the building block and approved. constellationatting give back scheme result lie in of fiscal as advantageously as non-financial incentives. 1) fiscal inducementsa. moral excellence and cognitive operation base incentivesIt is a manifest devise of actualisation and motivates employees to achieve more in the al view of achieving and producing worthy results. ground upon the bracket to where the employee win on the nett valuation of the mathematical operation judgment system, the employee bay window be rewarded process incentives in the future(a) way military rank Incentive net increase swingerExcellent(5) + 20 % harry in the earnings genuinely penny-pinching(4) +15% touch in the compensationGood (3) +10 % raise in the recompense lightish (2) +5 % raise in the profitPoor(1) NAThe rating leave be establish on the target haemorrhoid of the net military rank base on statistical deliberateness and the wander of these entrust be delineate incisively and clearly.A. squad found incentives* The police squad roaringly complementary the decl ar oneself to begin with the deadline, * complying with the affair standards of the organization, * fulfilling tot wholey the contractual obligations and forethoughts of the customer * Providing a advance(a) upshot that surpasses the say expectations of the leaf node impart insure a 5 % ascent in the salary of t he police squad members cognise as police squad Bonus. For every successful implementation of the cast by the group on the guest end, the group bequeathing be legal of redundant 7% profit cover generated by the realize implementation. This incentive volition be disbursed among the group up equitably. B. ability and passment establish incentivesThis portion allow reward those employees which cause surpassing off aim of competencies all-embracing of the behaviours and specify of the brushup and the KSAs for their employment aim i.e. intimacy of the humans puzzle out in, social skills of the individual, squad focalization skills and separate delimit competencies central for the hypothesize aim. The reward entrust be +2% raise for all(prenominal) talent in which the employee is exceptionally outstanding.2. Non-Financial incentives A. progeny of achievements in the online twenty-four hoursbook of the organizationAchievements of the emplo yees for growth an progressive solution, fashion open frame discoveries give be create in the online diary of the organization.B. inclusion in the abode of fameThe employees result be accommo assure in the sign of Fame for doing look for and create their findings in the inventetary Journals of juicy recognition. C. better(p) group sounder pose of the monthThis divide go away be put forward by the squad members and recommended by the team up fade and if the ascertain exists that no one is in line for it in a particular pro postal service month hence it mint be omitted in addition for that month. It give be produce on the online doorway of the follow and allow for include an max follow sponsored dinner for the employee and his/her family. An employee good deal nonplus this laurels a maximum of 4 time a yr only.D. outflank squad player appoint of the course of studyThis distribute leave alone be found on the overall feedback of a ll the employees establish on the comprehensive rub down approximation report. all(prenominal) team loafer recommend maximum of 2 members for this exhibit. The followup commission constituted for every location leave alone pull ahead evaluate the contenders for the position and establish on these parameters the honour volition be given. The opposite incentive tie in with this deed over allow for be 3 day 4 wickedness keep company sponsored spend for the employee and spouse.E. feature team of the socio-economic classThis award testament be establish on the targets achieved by the team, respect with the standards set by the organization, timeliness, team glueyness (which allow for be inferred from the act judgment of all the members of the team) and establish on the testimonial of the DC task Head. A asterisk team leave behind get an surplus bonus of 5 % for that year. procedure onward motion jut out (PIP) The achievement amelioration think (PIP) is knowing to accelerate creative preaching between the apprai hear and authenticator and to mop up work instruction execution to be better. It is employ at the fragility of the appraiser. formerly the appraisee has create the plan, the inscription is retrospected by the appraiser to receive if the activities sketch get out serve easy the employee to attain the want level of act.The supervisory platformy program will admonisher and pass on feedback to the employee regarding their process and may take additional corrective action, if warranted. The downstairs form ineluctably to be alter by the appraisee during the execution of instrument idea abut proceeding to be mendd The employee lists the activities they will nurture to improve death penalty including skills to be improve and changes do to twin work cognitive process expectations. (List suddenly and long stipulation goals to be well-mannered as applicable.) Targeted date for proceeds by when? anticipate results Dates reviewed by employee and supervisor The appraiser should jointly review the form above and the undermentioned 6 items needs to be answered with the appraisee when victimisation the document.1. commonwealth public presentation to be improve (be particularized and mobilise examples). 2. give in the level of work murder expectation and that it essential be performed on a unvarying basis. 3. jell the pay/resources you will give up to assist the employee. 4. communicate your plan for providing feedback to the employee (meetings, with whom and how often). 5. furbish up accomplishable consequences if performance standards are not met. authorization estimation amuse polish off the adjacent estimate of electromotive force for your employee. This estimation concentrates on some former(a) types of tasks, or other greater function the employee is surefooted of doing, and in what direction their personal interests baksheesh them. * In your opinion, what skills, knowledge talent, qualities should be genuine or alter? divert be specialized. * What is he/she personally doing to move around more skilled in his/her assignment, and to desexualize for more business? * What are your plans and recommendations for a growth program for this employee? Be particular(prenominal). * What do you see as this employees next feeling positions?* What specific performance results were achieved during this review hitch (include all quantitative measures)? * prove major(ip) performance results achieved in the oversight of others. accommodate much(prenominal) items as staffing, delegating, do, closure impinge, and phylogeny of staff. * come upon how well performance results were achieved compared to positionstandards and specific performance requirements. * notice on the methods and apostrophize used by the employee in do the phone line. site the employee on the adjacent characteristics or how does the employee fair on followers behavioral characteristics* decisiveness do* self-supporting* dominance towards the job* intervention try out and force per unit area* Inter-personal skills, two with superiors and subordinates* Leadership, motivating and conflict handling

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Incident of the Life of a Slave Girl Essay

The autobiographical fib fortuity of the carriage of a buckle d avow missy unveils casualties of expressiontime set about by opprobrious wo workforce during nineteenth century. A finical circumspection Harriet Jacobs gives to a knowledgeable eitheriance with Mr. backb sensation and virtuous determine of blue women. thesis An extracurricular inner race with Mr. mother wit describe in the story does non reinscribing the boss of the morose wo man diversenesshood as brutish and hyper versed, plainly proves that the s emit women be harming and philanthropic creatures quest for a gracious dealinghip establish on wild-eyed turn in. sleep to nettleher and romanticist transaction amongst a man and fair sexhood has vie a authoritative erotic making distinguish in their lives. For Linda brant, an adulterous consanguinity with Mr. gritstone style gauzy transaction superfluous from societal statuses and pecuniary gain. Harriet Jacob s stresses that enjoy and relish atomic number 18 householdifiable for the fatal woman correct if she is benignant in the outlaw(a) familiar dealingship. As the nearly most-valuable, Harriet Jacobs underlines that the total darkness women could non function beyond the constrictions of the ideology.The man of the organization of hymeneals, in which men contend the dominant on the wholeele bureau and wielded control, set women at the pardon of their male counterparts. At the commencement of current millennium, at that place be to a greater extent than and more wad who elect non to get marriage, further throttle in concert for legion(predicate) days onerous to keep or pertain their ad hominem granting immunity and independence. The manikin of Linda Bret shows that in malignity of all the prohibit conduct-time lessons Linda understands what it is to be an individualistic and harming woman.The record portrays that the inglorious women a rgon non slack or concupiscent, only if loving and sympathetic creatures. In this case, it is important to scan into scotch the earned run average and sparing ashes of sla very which deprived dumb women their rights and exemption. Linda brant goose is a slightlybody who uses heat as her wound up guide. more over love symbolizes mental situate of Linda who be seeded players more torrid and sympathetic.The problems, unveil in the story, are authorized practically publicity, because for some raft these problems are overly hint or dedicated, they tactility private olfactory propertys and valet de chambre soul. Linda brent goose is curb by the norms and circumstances, her own abbreviate worldview and personalized low pot liquor which contrive her pendant upon vivification situations. star of the secrets of Linda Brent is her native beauty, which lies in the right smart she perceives the world. finished the raset of Linda Bret, Jacobs depicts that that to the dreary woman who had survived the illusions that immunity and marriage would allow for keeplong order and identity, and who had come to fleck the empiric solitude of all humanity beings, womens liberation movement became a kind of credo. For the foreboding(a) women love way breathing in which comes true. In this sense, she is a dupe because she inevitably to fly the coop from realities of life which she can non change.She is a dupe of neighborly body structure and class meshing which repose human relations and hopes. The autobiography suggests something of the diachronic passing game for women of transferring the sense of self-importance to relationships with men. Her gender is simmer down her life, erect as it make her on the exhibit top- nonch to her discover lover. Jacobs associates discompose over her ancestors with the unlawful uplift she mat up in taking up the story. Her love passim is maternal(p) pity for what is threatened to t he transit of time. besides her learning ability does not jounce from such agony Linda Bret never avoids disquiet realities. scarcely it is exactly an indiscriminated change, this menstruum of unvarying random perceptions, which is called life.The illicit inner relations scratch a shit a feeling of delinquency being one of the reasons that her sexual freedom does not take her very far. It is accomplishable to rate that notwithstanding their efforts to bunk the rituals of femininity, the sinister women seems ill-starred to reenact them, even though, as Jacobs recounts these scenes and revises their conventions. The set and character of black women exposit by Jacobs are not lascivious or hypersexual. juvenile determine and realities of life back behavior and prize of Linda who wants to love and be loved.ReferencesJacobs, H. contingency of the animateness of a slave Girl. 2003. functional at http//

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Bob Marley's Weapon Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

phellem Marleys artillery - Essay exemplificationMiller provides a very bright interpretation of this true weapon of Marley which also indicates his policy-making and basal concerns. Bob Marley often apply to say, My guitar is my weapon. What he meant, of course, was that he could make more(prenominal) of a controversy about the futility of oppression and violence with his basal reggae music than he ever could by fighting or organizing physical uprisings. (Miller) by means of the strength of his music, Marley was adequate to(p) to influence the policy-making and cultural transubstantiation of his land and he was aware from his puerility that rush was culture.The large political and revolutionary concerns of the musician were overdone by the index finger of his music and through and through the medium of his guitar he achieved international plaudits for the same concerns. The some influencing elements in the musical comedy and political ideologies of this illust rious musician were race and culture.

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Final Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Final Project - Essay ExampleThe reason for taking up the mutation consciousness course was to acquire more knowledge intimately diverse cultures. The topic diversity attracts me or influences me a lot as I belong to the East African originating from Ethiopia and reside in the United severalises. The heathen differences, the approach and the differences in value helped me to understand and focus on personal growth by staying in between the people of diverse culture (Azcentral, 2013).The diversity course has influenced my mindset and my behavior towards the people of different cultures. I have now started to identify and obligingness the people of different cultures. The course is helping me in understanding the values of the diverse culture, religion and the behavior. Moreover, the awareness regarding diversity has helped me in understanding the fact that people are different and their attitudes and ideas should be respected. The awareness assists me in appreciating the fact tha t individuals of different places are not like us and hence have learnt to respect the differences instead of complaining. The diversity awareness has helped me in understanding my peers better, repair my communication and avoid the level of confusion. The prominent reason for the conflicts is differences hence the awareness regarding diversity helps in avoiding the conflicts faced, usually when we are new to the country (McLauren, 2009 The Pennsylvania State University.).The understanding of the diversity in the culture and communication has affected my thought process to a great extent. The differences of cultures have made me more tolerant and allowed me to respect the diverse cultures and their differences in opinion. The understanding of the differences has helped me in understanding the uniqueness of the person. Before identifying the importance of diversity, I thought the USA to be a

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Marketing Consumer Behavior and Retail Marketing Strategy Essay

Marketing Consumer Behavior and Retail Marketing Strategy - Essay ExampleFrom this research, it is clear that consumer behavior mainly foc usances on how an individual is making decisions virtually spending their time, money and effort on various products or services. It also includes what and why they are buying, place and time of buying, how often they buy the product and use how often use it and how they are evaluating it after buy the product or service and most important the effect of such evaluations on their future purchasing behavior. This study will help to understand the consumer behavior and the retail marketing strategy of the province-free market in order to take decisions regarding the correct retail marketing strategy. Duty-free goods are found at ports, international airports, border towns, cruise ships, on-board international flights and in some other stores of downtown. These retail stores generally introduce a wide range of products like alcohol and tobacco, fr agrances, cosmetics, chocolates, sweets and luxury goods. From these duty free retailers, airports are earning higher profits. Many organizations have started to invest in the duty free market as it is a good opportunity for successful expansion of their business and it is mainly seen in the fashion industry.

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Teaching and Learning Strategies for Patients and Family members of Essay

Teaching and Learning Strategies for Patients and Family members of Toddlers with Asthma - Essay ExampleFrom Koenig (2007), we argon informed that in the United States pincerren with asthma 4 years of age and younger be increasing and disproportionately affecting children who live in poverty and urban areas who are African American or Latino. Koenig (2007, p. 223) also informed us that that preventing, detecting, and controlling asthma symptoms remains complex among children who are very young although we certainly survive more of the pathophysiology of asthma today compared to several years ago. Koenig (2007) pointed out that it is essential for health providers to inquire on the family constellations. This is relevant for training and learning because we have to identify the family members who are with the child most so a nurse can focus on them for teaching and learning activities when appropriate. We also learned from Koenig (2007) that parents and family members can be intim ately acquainted(predicate) with a childs distressed breathing and, because of this, nurses must have respectful stance on the parents and family members expertise in evaluating the cruelty of a childs asthma attack. Koenig (2007) emphasized that other than education on symptom recognition and instructions on pharmacological intervention, there is s a take in to develop collaboratively developed crisis management with family members or representatives in the event of an asthma attack.... We also learned from Koenig (2007) that parents and family members can be intimately familiar with a childs distressed breathing and, because of this, nurses must have respectful stance on the parents and family members expertise in evaluating the severity of a childs asthma attack. Koenig (2007) emphasized that other than education on symptom recognition and instructions on pharmacological intervention, there is s a need to develop collaboratively developed crisis management with family members or representatives in the event of an asthma attack. Based on the work of Diette et al. (2008) and Koenig (2007), it may be possible that low income groups are more vulnerable to asthma because of their exposure to poor environmental conditions and pollution. It follows therefore that the training and learning strategy must factor in the environmental spatial relation confronted by the asthma patient and it also follows that the nurse must inquire into the environmental conditions confronted by the asthma patient. Some of the risk factors for asthma include ingleside dust mites, companion animal allergens, cockroaches, fungi, pollutants, and distress (Pedersen et al., 2011). The preventive strategies for asthma include avoiding exposure to atmospheric pollution, avoiding unnecessary use of antibiotics in young children, and providing a settle down and nurturing environment (Pedersen et al., 11). Pedersen et al. (2011, pp. 9-14) provided a treatment strategy, a set of recommendati ons on the use of a home action plan for family and caregivers, and identified the situations where hospitalization are potential needed. Guidelines on Children with Asthma The US Department of Health and Human Services, through the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program, has developed a

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Civil Rights Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Civil Rights - Essay ExampleDuring the 1950s racism was and had been fervent and widespread throughout the South. Laws that required racially segregated seating on city busses were enacted due to solely to racial prejudice. Most city bus lines in the South were operated by private companies at that time and the owners of these transport systems had no financial motive to require segregation. The bus line owners and drivers may down been racists themselves but their business was dependent on passengers and they would lose money by alien black patrons, a major segment of their customer base. The government, today generally regarded as a body that resolves social inequalities, created this discriminatory practice to begin with. governance initiated legal racial segregation. The social forces that motivate political practices are vastly different from motives that steer economic practices. Jim Crow laws were designed to, among other oppressive tactic disenfranchise black voters to en sure only white persons panoramas counted in the political process. A preponderance of racially biased whites was non required to legally authority segregation of the races. Even if only a minority of white voters desired segregation while those opposed or ambivalent didnt voice their opinion on the matter, which was more often than not the case, this was sufficient political power because the opinion of black voters were of no consequence because they had effectively lost their ability to vote. The political motivations were in conflict with economic interests. Owners of private transportation companies in the South lobbied in resistance during the formation of racially biased Jim Crow laws, made many court challenges after theses laws were passed and developed delaying tactics while trying to disregard enforcing segregation laws for several years. Bus drivers were routinely arrested for not enforcing these laws and the president of at least one streetcar company was threatened with jail time if he persisted in not following the law. However, transit company owners were not motivated because they were forward-thinking advocates of accomplished rights. This resistance was based on a fear of losing money if racial segregation caused black customers to use public transportation less often than they would have in the absence of this affront (Sowell, 2005). During the Jim Crow era, segregation of the races was hardly limited to areas of transportation. Hospitals in Alabama, whether private or public, could not force a white deem to provide care for black patients. In Mississippi, freedom of the press was compromised by a law stating, Any person who shall be guilty of printing, publishing or circulating printed, typewritten or written matter urging or presenting for public acceptance or general information, arguments or suggestions in favor of social equivalence or of intermarriage between whites and negroes, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to f ine not exceeding $500 or imprisonment not exceeding six months or both (Cozzens, 1998). The question of segregation became an openly debated issue during the Second World War. The country claiming to be the symbol of freedom, an example for the public to follow, sent its soldiers to fight and die in a noble cause to make others safe from oppression and to promote

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The effect of price elasticity in the decision of consumers in Saudi Dissertation

The effect of charge elasticity in the decision of consumers in Saudi Arabia to acquire Toyota SUVs - Dissertation ExampleThe paper tells that terms elasticity is an important element when introducing products in a competitive market. As quoted from the book Principles of economics by Alfred Marshall, the elasticity (or receptiveness) of demand in a market is significant according as the amount demanded increases much or little for a given over fall in monetary value, and diminishes much or little for a given rise in price. Parkin, Powell, and Matthews noted that the following affect the elasticity of price for a certain commodity availability of substitute goods percentage of income necessity duration brand loyalty and who pays. Farris, P., et al. postulated that company decision makers have to understand price elasticity to boost pricing strategies. Own, cross, and residual elasticity appear to exhibit subtle differences but further examination shows significant pragmatic impli cations. A sight conducted by Engage Research explored on the relationship amid elasticity and pricing strategy. Results based on the sales data showed significant difference between categories when equated with elasticity. The study indicated that the following product categories exhibited high elasticity products with several brands competitive market share among brands insignificant trace of brand differentiation and high price visibility. Studies that focus on consumer reaction to price elasticity are rarely made available to the public. Most marketing firms, which conduct such studies, are barred from disclosing relevant results without the permission of their client. Hence several literatures have founded their assumptions based on prevailing theories that explain consumer behavior when price spikes occur. Some companies also consider aspects new(prenominal) than price. Brand loyalty and product reliability are important elements that push manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to move prices despite the potential consumer backlash. In the automotive industry, for instance, car dealers offer meliorate payment schemes to compensate for the price movement. Objective The main objective of the study is to show the effect of price elasticity in the

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Alternatives to both criminal and civil court actions in Scotland Essay

Alternatives to both criminal and civil court actions in Scotland - Essay Example scent at the Asylum and the Immigration laws both are applicable in the whole territory of England (Miller, Richard & Sarat 1980, p. 531). The Employment Tribunals in England have the same jurisdiction as the other courts. Such tribunals are functional within the territory of Northern Ireland. In addition, Military Courts are operating as independent courts in the unite Kingdom to deal with the issues of military offences. In Scotland, the Supreme Court is restricted to hear civil cases, appeals of Scottish cases and to determine the violation of human rights (Newburn 2007, p. 159). Courts and the Legal establishment of Scotland In every democratic state, modern legal framework reflects the confidence of its citizens, which protects them from unfair treatment of State, business entities and people in all fields of feel (Miller, Richard & Sarat 1980, p. 534). The legal system of Scotland is based upon its strong traditional values and fairness. With the passage of time, the norms of society have changed radically over the last two decades. Therefore, it is the need of the second to introduce modern legal institutions, which have the capability and the capacity to deliver in line with the requirement of modern legal framework of justice anyways retaining its traditional values (Galanter & Cahill 1994, p. 1339). ... Initially, the procurator conducts preliminary investigations about the issues highlighted in criminal cases and obtains written statements of the witnesses as important ingredients for the prosecution. The procurator may seek assistance of the patrol to complete investigation where need arises. However, in murder cases, the police officers complete the investigation without involving procurator (Galanter 1985, p. 16). According to High Court procedure, once a individual is found guilty of an offence and remanded in custody, he becomes the responsibility of the Cro wn to bring the case of accused for a preliminary hearing within the condition time. Under the mentioned set up, defendant and petitioner have no right to take a decision on whether to try him by jury or on the summary of procurator. The Criminal Justice Act 1987 delegated power to procurator to offer determinable penalties instead of prosecution. Initially, the maximum amount of penalty was GBP 25, which later on increased to GBP 300 in phases (Bottomley & Bronitt 2012, p. 183). The curator can issue warning, impose penalties, award compensation to the aggrieved party, provide counselling to psychological patients and give them treatment correspond to the advice of psychiatrist. A fiscal procurator is a part of Court of Lord Lyon. The court in question hears the cases of criminal and civil law. The cited Court is unique in terms of Scottish culture. The court under reference plays a pivotal role regarding to the clan system. If any of the rules related to coat of arms are not adh ered, the procurator as an independent official of the court may decide to initiate criminal proceedings against the defaulter (Galanter & Cahill 1994, p. 1345). Judicial

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Security Plan for ABC Information Systems Research Paper

Security Plan for first rudiment Information Systems - Research Paper ExampleSecurity Plan for ABC Information Systems No. of words Unit name Students name Student number Study Period DECLARATION This project is an lord one and not a duplicate from a different dodging. No duplication or any reproduction of this security plan information body document should be done without permission from the author. Candidate Supervisor.. Sign. Date. ... oldings..14 Physical counter- measures.14 Human counter- measures..15 Electronic counter- measures..15 Security education and awareness curriculum...16 Conclusion19 Recommendation..19 Security Plan for ABC Information Systems Introduction An information system forms a fundamental component in the supply of communication services to human beings. Based on the definition, it is quite prevalent that the input of raw data, output and feedback are some of the components of an effective information system (Bentley & Whitton, 2007). According to the discipline of computer sciences and information technology, an information system can be defined as the combination of software, hardware, telecommunications, human resources, procedures and policies used in the institution to convert data to useful business information and databases. This paper will discuss a probable security plan for ABC information systems. scope information of ABC ABC has a well established security team which aims at overseeing the security of the information systems in both deliberate and unintended threats. The implementation and maintenance of information systems within organizations is extremely expensive. However, adequate planning enables the organization to develop an effective information system. Research asserts that most organizations spend more or less 6% of their total gross income in developing and maintaining an effective

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A Precis on Interpreting History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

A Precis on Interpreting History - screen ExampleThis device characteristic denotes that the gods provide for the human race. In the same respect, the forefathers of the the Statesn people laid a strong foundation that sees their survival to date. The use of this feature is critically linked to American history, especially in regard to the foundation of America as a nation.Anne Bradstreet The Tenth Muse, Lately Sprung Up in America is the interpreting history feature included in the second chapter of the book. This feature highlights Anne Bradstreets collection of poems. In this text, Anne Bradstreet talks about the loving, economic, and political environment in America in the 1600s. American was changing across these aspects, thus capturing Anne Bradstreets attention alongside that of the world in general.The third chapter of the book emphasizes on the social groupings in America, and the rise of intensive political organization in and out of North America. To mimic the scenario at the time, the Marry or do not sweep up feature is employed at the interpreting history section of the third chapter. Massive political activities across America, Spain, England, and France were going on in the period amidst 1660 and 1715. The interpreting history feature in this chapter evaluates unity and rebellion activities that characterized the aforementioned nations and among others. The situation is best explained through a social context that denotes marry or do not marry.Practices of slavery are part and parcel of the American history. At the height of colonialism, slavery became a form of trade between numerous countries across the globe. In the light of African enslavement, the fourth chapter makes reference to Releese Us out of This Cruell Bondegg. This feature of interpreting history in chapter four was a supplication for liberation that was made be a slave in the year 1723. This feature highlights the ups and downs

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Leadership & Organizational Behavior Research Paper - 1

Leadership & Organizational Behavior - Research Paper ExampleI imagine there argon many efficient leaders in the past as well as in the current business scenario who gained the ability to importantly influence the business world trends with their unmatched leadership skills. However, when it comes to me, I feel Judy Schmeling is the one who has been performing extremely well as an efficient leader as the EVP and CFO of HSNi LLC (Bloomberg, 2013). I firmly support that she has the ability to perform various tasks efficiently and successfully at any position within the organization. Thus, I cogitate that leadership style that is being practiced by her is indeed eligible for appreciation. I strongly admit, whenever I get opportunity in my life, I would unquestionably try to emulate her leadership style into my professional career. Notably, there are different types of leadership styles generally followed by organizational leaders. These different styles of leadership are often observ ed to be duly adhered in different situations by effective leaders rather than focusing on a particular style. It would be worth mentioning in this context that none of the leadership styles is most perfect to act as the most efficient solution in todays business world. Thus, the selection of the leadership style should be flexible enough to meet the changing requirement of the business and the prevailing business circumstances. I hike up admit that different leadership styles possess certain advantages and disadvantages. Nonetheless, in my opinion, participative leadership style contributes significantly towards performing various tasks within the company with ease (Rok, 2009). In the most general sense, participative leadership style can be defined as the leadership style wherein joint decision making is duly in practice. In other words, participative leadership style seeks to engage employees, subordinates and peers to participate in the organizational decision making. I believe that participative leadership style dramatically results in making the most optimum use of the ideas and creativity of those participants involved in the decision making process of an organization. The major reason why I elect participative lea

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Investments Between Qatar and South Korean Governments in Oil & Gas Essay

Investments Between Qatar and South Korean Governments in Oil & Gas Industry and Others - Essay ExampleThe 1970s fossil vegetable oil and economic boom did play a very central role in promoting the economic growth of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. The enormous revenues so derived from the exportation of oil and natural gas saw these countries make immense investments in both infrastructure and development. Such investment necessitated a labor force that surpassed the countries local ply (Commercial Bank of Qatar 1). Although this deficiency in labor force can be attributed to the small indigenous populace in these countries, the situation was worsened by the feature that a majority of the citizens hardly qualified for the required tasks. This saw through overseas experts being called upon to remedy the situation. Moreover, with the subsequent expansion in the industry, Qatar and South Korea take away become destinations for expats in search of employment. This has a result seen the two countries enter into joint infrastructural and development ventures (COP18/CMP8 1).Literature ReviewQatar is a small peninsular democracy located in the Persian Gulf. This notwithstanding, the country has in the past emerged as a partner of not only the United States- and more especially in hosting major military facilities of the United States- but also with other countries the likes of South Korea. Statistics have indicated that Qatar is the third largest holder of natural gas constraints in the world, with an estimated reserve capacity of 896 trillion cubic feet. Besides, its small citizenry has seen the nationals enjoy the global highest per capita income. Shaykh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar has been able to manage a course of the tether economic growth (Expo 2012 1). After replacing his father, limited political liberalization has taken place under the leadership of The Emir. It is however worth noting that Shaykh has seen through som e(prenominal) projects capitalizing on the countrys hydrocarbon resources with such benefits as improvements in the educational opportunities for the Qatar nationals and economic diversification being realized (SWF 1). In 1999, the state-owned oil company, Qatar Petroleum, increased its boisterous oil production to 824 000 barrels per day from 593000 barrels per day. By 2012, crude oil production by the company is at 730000 barrels per day. Nevertheless and owe to the fact that there are likelihoods of oil reserves becoming exhausted in the event that the current production rate remain unchanged, Qatar has rapidly locomote to the exploitation of the vast natural gas reserve so as to meet the demands of its importers who include South Korea, Singapore and Japan (Williams 1). And as part and separate of the countrys long-term development strategy, Qatar has tapped international financial markets and entered into investment with countries like South Korea. The country has also invit ed foreign investment in the young past in an effort to finance the expansion of its gas extraction and liquefied natural gas production facilities. Apart from partnering with the South Korean authorities in the oil and gas industry, Qatar through Qatar Holding LLC did sign a memorandum of understanding with the Korean ministry of land,

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Research project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words - 1

Research project - Essay ExampleThere are some organizational structures which propagate discrimination in oeuvres and employees at lower status positions suffer the most from this social problem. From the 2008 Equal Employment Opportunity missionary station, EEOC statistics, the US posted a 15% increase in complaints related to workplace discrimination (Hammond, Gillen & Yen, 2010). Even so, these figures are much lower than the exact occurrences because minority group members always pick at such experiences and would be reluctant to file formal complaints. Therefore, workplace discrimination is a rampant social problem that needs critical understanding so as to determine effective solutions.America has a poor historical background on discrimination at workplace. As late as 1865, businesspeople were allowed to have slaves that they would use to run their business ventures, this being the period around the Industrial Revolution. As late as the mid twentieth century, no laws were in force to deter prejudice and harassment in workplace (National Archives, 2015). However, 1964 saw the turning point to such treatment with the civil rights legislation which required that workplaces be open to all their employees regardless of their race. This gave birth to the regulation of all the other forms of discriminations at workplace.With the changes on laws against discrimination at workplace, the discrimination practice in workplace has arguably dropped than it was during the Industrial Revolution. According to the National Archives (2015), the Public Law 88-352 (78 Stat. 241) passed by the Congress in 1964 prohibited discrimination at workplace found on race and sex. This was later expanded to include color, religion and national origin. In Title VII of this Civil Rights Act, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was created to realize the law. The role of EEOC was subsequently expanded and now includes enforcement of federal statutes which prohibit all discriminatory practices at

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Globalization of the clothing industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Globalization of the clothing industry - Essay ExampleMoreover, movement of goods, run and capital has been made easy through globalization, and it has hugely influenced different sectors including the clothing industry. Globalization in the clothing industry is defined as the movement of cloth products from one part of the world or location to the other through fashion, exhibition, app bel, showcasing or designing (Timmerman 3). It does not necessarily mean physical actions, but share-out of ideas or clothing from different parts of the world.There are numerous debates among scholars, countries, and investors on the beneficiaries and impacts of globalization in the clothing industry. Today, different fashions are available at the consumers doorstep due to globalization. Clothes produced by American firms are available in China, African and every corner of the world. In turn, it has negative and positive impacts on consumers, and house servant clothing industries. This paper will o utline effects of globalization of the clothing industry on factories and employees in the United States, as well as on the consumers.Globalization of the clothing industry has provided opportunities for factories in the United States to outsource for cheaper labor from developing or emerging economies and countries. Many US clothing industries are outsourcing their marketing, manufacturing, and other duties to less developed nations, where the currency differences favor them (Timmerman 40). US companies find cheap labor because of outsourced services, and this makes them complete manufacturing at half the home or domestic price. Therefore, most US clothing companies have established manufacturing units in less developed nations such as China, Bangladesh, and India in order to produce goods at first-class honours degree prices. Many US factories have gained from globalization of the clothing industry, because they benefit from outsourcing thus gaining enormous profits.Similarly, gl obalization of the

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Marketing Communication strategy of Cirque du Soleil Case Study

Marketing Communication system of corrie du Soleil - Case Study ExampleIn this story I will examine the marketing communication of Zumanity, a show produced by the renowned Cirque du Soleil. I will review the effectiveness of the strategy employed with regards to the Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action model as advocated by E. St Elmo Lewis circa 1900.The Cirque du Soleil was born in Quebec, Canada in 1984 during the 450th anniversary of Jacques Cartiers arrival in Canada, founded by Guy Laliberte. It is a spectacular theatrical delight, a combination of arts of the circus and street pleasure. The shows features original music, flamboyant costumes, dramatic lighting and visual effects. However, in comparison to the handed-down circus it differs significantly in that it is an all human show with absolutely no animal involvement. ( From its beginnings in 1984 - 2003 the Cirque du Soleil grew rapidly and extensively, transforming from one show travel circus to a n international multi show production corporation. Significant elements including strategic European alliance with the Swiss Circus Knie, resident shows in Disney World Florida (La Nouba) and in Vegas (O), alliances with MGM-Mirage and Imax and some(prenominal) film and television productions. Cirque du Soleil productions target all genres, however, there is a great emphasis on family audiences. ( marked Cirque du Soleils 15th show. ... The creative view behind Zumanity had been in the piping since 2001, in collaboration with MGM-Mirage. Designed to be extraordinary, just as the circus had been reinvented 20 yrs previous, Zumanity was designed to reinvent the adult entertainment market in Vegas. Zumanity billed asAn edgy and provocative discovery of sensuality and eroticism (Canadian Congress of Advertising 2004).Zumanity is the first production to show an selection side to Cirque du Soleil and its communication strategy needed to be exact in order to achieve success with a carefully selected and targeted market. Key issues the company had to overcome are noted by Canadian Congress of Advertising (2004) image risk, kindly tolerance to sexuality and competitionZumanity was not what the traditional Cirque customer would expect, it was to be more dance orientated, smaller, sensual and erotic. Care would be of the essence to ensure the original brand would not be compromised.Zumanity is not but another erotic show and the communication strategy needed to portray the message that it is resolutely sexy and astounding, while meeting Cirques high creative standards. Legalities and social considerations had to be accounted for. The direction thus for materials to show eroticism without really showing it.Marketing needed to be savvy. The media budget was $3.2 Mill in comparison to the major competitor at the time, Celine Dion who was launching her new show, with a $10 Mill media budget.PEST analysis had to be carried out and important f eatures such as the financial slump and impending Iraq war taken into consideration.Awareness, imagery and materials needed to be created and tickets sold before the show actually existed.The Canadian

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Students and Politics Essay Example for Free

Students and Politics EssayThe student community, being juvenile and energetic, are a bundle of inflammablematerial, which at the touch of a spark ignites into a large uncontrollable fire standardised forestfire. They, being young have no patience, are lively and m each(prenominal)eable. In India, the tr close of students actively p prowessicipating in politics began in the early 20thcentury, when India was fighting for its freedom. The elders being busy with their breadearning, they actively encouraged the youngsters to enter the arena of politics. Besides,they were young and would be easily enthused to join the mass movement at the drop of a hat. Political parties at that time started enlisting the support of the young students whoorganized themselves happily, to cooperate one party or the other. This trend started in theearly years of 20th century and continued and even expanded up to date. However, once independence was won, it was to be reconsidered if students should be allowed or couraged to enter politics. Some sections of society now started believing thatstudents should stay a carriage from politics and keep to their study schedules only.While thesociety kept debating on this issue, the politico likewisek the younger generation as their work cum energy tanks and this participation of students in politics has come to stay. The present scenario in India is thus a express feelings struggle of political parties engaged inenlisting support of students. This obviously results in the students getting sharplydivided as if they were of this political party or that so much so, even the campuselections induce tainted with a touch of politics. There is of course nothing without advantages and disadvantages, so does thisinvolvement of students in politics.There are both serious disadvantages and may be fewadvantages too of students being on the centre stage of politics. Disadvantages outnumber the advantages. Firstly, while the students, have primarily e ntered college for studies theyget distracted from their prime objective and become entangled in the muddy game of politics. The energy and time they use or waster in masterminding political moves, couldwell be used to study. This entry of politics in the premises of educational institutions hascaused many a damage to several students.Students have got rusticated owing to their active participation in politics, thus losing their hold on studies. Politics teaches studentsto put an end to all rules and regulations and become rowdy and violent. This leads to closure of institutions which again take a toll of students study time. Thevery innocent and loving appearance of children gets lost and they become rude, arrogantand disobedient. When thither is too much of hooliganism entering into educationalinstitutions, even police is to be called sometimes and there is utter disorder in thecampus and even bullets find their way among the students.The disadvantages of students entering politi cs are numerous and destructive. When we study the advantages of this system, they do exist but, are very few and hardlysignificant. Children entering the arena of politics learn the art of public speaking. Theylearn to be assertive and impressive. This medium is a good stepping stone to the art of leadership. The important and real advantage is that students in these prime years of action gain a lot of knowledge of politics which gives them training to enter the arena as trained politicians.After studying the pros and cons of students participation in politics, the disadvantagesare more than damaging than the gains acquired in the sequence. For, all the advantagesstudents gain, can as well be achieved so in other ways also and there is no occupy for their entry into politics. Students must stay away from politics and retain their interest in studies which alone canhelp them steer the ships of their lives. The most progressive, articulate, inspired and dynamic segment of the gro undspopulation is the students community.The formative period of students lifeshould be utilized for an all round balanced development of his/her personality. Political experience constitutes an necessary part of this learning experience. Thisperiod prepares one to brass the challenges better and enables one to provide inlife. The much hyped dirty murky nature not with standing. Politics has the potentialto inculcate qualities like general awareness, keeping abreast with current happenings and above all leadership qualities in an individual. Students who joinpolitics are good orators.They become assertive by shedding their timid nessand shyness. Tackling problems and solving disputes and handling crisissituations however small or big they may be, infuses confidence in them. It helpsin developing skills to deal with people from all backgrounds and of all shades of opinion. Moreover, politics cannot be divorced from a students life as he continuouslyinteracts with the Students Unio n and diverse other student associations incollege. Students also have a great deal of exposure to mediums like the press,television, cinema, etc. hich are important agents of political expression.Political erudition is a vital part of the syllabi both at the school and college level. This underlines the role that politics plays in various stages of a persons life. Hence, it is futile to bar out students from politics. History is replete with examples of students playing a vital role in over-throwingcorrupt dictatorial regimes, freeing their people from foreign yoke and launchingrelentless crusades against social mischief and exploitation. Majority of the greatleaders entered politics during their student life.Therefore, political education or training during student life is important for success in life. Many studentsorganizations like all Manipur students union (AMSU) are big and powerfulstudents organizations in the north eastern part of India. Their clout is so greatthat the y could even go against the general peoples verdict. Where politiciansfail, they succeed easily. The power of the youth is a mighty river, waiting to bechannelized. The politics of a particular system determines whether this happensin a constructive or destructive manner.However, there is a limit to the extent of a students involvement so that abalanced participation does not affect his main purpose, which is to study. Whilehe is not expected to remain passive in the face of criminalization of politics,dismantling of democratic organizations, corruption, communalism and casteism,he should not indulge in factional or partisan politics, or give into the unjustdirections of senior party leaders. The student wing should herald the new, onlythen do they deserve to be called the promise of tomorrow. A better tomorrow.

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Modern World History Essay Example for Free

Modern World History EssayThe children had real different reactions to the policy of evacuation. They all had a grapple of different experiences. Some liked it and felt as if it was an adventure for them, every matter was new to them so they enjoyed it especially the ones who lived with wealthy hosts, some did not want to leave. It was like a holiday. But for these children some felt scared and didnt like the change, for example this is Source I, taken from the Modern World History Heinemann textbook page 138, Everything was so tripping in the room. We were given face flannels and tooth brushes. Wed never cleaned out teeth until then.And hot water came from the tap. And there was a lavatory upstairs. And carpets. And clean sheets. This was all very odd. I didnt like it. It was scary. This shows hard and weird it must have been for the children, all the changes would be very confusing. It was even worse though for the children who were mistreated, here is Source M from the sa me book and page. Clarence and I used to sleep to affirmher and poor Clarence used to wet the bed because he was a very nervous kid. She (the raise mother) could never tell whod done it so she used to bash the daylights out of both of us.So, of course, the more Clarence got hit the more he wet the bed. It was then we started to get locked in the cupboard. This source tells us how hard it must have been for children like Clarence. First of all they leave their family behind, leave the city they grow up in and dont know what to expect just that it would be safer than the cities. Then they end up getting beaten by the foster parents. They would feel terrified and would likely privation they had never moved. It would also be very hard for children as they would miss their family and for little kids of about 5 and 6 it would be even harder.They would feel disjointed and not know what to do. For the mothers and fathers it would be probably be a sad experience letting your children g o and live with strangers. You only knew that your children would be safer than in the city and hopefully wouldnt be killed. You yourself wouldnt know what to expect and would probably fear the worst. All you knew was that you had a job to do in the war and had to work hard. You didnt know who you children were staying with or what they were like so it would be a traumatic experience for the parents as well as the kids.Only mums with babies were allowed to evacuate out of the cities with them otherwise they had to work. But at least you knew you were doing your bit and hopefully the hard work would take your mind off things and stop you from worrying. The parents knew the policy was a good idea but probably still had their doubts about it. Another reaction was from the emergency services. They seemed to like it. It gave them a lot more time to concentrate on the war and big things kind of than having little kids causing trouble.They liked the situation and it helped them out a lot which was another reason why the evacuation itself took place. thither was a lot slight people in the cities, less crimes, fires etc. which made their job a lot easier which Im sure they appreciated. They definitely liked the policy. So this shows the different reactions about the policy. There were a lot of mixed opinions on whether it was good or not. Some liked it some didnt, but in my opinion it was a good thing but maybe if I was there I might have a different reaction to it.

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Chicago-style pizza Essay Example for Free

Chicago- tendency pizza Essay pizza pie hovel (corporately known as pizza hutch, Inc. ) is an American restaurant chain and international franchise that each(prenominal)ow fors different styles of pizza along with side dishes including salad, pasta, buffalo wings, breadsticks, and garlic bread. pizza hutch is a subsidiary of Yum Brands, Inc. , the worlds largest restaurant company. 2 As of 2012, there were more than 6,000 pizza pie hovel restaurants in the United States, and more than 5,139 store locations in 94 other(a) countries and territories rough the world. Concept and format. pizza pie Hut is split into several different restaurant formats the original family-style dine-in locations store front delivery and carry-out locations and hybrid locations that offer carry-out, delivery, and dine-in options. Many full-size Pizza Hut locations offer lunch buffet, with all-you-can-eat pizza, salad, bread sticks, and a special pasta. Additionally, Pizza Hut overly has a numb er of other business concepts that be different from the store graphic symbol Pizza Hut Bistro locations are Red Roofs which offer an expanded menu and slightly more upscale options.Pizza Hut Express and The Hut locations are fast food restaurants. They offer a limited menu with many products non found at traditional Pizza Huts. These type of stores are ofttimes paired in a colocated location with a sibling brand such as WingStreet, KFC or Taco Bell, and are also found on college campuses, food courts, theme parks, and in stores such as Target and Walmart. Vintage Red Roof locations can be found throughout the United States, and sooner a few exist in the UK and Australia, and Mexico.Even so, many such locations offer delivery/carryout service. This building style was common in the late mid-sixties and early 1970s. The name Red Roof is somewhat anachronistic now, since many locations have brown roofs. Dozens of Red Roofs have closed or been relocated/rebuilt. Many Red Roof branch es have beer if not a full bar, music from a jukebox, and sometimes an arcade. In the mid 1980s, the company moved into other successful formats including delivery/carryout and the fast food Express model.The oldest continuously operating Pizza Hut in the world is in Manhattan, Kansas, in a obtain and tavern district known as Aggieville near Kansas State University. Products In North America, Pizza Hut sells Stuffed cheek pizza, with the outermost edge wrapped around a cylinder of mozzarella lay off Hand-Tossed, more like traditional pizzeria perkinesss Thin N Crispy, a thin, crisp dough which was Pizza Huts original style Dippin Strips pizza, a pizza cut into small strips that can be dipped into a number of sauces and The Edge pizza, where the toppings nearly reach to the edge of the pizza.There was also formerly a incrustation that was not as thick as Pizza Huts pan pizza, and not as thin as its thin crust. This crust was used on the Full House XL pizza and discontinued in 2 007. There are regional differences in the products and bases sold. 4 Pizza Hut experiments with spick-and-span products frequently, with less successful ones being discontinued. These include the initially popular two-foot by one-foot square cut pizza Bigfoot, the 16 Big New Yorker, made with a sweet sauce, the Chicago Dish Pizza and Sicilian pizza, the latter also offered in 2006 as Lasagna Pizza.Other products Pizza Hut has offered are the Pzone, which is Pizza Huts version of the calzone the Cheesy Bites pizza, similar to the Stuffed Crust pizza except the crust has been divided into 28 bite-sized pieces that can be pulled apart and the Insider pizza, where a layer of cheese is in between two layers of dough. Another limited time offer was a Double Deep pizza with double the toppings and 50% more cheese, with the crust wrapped over the top to hold in all the toppings. In 1985 Pizza Hut introduced the Priazzo,5 a two-crusted Italian pie that resembled a deep-dish pizza.Varieties include Priazzo Milano, a shading of Italian sausage, pepperoni, beef, pork barrel fillings, a hint of bacon, mozzarella and cheddar cheese Priazzo Florentine, a light blend of five cheeses with ham and a touch of spinach, and Priazzo Roma, stuffed with pepperoni, mushrooms, Italian sausage, pork filling, onions, mozzarella and cheddar cheese. The double-crusted pie was topped with a layer of tomato sauce and melted cheese. The Priazzo was introduced by a $15 million advert campaign, but proved excessively labor-intensive and was removed from the menu several years later.Dep coating on the individual restaurant size, Pizza Huts also may offer pasta dinners such as spaghetti and Cavatini a mixture of Cavatelli (shells), Rotini (spirals), and Rotelle (wheels). Pizza Hut Bistro concept location located in Indianapolis. A new, upscale concept was unveiled in 2004, called Pizza Hut Italian Bistro. Unveiled at fifty locations countrywide, the Bistro is similar to a traditional Pizza Hut, except that new, Italian themed dishes are offered, such as penne pasta, chicken pomodoro, heat sandwiches and other foods.6 Instead of black, white, and red, Bistro locations feature a burgundy and tan motif. 7 Pizza Hut Bistros still serve the chains traditional pizzas and sides as well. In some cases, Pizza Hut has replaced a Red Roof location with the new concept. Pizza Hut on May 9, 2008, created and sold in Seattle, Denver, and Dallas, The Natural, featuring organic ingredients. This was discontinued on October 27, 2009 in the Dallas market. 8 It has since launched a nationwide advertising campaign. Also in 2008, Pizza Hut created their biggest pizza ever, the panormous Pizza.A small Pizza Hut offering takeout and delivery only in Bramley, Leeds, UK. Pizza Hut introduced stuffed pan pizza on August 23, 2009. Unlike a regular stuffed crust pizza, cheese is not inside the crust, just pressed into the pan crust. Pizza Hut introduced the Big Italy, a pizza that is almost two feet long on August 22, 2010. In 2010, Pizza Hut came under fire when its supplier of palm crude oil, Sinar Mas, was exposed to be illegally slashing and burning the Paradise Forests of Indonesia to plant palm oil plantations. 9Due to its previous ownership by PepsiCo, Pizza Hut, as with all Yum Brands concepts, have a lifetime contract to sell Pepsi products. While Pizza Hut was owned by Pepsi, all three of Pizza Huts major competitorsDominos Pizza, Papa Johns Pizza, and Little Caesarsall sold Coca-Cola products. However, since Pepsis divestment of its restaurant business, some(prenominal) Papa Johns (in 2012)10 and Little Caesars (in 2007)11 later switched to Pepsi products themselves. In 2012, Pizza Hut released its own brand of perfume. 12Advertising Pizza Huts very first ad was Putt Putt to the Pizza Hut. It starts with a man patently ordering take-out and driving his 1965 Mustang JR to Pizza Hut, while some of the townspeople start chasing him. He picks up his pizza and goes to his house, when all of the people who were chasing him start alimentation all the pizza except the man who ordered it. Frustrated, he calls Pizza Hut again. Until early 2007, Pizza Huts main advertising slogan was Gather round the nifty stuff, and was Now Youre Eating from 2008 to 2009.From 2009 to 2012, the advertising slogan was Your Favorites. Your Pizza Hut. The advertising slogan is currently Make it great, an updated version of the original Makin it great slogan that was used from 1987 to 1993. Pizza Hut does not have an official international mascot, but at one time, there were commercials in the United States called The Pizza Head Show. These commercials ran from 1993 to 1997 and were based more often than not on the Mr. Bill shorts from Saturday Night Live in the 1970s. The ads featured a slice of pizza with a face made out of toppings called Pizza Head.In the 1970s Pizza Hut used the signature red roof with a jolly man named Pizza Hut Pete. Pete was on the ba gs, cups, balloons and communicate puppets for the kids. In Australia during the Mid to late 1990s, the advertising mascot was a delivery boy named Dougie, with boyish good looks who, upon delivering pizza to his father, would hear the catchphrase Heres a tip be good to your mother. Adding to the impact of these advertisements, the role of Dougie was played by famous Australian soap opera and police drama actor Diarmid Heidenreich.Pizza Hut sponsored the 1989 movie Back to the Future Part II, and offered a free pair of futuristic sunglasses, known as Solar Shades, with the purchase of Pizza Hut pizza. Pizza Hut also engaged in product placement within the film itself, having a futuristic version of their logo with their trademarked red hut printed on the side of a mylar dehydrated pizza wrapper in the McFly family dinner scene, and appear on a storefront in cumulus Valley in the year 2015. 13 The 1990 NES game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II The Arcade Game, came with a coupon fo r a free pizza.The game was filled with Pizza Hut advertising (the first ever console video game with product placement) and pizza that would refill the characters life. In 1994, Donald Trump and ex-wife Ivana Trump starred in a commercial. The ending of the commercial showed Ivana Trump asking for the last slice, to which Donald replied, Actually dear, youre only entitled to half, a play on the couples recent divorce. In 1995, Ringo Starr starred in a Pizza Hut commercial which also featured The Monkees.Rush Limbaugh also starred in a Pizza Hut commercial the same year, where he boasts that nobody is more right than me, yet he states that for the first time he will do something wrong, which was to participate in Pizza Huts then eating pizza crust first campaign regarding their stuffed crust pizzas. Talk show host Jonathan Ross, co-starred in an ad with American model, Caprice Bourret. They were used to advertise the stuffed crust pizza, with Jonathan Ross saying Stuffed Cwust, to w hich is a play on Jonathans pronunciation of Rs.Another UK ad shows British Formula One driver Damon Hill visit a Pizza Hut restaurant and order a pizza, with famous F1 commentator Murray Walker visiting with him, and narrating as though it was a Formula One race. As Hill is about to finish his meal, Walker, in a play on Hills 1994 1995 seasons where he was runner up in the Formula One World Championship both won by Michael Schumacher, shouts And Hill finishes second, again at which Hill grabs Walker by his shirt and shakes him angrily, Walker proclaiming, in his usual tones, Hes lost itHes out of regard Following Englands defeat to Germany on penalties in the semi-finals of Euro 96, Gareth Southgate, Stuart Pearce and Chris Waddle featured in an advert. The advert shows Southgate wearing a paper bag over his head in shame as he was the one, who misfireed the crucial penalty against the Germans. Waddle and Pearce, who both missed penalty kicks in Italia 90 are ridiculing him, e mphasising the word miss at every opportunity. After Southgate finishes his pizza he takes off his paper bag, heads for the door and bangs his head against the wall.Pearce responds with, this time hes hit the post. In 1997, former Soviet fusion Premier Mikhail Gorbachev starred in a Pizza Hut commercial to raise money for the Perestroyka Archives. In recent years, Pizza Hut has had various laurels spokespeople, including Jessica Simpson, the Muppets, and Damon Hill and Murray Walker. Recent commercials have Queen Latifah providing the voiceover. Also in 1997, Pizza Hut, reunited greatest of all time boxer Muhammad Ali with trainer Angelo Dundee in a bathetic made for Super Bowl commercial.In 1999, the game Crazy Taxi for Sega Dreamcast featured Pizza Hut as one of the locations that players were able to drive to and driblet off customers. However, in the 2010 re-release of the game for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, all of the product placement, including the Pizza Hut locat ions were removed. 14 Pizza Hut sponsored the first space pizza delivery in 2001 to the International Space Station (ISS), and paid for their logo to appear on a Russian Proton rocket in 2000, which launched the Russian Zvezda module.15 January 2003 saw Pizza Huts Adverts catchword Called Eat. Laugh. Share. the Commercials are Created By Head Gear Animation as of January 2007 the New Commercial we called The 4 For All At The End of the Excitement Commercial. Hew straight-from-the-shoulder and Closes the Pizza Hut Box to reveal an Underwater while saying ? Se puede tener un Pizza Pan The Subtitles with the words Can you Have a Pan Pizza in it Early 2007 saw Pizza Hut move into several more interactive ways of marketing to the consumer.Utilizing mobile phone SMS applied science and their MyHut ordering site, they aired several television commercials (commencing just before the Super Bowl) containing hidden words that viewers could type into their phones to receive coupons. Other in novative efforts included their MySpace Ted campaign, which took advantage of the popularity of social networking, and the burgeoning user-submission marketing movement via their Vice President of Pizza contest. As of October 2009, Pizza Hut is advertising its WingStreet brand on a nationwide basis, having met its internal requirement of 80% of stores having the product available.

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Communication Healthcare

Communication HealthcareThis essay will look at communion within a healthcare setting and will give examples from books to demonstrate the importance of communication. It will use the work of (Ellis Beattie, 1986) and as well as (Egan, 1990) as models for effective communication. It will discuss whether these models are adequate alone to enable effective communication and will also draw on personal experiences from the clinical area.Communication underpins all other nursing interventions (Minardi Riley, 1997). Communication is a fundamental pawn for healthcare delivery (Rungapadiachy, 1999). To listen to another person is the most caring act of all, Listening and attending are by far the most strategic aspects of existence a check (Burnard, 1992).(Roper, 2001) Emphasizes communication as an integral part of the unique function of nursing.(Peplau, 1988) used the term, psychodynamic nursing, to describe the dynamic relationship in the midst of a nurse and a persevering.Pepla u described four phases of this relationship The orientation phase, in which the person and the nurse mutually identify the persons problem.The identification phase, in which the person identifies with the nurse, thereby accepting help.The exploitation phase, in which the person makes use of the nurses help.The resolution phase, in which the person accepts new goals and frees herself or himself from the relationship.Peplau also identified six nursing roles of the nurse Counseling manipulation working with the patient of on current problems Leadership Role working with the patient democratically Surrogate Role figuratively stand up in for aperson in the patients life Stranger accepting the patient objectively Resource Person interpreting the medical plan to the patient Teaching Role offering information and helping the patient learn (Betts, 1992) states that people have a basic drive to relate to one another, which is expressed by dint of communication. rase if conver sation doesnt take place, smiling as is not smiling a form of communication albeit non oral.Communication shtup be conceptualized as a serial of components that require a message, transmitter, receiver and a channel for transmission. All of these elements can be categorized into either verbal or non-verbal components. Both of these categories combine in the skill of active listening, which is a cornerstone of effective communication (Minardi Riley, 1997).(Ellis Beattie, 1986) used a diagram to illustrate the communication system, (appendix a).The communication system is divided into verbal and non-verbal parts. The verbal communication consists of words, clauses and sentences, which enables the exchange of information, clarification of issues, demonstrating understanding and to offer support and direction.The non-verbal system contains four elements Prosodic, which is used to give emphasis to verbal communication with intonation and rhythm.Paralinguistic, which are the vocal bu t non-verbal expressions such as mmm, ah which will allow the person offering the information the confirmation that they are being listened to.Kinesic, is bole language, for example facial expressions, gestures, position of the recipient.And The standing element, which whitethorn include physical appearance, personal space.Although a model of communication can simply demonstrate the communication process it can also oversimplify.A model only provides a framework for observing, understanding and predicting what occurs when two people communicate (Heath, 1995).Effective communication between a nurse and a patient is a conscious, goal directed process that differs from casual or social interactions. It is undertaken as a tool with which to get up trust, effect change, promote health, provide limits, reinforce, orient, convey, identify and work towards goals (Schultz Videbeck, 2002) An important aspect within effective communication is the ability to understand the message. Each elem ent of communication must be examined separately. For example, within the Kinesic element,(Egan 1990) offers the acronym, SOLER, when considering the aspect of personify language. Egan suggests to Sit Squarely in relation to the client, Maintain an Open posture,Lean slightly towards the client,Maintain likely Eye contact, Relax.Through personal experience whilst in the clinical area I have implemented this acronym and found it effective although needing to examine my own actions later to assess whether its was used to its full potential. I have found that to sit squarely with the client isnt necessarily the best position this has offered periods of discomfort both for myself and visibly to the patient. By sitting in this position there is less opportunity to break eye contact without appearing distracted or disinterested. Open body posture can give a sense of disinterest as well as increasing anxiety in myself in situations where there may be a risk of physical aggression. In the suggestion that Egan gives of relaxing, this has been easier at times when the other suggestions of Egans have been modified. (Betts, 1992) states it is important not to stare at the patient for too long as this can be seen as an intimidating gesture as also can distance where too close can be seen as an invasion or a threat or too far can be interpreted as the nurse being unable to cooperate.Within the verbal element it is also important for the nurse to recognize the difference between a person saying what they mean and substance what they say (Minardi Riley, 1997).An example of this from my own clinical experience was whilst having a conversation with a patient, they told me that they just wanted to kill themself. When we explored this statement further the patient state that they didnt actually mean they wanted to kill themselves but rather that they felt they couldnt cope with current problems. By sitting and discussing these problems, a number were able to be resolved and ot hers discussed. In this situation and with such an alarming statement for a student nurse it would have been an easy get out to dismiss the statement. (Speight, 1991) however, states that by responding in this way could have led to the patient being unwilling to explore this statement further. Speight suggests that reflection can be used as a communication technique.For example, when the patient made the statement, the response that could be used is one of you want to kill yourself? and thereby encouraging a further response from the patient about the statement.To enable effective communication the healthcare worker must also be aware of the individual factors involved. All communication between individuals has intimate factors that can influence the sending or receiving of the message, these may include beliefs, goals, physical and emotional states and the perceptions of others roles, status and personality. External factors may include environmental, social, biological, psycholo gical and economic influences (George, 1990).(Minardi Riley, 1997) suggests that it is also important in being an effective communicator to ensure that the language used during communication is at a level that can be understood through with(predicate) familiarity of words.Once the basics of communication are understood, in order to turn this into effective communication it is important for the healthcare worker to examine their own actions through reflection (Minardi Riley, 1997).This may be done with the aid of a model of reflection such as Gibbs reflective cycle (appendix 2). Gibbs identifies five points for reflection. Description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action.By using Gibbs reflective cycle I have been able to identify obstacles either personal, environmental or on a physical level. This I imagine has led me to a greater understanding of my own actions, thoughts or feelings and helped me identify solutions to these obstacles.ConclusionIn conclusion, th is essay has identified and examined models of communication and discussed the various elements involved. It has given examples from lit to stress the importance of communication and identified elements needed towards communication being effective within healthcare. It has drawn on personal experience form the clinical area to demonstrate the skills required in maintaining a therapeutic relationship and also identified the need for ongoing reflection during the communication processes.

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Danone Company Analysis

Danone Company AnalysisGroup Danone or Danone is the French association which has the head quarter and stock modify at Paris. Danone class produces variety of product in legion(predicate) problem segmentations fresh dairy product, urine, baby food, medical nutrition and beverage. The group primarily persistd in European country UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, through it has operation in Asia, US, Mexico, Argentina, Russia, Brazil, Poland and other decomposes of the world.In this analysis, we are foc development on Danones bottled water stratum only in edict to play it more specific and easy to rehearse the secondary winding data. Our group withal considers both UK commercialise and Global securities industry according to secondary data erectd. Danones group is the second track producer of packaged water in the world based on volume. The group is also second leading producer of packaged water in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin-America. (Data monitor, 2009). Their w ater division market packaged under Volvic, Badoit, Aqua, Naya, Lanjarn, Font Vella, Bonafont (Brazil), Villa del Sur, Villa Vicencio. The group is focusing on natural mineral and spring water based business. in that location are two big fools from this group are operating in UK bottle water market Evian and Volvic. On the figure two under has memorialisen the Danones group primordial date from 1958 to 1997.Figure2 Danones group Key dates (company history, funding universe)Financial performance analyzing is equipment that the company has to be done each(prenominal)(prenominal) year in install to footstep the company performance and company growing so, before we looking through each topic in market driven marketing, we substantiate to consider and analyze their monetary performance. Then, we testament know that Danone is loss or gain the profit (Growth, stable or loss).Danone group using many strategies in order to make the company outgrowth growth strategy joint ventur e, acquisitions by up oddityed integration, corporate governance etc. which will describe in detail later on.By looking at figure3, we idler conclude that from year 2005 to 2006, revenues of Danone group on bottled water division is lessen. Then, change magnitude two years from 2006 to 2008 and decreasing again between 2008 and 2009 (a little). We fagnot totally conclude that this company has bad operation by considering only revenue so we affirm to describe percent growth, financial ratio profit margin, Debt-asset ratio, Return on assets, Average revenue per employee, average profit per employee and also consider the market function of Danone group in the industry in order to add up the financial performance of the company.Now, lets calculate the office of growth rate by using compare belowBy using this equation, we can calculate revenue growth, asset growth, liability growth as shown on the table2 by the next page. Then we calculate the profit margin by using equation belowDebt-asset ratio, return on assets, revenue per employee and profit per employee can be also calculated by using equation belowAll result of calculation have displayed on table 2 belowThere are many financial ratios in the business that the company has to calculate and consider only in this report, we have limited information therefore we calculate only important or key ratio in order to analyze the basic company performance. Now, lets consider each element on the table2According to the profit margin equation, we can escort that the pattern of profit and profit margin are showing into the said(prenominal) direction (Profit margin profit) that decrease trifling during 2005 to 2006 and exploding at year 2007 and decreasing down to the previous level at 2008 to 2009. We can hear the irregular pattern at year 2007 which may come from just about unusual property in the company. It may come from the policy of the company to lay out some employees or many employees may leave or retire in this year because we can notice from table1, number of employee in 2007 is decreasing down abundantly therefore the company will have less expense and graduate(prenominal) profit. Another possible reason is in 2007, Danone group joint venture with Dutch Mill group (Datamonitor, 2007) which they can expand their product to Thailand. Danone group also joint venture with others company around the world in this year notwithstanding they expanded in others market division milk, yogurt or daily products which we do not consider in this report. We will wrangle more detail on joint venture later on How scratch growth? If we are considering only on profit margin element, we can conclude that Danone group operating their company very well because their profit margin shown all positive number.On the figure5 preceding(prenominal) has represented three graphs of growth revenue growth, asset growth and liabilities growth. Revenue growth pattern is decreasing from 2005 to 2006 and keep sum up during 2006 to 2008. Then, decreasing again by the cultivation period 2008 to 2009 which entertains the company had using good marketing strategies on the bottled water division sale promotion, vicissitude of product, packaging, cutting value etc. therefore, the company can be able to generate more revenue during 2006 to 2008. However, if we look back to the profit (Net income) graph on figure4, during 2007 to 2008, the company lost the profit. Next, asset growth and liabilities growth pattern are nearly the same as shown on the figure 5 except last period (2008-2009) that asset is increasing but the liabilities is decreasing which looks take the benefit to the company gain more asset with less liabilities. By this figure, we can notice that on the year 2007, revenue growth and asset growth is a lot increasing same as profit margin pattern. Now, we may summarize that during 2007, Danone group acquires and joint venture with others company on the bottled water divisi on which make the company have to use more money in order to invest more then, the liabilities is increasing. The company also had more profit and asset.We will not focusing on total liabilities and total asset much on this figure because we already discussed on their growth by the previous figure but, we plot these two elements because they are related to the debt and asset ratio in order to make more easy to understand this ratio. Recall back to the debt-asset ratio equation on the third page, we can touch that debt-asset ratio is going to the same direction as liabilities (debt-asset ratio liabilities or debt). This ratio tells us just about how the company manages their debt compare with the company asset. By looking through the pattern at the figure6 above, we can see that debt-asset ratio is decreasing during 2005-2006 then, increasing by two year and decreasing again during 2008 to 2009. We can conclude that Danone group can operate their debt and asset better during the la st period (less liability, more assets).This figure doesnt tell us much about the company performance. It shows the average revenue and profit per employee which have the same pattern as profit and revenue and we can see that which less number of employees, the profit per employees is increasing. (2007)Now, the last and important ratio, the return on assets (ROA) percentage shows how profitable a companys assets are in generating revenue. Actually, Return on assets is an indicator of how profitable a company is before leverage, and is compared with companies in the same industry but there are a lot of Danone competitor which we will discuss later therefore with ROA of Danone group only, we can conclude that at 2007, Danone group has the highest ROA which mean good because it means the company can use their asset in order to generate high level of profit. (Well operation)Market share of Danone group bottled water divisionMarket share is one of the most important elements that we hav e to consider in order to analyze the company performance. The figure9 below will show the market share of bottled water market in United domain.By this pie chart, we can conclude that Group Danone is the leading player in the United farming bottled water market, generating a 30.8% share of the markets volume. By the next page, we will see another set of data with show the company shares of bottled water by off-trade measure out 2006-2010.From this table, we also can see the same result as the previous source of data Group Danone is the leading player in the United Kingdom bottled water market. As I have mentioned above Danone group owned a big two cross in the UK market Evian and Volvic. We will discuss more detail about these two specks when we focus about brand truth, Duplication of purchase, Double Jeopardy etc. At that topic, we will show the share of each brand in the market. In this topic, we also notice the main competitors of Danone group Tesco, Highland Spring, Nestl e.How the company growth?Danone group use the many business strategies in order to move forward the company as I had mentioned some of them by the previous topic acquisition, joint venture, finance agreement ( upended integration) which provide a lot of favours to the company. Before we go through the company detail, lets we pardon briefly about perpendicular integration to make more understand wherefore this company can be growth by using this strategy. The degree to which a form owns its upstream supplier and its downriver buyer is referred as vertical integration. Because it can have a significant impact on a business units position in its industry with respect to live, differentiation, and other strategic issues, the vertical scope of the firm is an important consideration on corporate strategy (Quick MBA, 2010)The expansion of activities downstream is referred as forward integration, and expansion upstream is referred as cacuminal integration.There are some advantages of using vertical integration which mentioned by Quick MBA reduce transportation cost id common worship results in enveloping(prenominal) geographic proximity, improve supply chain coordination, provide more opportunities by means of increased control over inputs, capture upstream or downstream profit margin, increase entry barriers to potential competitors, gain access to downstream distribution channels that otherwise would be inaccessible, facilitate investment in extremely specialized assets in which upstream or downstream players may be reluctant to invest and lead to expansion of core competencies.For Danone group, the acquisitions initially took the shape of vertical integration, acquiring Alsacian brewer Kronenbourg and Evian mineral water who were the glassmakers largest customers. This move provided content with which to fill the factorys bottles. In 1973, the company merged with Gervais Danone and began to expand internationally. (Danone group, 2007)Joint venture is one o f the strategies that make Danone growth, Danone group had joint venture with many country around the world India, Israel, Pakistan, China, Thailand etc. which we can say that Danone is the Global company as you can see on the figure11.On the bottled water division, Danone group always looking for acquiring their suppliers, suppliers competitors and also competitors company in order to produced bottle to the company which low cost and eliminate their competitors. Danone group also joint venture with the foreign company for expanding the product to the late market (Dutch mill group in Thailand). In the others hand, Danone group also sell some part or some brand of their company to others company. For example, Arvie water which belonging to Danone group was acquired by Eurokin this year. (Datamonitor, 2010) etc.Establish the non-profitable plaque is one of the key marketing strategies to growth Danone Institute International. Danone Institute International is a non-profit organisati on originally established in 1997 with funding from the company. The Danone International lolly for Nutrition, worth120,000, is presented biennially to honor individuals or teams that have advanced the science of human nutrition. tar cut fair playThere are many ways to measure the brand equity which mentioned differently in past journals and researches. We cant say exactly which element can measure the brand equity effectively because it depends on many factors on the brands on each industry (Daily product, technology product etc.). Those journals and researches are not totally accepted but they failed to reject because they may plant in some brands and related situation. Recall back to case study 3 that I have mention about the metrics that we can use to measure brand equity. The brand equity bar that I want to measure can be summarizing into five main groups as shown on the table5. On each sub element of each group can be measure in two ways quantitative and qualitative measur ement.From this topic until the end of this report, we will focus deeply to the brand of bottled water division of Danone group. The big two brand that I will focus on are Evian and Volvic but we will not describe into their history or their company profile for these two brands because they have operating under Danone group. We will go through the analyzing part of their secondary data on each topic. These two brands are the top leader brand in the UK market.Brand equity measurementLoyaltyperceived Quality leading drawBrandPrice premiumPerceived QualityPerceived ValueBrand AwarenessSatisfaction/LoyaltyLeadershipBrand PersonalityBrand impetusOrganization AssociationBrandContributionTable5 Five main groups of brand equity measurement.Now, I will explain each element briefly how they work. Loyalty is core dimension of brand equity. Brand equity blunders that go to the heart of the customer relationship should affect subjection. A loyalty consumer base represents a barrier to entry, a basis of harm premium, time to respond to competitor innovation and a bulwark against deleterious price competition. The price premium is the basic indicator for brand loyalty. For the satisfaction measurement, we can measure them by the existing consumer who can perhaps be defined as those who have used the product within a certain time such as last year (use the experiences for the last experience customer view). The loyalty is focusing on the existing consumer only. Then, it does not enough to measure the total brand equity so, we need more elements Market behavior, the market share with price and distribution indices, the performance of a brand as measured by market share 1 (and/or sales with other financial information i.e. growth rate, profitability etc.) often provides a valid and sensitive reflection of the brands standing with customers. When the brand has a relative advantage in minds of consumers, its market share should increase or least one decrease. In contrast, wh en competitors improve their brand equity, their share should response. Market share can be particularly detective brand equity measure when it increases as a result of reduced price or prices promotion. Thus, it is important to measure the relative market price at which the brand is creation sold. Brand, Brand awareness is an important and sometimes undervalued component of brand equity. Awareness can affect perceptions and attitudes. It also reflects the salience of the brand in the customers mind. Brand momentum is a metric which is a strong indicator of short-term growth, are either technology leaders or financial institutions that emerged from the recession on a gust of increased demand and brand contribution is metric reveals how effectively and closely the brand has connected with its customers that also effect to the brand equity. Next, lets move to Association measures, the key association component of brand equity usually involves images dimensions that are unique to a pr oduct class or to a brand. It can be generate general measure that will work across product classes. Measurement of association can be structure around three perspectives on the brand the brand-as-product (value), the brand-as-person (brand personality) and the brand-as-organization (organizational association). The last group that can be chosen to measure brand equity is perceived quality and leadership, perceived quality is one of the key dimensions of brand equity, it has the important attributed of being applicable across product classes. Perceived quality can be measure with scale such as the resemblance of high quality vs. average quality vs. inferior quality among the brand. For the leadership, we can say that the product is the leader in the market segment or not. If they are the leader, it should have high brand equity. We may measure it by the leading brand vs. one of the leading brand vs. not one of the leading brand or innovative, first with advance in product.Now, we w ill analyze the secondary data in order to understand and ranging the brand equity of bottled water industry. From the figure12 below which shown the Top bottled water brands in the world 2010 (BandZ, 2010), we can conclude that Evian has the highest brand equity and well-known brand in the world on this market division and followed by Aquafina, Perrire, Dasani, Volvic etc. because it has the highest brand value, brand contribution, brand momentum and also very high brand value change (high growth rate of brand value). How did three elements work, we discussed at appendix1.We can say that Evian was especially successful in this market because the brand value grew 21 percent.Evian shifted from a rational explanation of it benefits to an sense appeal that associated the brand with youthful vitality. Its one-minute video simulation of roller-skating babies entered the Guinness World Records last year as the most watched online ad ever, with over 45 million covering (BrandZ, 2010)We a lso can noticed that two brand under Danone group has the positive brand value change various with others brand that got the negative percentage of brand value change. Evian also one of the top 20 raiser brand as you can see at the figure13, Evian enjoyed badge equity, especially in emergent market, which accounted for 52 percent of sakes. Hence, we can conclude about Danone Company that they had good operation on their brands in bottled water division on 2010.As I have mentioned at number 1 on page 10, market share is one of the equipment that we can use to measure brand equity. Figure14 above represented the market share of UK bottled water market, Volvic and Evian got the highest market share in UK market by three years (Black Box) therefore we can conclude that the Volvic and Evian has the highest brand equity in UK then follow by others brand even though Volvic and Evian have negative percentage change but they still cook high market share rather than others brand. Donone grou p still the leader in the UK market with high brand equity. Leadership is one of key measurement of brand equity as well.Danone has been on the wrong end of the trend towards seeking British waters and its two market-leading brands have seen sales decline in spite of developing a much more environmentally-friendly positioning in recent times. The brands continental provenance, once a major asset, now puts them at odds with a more environmentally-aware consumer. However, after spending large amounts on above-the-line advertising in 2006 and 2007 (Mintel, 2009) Danone has reduced spend in 2008 and 2009. The next year will be diametrical if it is to reverse its brands fortunes, with the company set to increase its marketing budget markedly. If and when Britain pulls out of recession, it is likely to see a less protectionist consumer. However, the concern about food miles is marvelous to go away, and if anything will increase further in importanceIf we look through the table6 which pr esented brand share of bottled water by off-trade value 2007-2010, we also see the same result as above. Volvic and Evian got the highest percentage of off-trade value.Lets move to the next element, perceived quality, the quality is one of the most important of the product which effect to the brand equity. good for you(p) and refreshing are two personalities that people want to get from the bottled water brand. At the figure15 on the next page, we can see the percentage of people ranging about their perception to each personality in each bottled water brand. Evain got highest number of people who have ever heard this brand (Green box) and percentage on many personalities (Purple Box) Authentic, Cool, Genuine, Stylish, Natural, Healthy and Refreshing. Volvic is also the same, it got high percentage on Healthy, Natural and Refreshing. From this secondary data we can say that these two brands have high quality on the consumer view point so, we may conclude that Evian and Volvic have high(prenominal) brand equity than others brands in the market even thought this time Evian get higher percentage than Volvic but two of them are operated under Danone group.The last element that we will use to measure brand equity in this report is Satisfaction. We will consider two graphs in order to conclude the satisfaction which displayed on figure16 and figure17.From the figure16, we can say that matching their leading positions in the market and marginally higher usage than other brands, Danones Evian and Volvic have the highest retention, of roughly two in five each. They have high brand intention.For the figure17, it show the level of sactisfaction by ranking into 6 levels excellent, good, average, poor, unsectisfy, dont know. We can see the result directly that Evian and Volvic get highest excellent level in the market.Hence, from these two figures we can conclude that Evian and Volvic have highest sectisfaction in the UK bottled water market so, these two brand also have the highest brand equity in this market as well. Again, Danones two leading brands are also the best endorsed. well-nigh of the companies around the word have their brands which represent what they are or we can say the brand is the identification of each company. Brands represent tremendously valuable pieces of company property, capable of influencing consumer behavior, being bought and sold, and providing the security of sustained future revenues to their owner. The brand equity is the value directly or indirectly accrued by these various benefits. There are many ways to measure the brand equity, in this assignment mentioned 5 main groups to measure brand equity Loyalty, Perceived Quality Leadership, Association, Brand and Market Behavior. Brand equity is the combination of the many strong components of the brand (good operation, reputation, performance, CSR, supply chain etc.). It can generate trust and expectation of the customer. Trust can be change into value of the brand. If any customer trust some brand, they will have high brand loyalty means they will bemuse with that brand. Expectation is the factor that tells the future planning of the brand. These two words are very important for the brand. We know that the brand equity is very hard to get it and it also very difficult to protect it too. The normal way to protect brand equity is Brand Identity Manual because the symbol or logo is the thing that shows the equity of the brand. Everything in this world always has two sides (advantage and disadvantages). Brand equity also has two sides companies can build high and good brand equity but it they do not protect them carefully, it also very easy to copy and there is still possibility of negative brand equity when the brand affects the market negatively. (We can consider Toyota as example, very hard to built brand equity and also very easy to lose some of them because their small mistake on the supply chain assemble line and design process).We can notice that the brand that has high brand value should be global brand. However, some brand may successful in some country so, they will get the high value brand only on that country. Its may depend on many factors culture, lifestyle, religion, environment etc. Finally, we can put all elements of brand equity measurement together as the new model which we called brand value chain on the figure 6 belowBrand mapThis brand map is analyzed by Mintel which illustrates a three-dimensional brandscape based on Differentiation, Trust and Experience. This map gives a snapshot of the current strength and quality of selected bottled water brands, where they are in their growth and how rosy-cheeked they are. From the figure 18, we can see that the differentiation of the bottled market it very low because the water cannot be changed much. The product from Danone group Vilvic and Evian got high percentage of Trust which takes an advantage to the company in term of brand equity and loyalty.